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The Right Ad For You

Lesson 15 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

The Right Ad For You

Lesson 15 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

15. The Right Ad For You

Lesson Info

The Right Ad For You

If you want to follow along right now and maybe dabbling with setting up your first facebook at the link you want to go to, you can see on the slide. Right now it's FB dot com forward slash add. So we'll move forward to the next slide, Justin. And then after you maybe set the stage will actually going to my desk topping maybe go through setting up our first ad. Okay. All right. So you want to jump into that now, Here. Choosing the right ad type, that's that's right for you. So we're basically What we're gonna do is we're gonna walk through creating the ad and the different steps, because, ah, lot of what I've just told you is the high level stuff, things you should know about things you should think about. But then how do you translate into Okay, well, what option do I click on on this super intimidating screen? This screen right here causes me the most amount of customer support of any other screen. So what? I'll tell everyone watching online before we get into this. You know, many of...

you might have been really engaged right to beating when Justin was laying out the details. You may have Mac minimized your creativelive window, and you might be distracted now. Well, you want to look at our desktop right now, maximize that screen. Shut down your email cause we're gonna get right into the how to. Justin, why don't you start off? Start us off. What do these mean? And let's want to dive into All right. So, you know one I'm sure if they added one to the bottom that said all of the above, everyone would click that one. Everything we do, we want all of that stuff to happen. But, you know, again, remember, it's an unlimited amount of campaigns. They're not charging you per campaign. So you can create one for each one of these if you want. If you want to, but start with one master one, and then move on ill. Um, there's three of them here that I like the most that none of them are bad. None of them are less valuable. But there's three that I use a lot, and the one I use the most is clicks the website. Um well, I feel like just give me clicks. I'll handle it. from there. And if I can get clicks, then that's that's my hardest thing. I just need people over there. Once I get the click over there, I know what to do. I know how to convert them. But if you are a little bit less skill that conversions, what you might want to do is use website conversions instead because what? Okay, so what these do is Facebook is not just going to broadly show your ads to just anyone. If you choose one of these objectives, Facebook is going to try and help you, based on all that data that they have to show your ads to people who are very like friendly on ads. They're on Facebook pages. So if you're trying to get lots of page likes, Facebook will show you to people who have. You have liked a lot of different pages versus someone who's never liked to fan page before because they know that helps you get results. If you get results, you'll spend more money with them. So same thing with clicks. The website. They know who's clicking on links and who is not clicking on links on Facebook. So if that's your objective. They'll help you with that website conversions. Same thing. So you will put a conversion tag on your on your page. So after they opt in or after they, you'll buy something. They go to that page, it fires a conversion code. Well, Facebook looks at that person and says, OK, well, what about this person is similar to all these other people that I know. And so over time, as you get more conversions, Facebook is kind of building a profile for you of your best buyer, and we'll start showing your ads to people who arm or like that person. Very cool stuff. And this is what really lets Facebook compete with Google. AdWords. Is this this brain that Facebook has? And then, you know, there's all these others. Those are the three that I go to the most page likes. I'm trying to build my audience so that I can woo them with content, clicks the website. I'm trying to get a lot of volume, a lot of clicks and then website conversions. If I'm trying to get a lot of our oi on something, Justin, what do you think? Let's pick one of these to go deep on. You wanna do a page like at and see how that goes? Yeah, sure. Let's do a pinch. Like Great. So what we'll do is you walk me through here on the on the screen because we're gonna be desktop sharing this part. Uh, walk me through how I should be setting this up. Justin. All right, So you so you choose Page likes, and then you get to choose which page you want to get. Likes to. Your pages will show up. You're gonna name your campaign. That looks pretty good. You just want to be ableto you want to know what your objective was. What was your goal with the campaigns? Well, uh, baggy. But gas was a company I created that sells Nathan Nathan pages. And my simple go on. This was to get more likes on the Facebook page. Right? So that naming convention is good. You're able to understand What was it that I was trying to promote and what was my objective for that promotion? Alright, so we've got our page. We've named our campaign. Now we want to start choosing our demographics here. So location, um you will go with United States. Um and so let's let's actually, let's assume let's just can we assume maybe the baggy bags company. Let's assume that this is an advertisement for Okay, so Angeline, she she's an artist in a photographer and she takes photos of islands, very cool islands all around the world, right? And her goal. Angelina, what's your main goal for your Facebook page? To sell my photograph to sell photographs so she would like to build, likes andan run ads to bend, eventually sell more photographs. So let's maybe use her as an example as we walk through the demo. Okay, Yeah, it's really important. Before you go through this process to create a customer persona or a customer a avatar, you can have multiple of them. I know we all want everybody in the world by our products. You can have multiple of them, but be very specific in who you're trying to target, and that will help you answer these questions. All right, so you're trying to target people who want pictures of islands. United States would be fine. Um, and then age group. I'm gonna guess that it's like 30 plus female. Maybe more swayed to female. Another thing here is I have noticed that whenever a target under 30 on Facebook, it takes a much different thing to convert that younger generation than the older generation. So I haven't really figured out the younger generation. I've figured out the older ones, so I just keep things above that 30 plus. So unless you have really good experience with the younger generation, make sure you know what you're doing there. And those of you guys that want to know, Ah, little secret here When If you notice that as Justin continues to go down this list and optimize the demographics you're going to see on the right of this page, it says potential reach 62 million people. So if you guys, for whatever reason, are curious about the amount of people on Facebook for any kind of demographic, you could just use the ad platform door in an abbey. Just use it as a tool to get a sense of how big that market is on Facebook to inform some of your marketing decisions. Yeah, and with with this strategy that we're going with right now with Paige likes, it's kind of a wide net strategy. We're trying to build a large audience, and then we will cut them down with the cut them Now is the wrong term to use, but we will whittle them down and funnel them into our offers later. So I'm gonna try and go with a little bit of a larger audience here, build you a big audience that you can use as a platform for things. Um all right, so, 30 the 65. Plus, I have a feeling it's maybe is maybe the higher range of that. No, they go older. Okay. All right. So we'll use 65 plus languages. I don't put any language in there. Some people put English. What that ends up doing is not everybody knows that they can add their language and Facebook. So you end up just chopping your audience size unnecessarily. Unless you do need. If you do need something, let's language Pacific. Then do that. Um, you want to hit mawr demographics that we could explain that you could go into ah, lot of extra stuff in here. It really just comes down to You're Eva Tarr. But for the most part, I leave it You know where we were kind of go over these Here in the slides, you can see some of the different elements that you can target around. We at financial their work, even their income income levels. And so, with this strategy, I'm trying to build a large audience. So I'm not necessarily going in and getting you I'm not Adding a lot of layers is what I'm not doing here. If I was, you know, if this was about website conversions, I would be adding more layers so that I could get very specific with who I'm targeting. All right, So now, interests, you know, I like to start off with, um, books that they read TV shows that they watch celebrities that they follow would be a celebrity photographer or Ansel Adams. Yeah, that's a good would. So what you would do in that case is you would type in who, Whatever that book is, whatever that targeting is into here and those of you watching online, just like West just helped out Angelina. Think about what those compliment Terry interests are for that particular ad. So I'm not quite sure how to spell that. Angelina, how do you spell that photographer and SCL. Okay, Adam. And then I would also assume that other type of art This person is probably into art in general. So we might go with, like, Van Gogh or Dolly Ansel Adams. Just go ahead and choose the top one there, Ansel Adams. And I'm choosing the big one again because the goal of this one is bigger audience. So where we at now with the audience size potential, reach 74,000 people That just cut it down a lot lower than I wanted to go on this. I'm trying to go for the 1,000,000 range with this one. That will keep me big audience, but still pretty targeted, compared to 1.1 billion total people. I don't know if I go for the photography is interest in my case, I think I might go for the area like the Caribbean. Or can you do that? We can do that as interest, Not as not as an area that our interest. That's a good idea that I would create travel on a different ad. Okay. All right. So there there would be this one. I'm just trying to find people who are interested in art on this one. And then another one. I would run a campaign that people who are interested in Caribbean and that would be once they're on your fan page, I would target people who not only do they like art because they've liked your fan page, but they also like you are about the Caribbean. And then you have a very specific ad about that for those people. Um, all right, so let's have a couple other ones real quickly. Dolly, I think it's d A l I Salvador Dali. There you go. All right. Would that do to our audience size? Come on, 340. Okay, here we go. Let's add van Gogh. It's already starting to suggest them here. Vincent van Gogh, 680. All right, let's do Picasso. Look it. There he is, Petey Pablo. 820 were close enough. We would kind of lean on our eventually. She's a little bit more of an inventor. One point. OK, there we go. We got to the 1,000, there. And so you can see that this audience that I'm targeting is very specific. You know, they got the right age. The right gender. They're very interested in our So this is the right type of audience for you to be marketing to. And then I'm not gonna go into the behaviors here, cause really, this campaign is just about, you know, people that, like our, um we're gonna go into connections. We want to do Onley people not connected to because we're trying to grow your fan page. We don't want to show this ad to people who are already fans. So people not connected to the fan page and then the budget for a page late campaign I keep it pretty low. This is something that I want to steady. You be going all the time constantly growing in the background so I'll keep it is something like 5 $10 a day. And it's just always there helping me grow my fan page. And I'll spend more money on things that are trying to get me are why from them be charged $5 a day every time the ad runs or $5 a day? Well, the actual the and will always be running, helping you build page likes and you'll be charged $10 a day. And there's a threshold, so it's not like you will be charged every day. Sometimes it's a week. It depends on your account level. Um, so $10 a day is a really good budget here for this. And it again, it could be whatever you're comfortable with. And we want to run the ad set continuously starting today. Um, go ahead and click on show Advanced options. I just want to check and see if there's optimized for Paige. Likes are. It's already in there. When Justin, would somebody maybe click one of these other things, like optimized for clicks or optimize for impressions? Um, you know, that would be if that was our goal. Sometimes it's about impressions. Were just trying to get, ah, lot of reach for our message or for our brand. You know, that's bigger. Companies would really focus on that. But if your goal is clicks or if your goal is Paige likes, you just want to choose that. But this one had everything set up for us already, and then images. It's really important that when you're choosing images for your ads, they're not showing us a preview here yet. The preview will be down here. Go ahead and scroll down. Okay, so the image is going to show up here. The image is gonna get you pretty much the majority of your results. It's really gonna drive your your CTR the most. And so you want to test. I like to test anywhere from 3 to 5 images. You could go even more than that. But, you know, the more you test, the more traffic you have to drive in order for that test to be valid. So I like to start off with three different images. So one of the images will be something that is just instantly recognizable to this audience. So maybe it's the Mona Lisa. Maybe it's, you know, one of Ansel Adams air, the the melting clock of dollar you something that's instantly recognizable to them. Another one would be just a great piece of art work that you've done, and then another one would be something that's very similar to one of their interest or just something that seal about your brand. You never know if it's your face, your logo, whatever that's going to pull in the most amount of people. So testing those three different criteria will really show you. Do they respond Mawr, too. Images that they recognize you might need to. I'm not a little air. I'm a marketer. You might need rights to that stuff. Do they respond to your image is the most? And then also, you know what happens down the road. You know, if people are responding to your images in the beginning, did that lead to more sales down the road? Or so? That's something that you'll get into or did they respond war to your face, your logo, whatever. They will help you create new ads down the road and those of you watching online, we should. We went into specifics in an earlier segment about how to use Facebook insights to see what organic images you posted got the most clicks. Those organic images that do well are usually your best sauder to put in as your your Facebook ad image as well, at least in the initial test. Great fruit. Valerie, Did you have a question? Yes, you mentioned, for example, Angelina's business. If she should try to three different images, does that mean that's three separate ads? It will create three separate That's okay, which is three times at $10 a day. No, no. So $10 a day is the budget for that campaign. OK, and it will actually set it to the ad set level. We're getting, like, really advanced stuff here, but that $10 a day means that you will spend $10 a day, regardless of how many ads you have in there. And regardless of how many clicks, it's just you will spend $10 a day on everything that you're doing inside that campaign. Yes, makes another big like pro tip, I would tell you is Facebook supposedly has this algorithm that picks the perfect picture in the perfect ad for you. I don't believe that. It's really giving it a very fair test. So I rotate them myself. I'll go in there. I'll pause everything except for one. I'll let it run for 24 hours, or until I remember to go back in there and then island pause that one and start another one. That way, I give it a very fair very I like to be very scientific about the process instead of just letting Facebook do it. I can't see it. I don't know what that process is, but they have been right about 80% of the time, so I'll give him that. I just want to clarify what you just said, Justin. So when you load up those 3 to 5 images, do you right away pause? Let's say two of the images and let just one run for Yes, you can. You can do it a number of different ways. You know, as you're setting it up, you can have them paused. I just set it up and then I go in there and I pause. And then what? How Maney impressions or clicks? Do you look for to know that? Okay, I have ah, enoughto be ableto tell something. I, like. Everybody has the room thermometers and their own budgets and stuff you for me. I like 10,000 impressions. I like at least 100 klicks, and I like to see, like, 30 of the desired actions that I was looking for. That's kind of what I go for. It's not a hard and fast rule, but, you know, in a perfect world, that's what I'm looking for to let me know. If it got enough Wes, you had your hand of? Did you have a question? Oh, yes, Justin. Earlier when you were talking about topping Is that the interest that when you knew her down interest? Is that refer? Is that we were referring to the topic. Uh, toe requalify a customer or a problem? Yes. So, um, let's explain some of these things up here. If you scroll back up, he has tracked the interest. Yes. So interests, you know, that is, they used to kind of separated a lot a little bit more with precise interests and brought interesting stuff. It is lumped in with the conversations, the things that you've entered into your profile fan pages you've liked. It's really everything you've done on Facebook. What they know about you, that you're interested in tennis because you said I'm a tennis player. You upload tennis photos Often you talk about tennis related topics with your friends. That's how you would know. And they don't necessarily show you in here. That's where they say people who have expressed an interest in or like pages related to Vincent Van Gogh and they probably should add, you know, have conversations about these things. But some people get all freaked out. So before we take another audience question, Chris, what are we hearing from the online audience? Well, we have lots of questions coming in from the chat room. Now, people were asking about a duration of when you're testing. How do you know? Hey, is this working? Is it not working? Do you have Ah, good frame time frame there. 24 hours or more? Yeah, For me. You in our company, we have a 72 hour rule. I try not to touch the ad. I try not even to look at it even though sometimes in their refreshing over and over again. But as all marketers are, Yeah. I don't have an F five key anymore. Um, so I haven't said we have a 72 hour. We don't. We just let it run for 72 hours. No emotion, nothing. Let it collect that data. Then after that 72 hours, we come back in and look and the data will tell me what to do next. I don't need to think of it. I don't need you. Guess I go in there and I see that. OK, this ad had a really high ctr. And these two had losi tr's. I'm gonna go with this one. Or, you know, maybe that would have a high CTR, but it didn't get you a whole lot of page like so, you know, I just I let the data collect, and then I go in there and analyze the data based on what my goal was for that campaign. All right, now, you mentioned before about targeting that the chocolate in the coffee and people kind of working together on that, But we had coral. It's posted this question for other people voted on it. Is there a way to target users that have liked our competitors when we promote post replace ads anyway to tie into the competition? Yeah, I got some cordage first. I like how you Yeah. Good idea for it. All right. Yeah. Target my competitors all the time, You know, is long as they have, as long as they show up in here. Okay, then you could target them. Not everyone will show up in there. All right, now, another question from time capsule. Couple people voted on this. Are there a list of keywords to put in Facebook ads that helped gain more sales. And he also worries that Chico Yeah. Game use this key word your millionaire that amazing? No, You know, I mean, and where that would come from is just really. And there kind of is actually, because there are certain, um, interest that I having a lot of experience that I go back to over and over again and others that I don't, um you one is Bill O'Reilly for, like, the political side of things. Infusion soft. If you're in the business to be to be area, you know, So there are certain things that you can tie in here, and those audience audiences tend to get a better are why? But they will really change based on everybody's different situation. So it just comes with experience knowing your market, testing them and looking at that data. But there are definitely some that do better over and over again. Go back into my desktop here and continue down the screen just in which we jump into next. All right, so we went into the budget here, and then it's gonna go into creating the ad, going Teoh to go back up into advanced options next to the pain show Advanced options. Your bid will be optimized to get more page legs. You'll be charged each time your ad is served. This this language here is very important for you to understand. This is also another reason why it's very, um, you know, if you can learn the power editor, you get a lot more flexibility, a lot more options. This is made for the general consumer. They try toe, you'll make it very easy. Ah, very easy wizard for you to walk through. But you actually in the power editor, you would have the ability to change this. This is just kind of creating it based on your your desires. And they're right. They are creating the right options here. But eat your charge each time you're at is served that CPM. So you're being charged per 1000 views of your ad instead of if it said you'll be charged each time you're at is clicked. That is something where you're paying on a CPC. So that's the difference. That person that was asking about CPC or CPM with this strategy we're doing page like CPM is what we're looking for. We want to reach the biggest amount of audience. If it was conversions or clicks, I would usually start with cost per click, because then I can really manage what my cost per click is. As soon as I have a good ad, though, I move it over to CPM. And so to give you a little bit of math on that, the reason why is let's say you want to pay 50 cents per click just to keep the math easy. 50 cents for click. If you get a 2% click through rain or you get a good click through rate on that, you're always gonna be paying 50 cents per click. It doesn't matter how high your quick for it is. I mean your bidding. But for the most part of that in CPC, you're very static on what you're paying. Where CPM If you have a high CTR, you may be getting clicks for that $2 per 1000 impressions you are buying, and so that would make your click price 20 cents instead of 50 cents. So start with CBC. Um, I know this gets a little confusing here, so start with cost per click if you can get you, that will give you that will allow you to manage the budget. Manage what you're spending then once you have a good ad, switched it over the CPM because that will dramatically reduce your costs and give you war clicks. Great on the page. How toe choose between CPC and CPM have to stop in the power you want, Dio so we'll never know. What we'll do is for those of you again, those of you watching just starting with your ads. You want to do exactly what Justin is teaching right here and just go with the default setting. That's Facebook trying to help you out to get started successfully. Just know that the best tool to use once you do a Valerie want to go between CPC and CPM, its user tool called a power Facebook power editor. Yeah, and it is right. You know, they did choose the right setting for you here. If we had chose the click one, it would have changed it. So it's it's very good at choosing the right one, but you get to manually change it when you use power editor. All right, so we would add are different pictures here. We're gonna add our text. What kind of text Justin might we adhere for? Trying to optimize for likes for Valerie's photography business. Brangelina's photography people like Page, is the reason why they like pages, is they? They're subscribed. They want to enhance their news feed. So you want to let them know what you're going to add to their news feet. It's like you subscribe to certain channels on TV because you know what they're going to be showing you. So what? The description I would put in here I would say something like, If you want to add beautiful artwork to your news feed, then click like or, you know, in the weight loss industry, I would say something like, If you want daily workout tips and recipes, click like on this page. So they're liking pages based on what you're going to be. Adding to their news feed. Most people they don't come to your fan page a whole lot. They see your fan page stuff in their news feed, and I do want to point out, cause we had a question earlier about desktop verse mobile ad Justin. It looks like This is where folks would choose where they want the right to show. Yeah, they could. If they didn't want it on desktop, they would hit. Remove. Really. The only time I remove one is mobile versus desktop. I almost always run desktop newsfeed is the best traffic. Um, people would argue, because mobile could be cheaper and there's more of it. But for the most part, desktop is what I always run. I'll usually turn off right hand column and mobile news feed, and I'll just run the desktop. Um, so we'll just run the desktop for this example, right? Great. So do we want to get to advanced options or is this Ah, target enough where we can get launched and have some success with us? That this is This is good. Here, you've got the right size audience. They like art, work through the right buyer demographics that you've seen. This is a good audience for you to have, so I would place the order so we'd placed the order and then move back in. We're gonna move back into the slide deck now and make sure we get questions answered both from the live audience and those of you online. One they want articulate to you guys we talked about this earlier. Is that the key to making sure these ads work, as Justin Articulated is making sure you've got the right visual content and we don't have time to cover this now. But we have done something kind of cool for you guys. If you're interested in getting the secret to creating compelling visual content, this is perfect. If your photographer or artist watching or anyone else that wants images that get a lot of clicks, you can purchase this course by clicking the creative I've buy now button below for $79 this bonus will be included in your purchase. It's a really great e book for you, and I said that the image generates 80 to 90% of your results. So it's really important to make sure you understand how to use the images correctly. So just a now move forward and targeting your correct audience. I'm gonna were gonna move past this. We've already done it and I want to go the next side and, you know, Justin articulate this many times over by Justin. Why do you live by this quote, you and what is the e. P. C mean as well? Yeah. So what this stands for here is your cost per click and your earnings per click. You know, today it's all about data. I mean, there's all these tools and they're split testing and Google Analytics. Big data, little data. There's just all this stuff, and we can get very overwhelmed. I kind of feel like it's a little bit of the Oprah effect. If Oprah recommends one of your products, it's a blessing. But it also just kill your customer support with overload. Same thing happens with data. If we try toe, look it too much data, it will consume us. And so we want to just look at the best data. And if you come away with one thing from this literally, you will be better than 95 to 99% of the other advertisers. And that is the concept of making sure that your CPC is less than your e p C. If your costs are below your earnings, you're making money. That's a simple a zit ISS. Write that down, retweeted out using hashtag FB Friess and be and we'll move forward out to our pro tip for this section before we wrap up. Take some questions and this is a concept we like to use called 1 to 1 targeting. And we've actually let's say for whatever reason, you really want to have your own and be on your own creative life course. So you want to target, say, a creative life producer, maybe one specific person you can actually use your interest targeting to get down to show an add to this one person. So if you're watching, you know, and you want to be featured on maybe the Wall Street Journal blawg and you know the editor you want to reach for your your new chocolate line and how it's gonna increase business in the U. S. Or chocolate, you can go in here and target that one person in a cost. You say 50 cents for the one click add, but you're targeting an influencer. You capture information, then pitch them on your story or whatever business objective you have. It's a kind of a sneaky, pro tip way to use Facebook ads to get what you want every time. So with that being said, Justin will move forward to slides here will go into questions on a what questions do you have about the ad targeting stuff? Um hey, Justin, I love your relationship. Trust approach. Um, my clients and I have been really excited about the new local awareness ad. How much experience, if any Have you had with that, or what do you think about its new? So I don't have a whole lot of experience. I'm really excited about it. For one of my clients was a dentist s. Oh, that's great. Um, that's really the most I can say. I'm really excited about it, but it's it's kind of news, so I don't have a lot of experience. Yeah, it hadn't. It hadn't popped up, is available. I saw Nathan's got it, but I haven't gotten it yet, so definitely looking forward to more data on it. Yeah, Just looking for more data on ourselves as well. Chris are wasting any questions from the online audience? Yeah, we do have a question here from Jane. Jane wants to know. Is there a guideline for the point at which you've engaged your customers enough that you start using ads like this I think we talked a little bit in our previous session about making that connection, Engaging with them, Do you have? Ah, good, like, frame of reference there. If you have a certain number of likes, then you start targeting ads. How do you go about that? I start with That's where I just start. You know, I mean, you know, I'm trying to increase my page legs and trying to increase exposure of my blawg More leads for sales. As trist is, you adds gasoline do it just helps you go faster. No, and not everybody has the budget. So sometimes you have to start with the organic stuff. But if you got a little bit of budget, you can dramatically increase your speed of success by using some ads to make things go faster. OK, well, these 21 more quick question here And just to clarify, do Facebook ads show up on Internet search engines or it will be closed circuit only on Facebook. Facebook, for all that I know right now is just on Facebook. Okay, Well, wonderful. Two guys with that being said was just not amazing. Yeah,

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