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Turn Fans Into Marketers

Lesson 17 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

Turn Fans Into Marketers

Lesson 17 from: Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Nathan Latka

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Lesson Info

17. Turn Fans Into Marketers

Lesson Info

Turn Fans Into Marketers

let's move forward into some additional content here. I'll summarize quickly. We've talked about in order to launch a successful Facebook contest, you need to have your brand or logo in the upper left. You need a strong incentive in the upper right. Okay, You want to create a seven day countdown about 1/ down the left side of the page, and you want to make it easy to enter by having the first step be your email Optimum. We also talked about how you can't use a like gate anymore, but we're gonna get to in a second how you can still capture the like, and it's just like this. So if you zoom in on my screen here, you're going to see that this is how you turn your Facebook fans into a marketing force for you. Because, Lynette, we know that when we get Angelina gets one subscriber, the quickest way to our second has asked the first where the second is exactly exactly, and Facebook is the biggest word of mouth engine that we have available to us right now online, So let's use it. So let's go ...

down again. This path of Angelina and again. Angelina's just like you guys watching. If you're a photographer and artist Angelina, have you launched this campaign? You've got a picture of your island photo or your giveaway and what this says you're asking people after they submit its critical. After they submit their email, it says to click toe like three click to share and four click to tweet. So what have we done here when we tell you this was the segment that we most tested over this 250, campaign sample size limit? That's cause it's hard to get anyone to do something for you online, right? So what we see here is this isn't a requirement, you guys, when you look at this notice, the submit button is above Step two so they could enter the campaign by just ending by putting in their email address. What we've done, though, is we've said, Hey, guys, wait, You've entered our contest. You did one, but you still have 23 and four left. We haven't said the required, but we've been implied that they're necessary. We haven't said that they're required, but we've implied that they're necessary, so people click like, though click share and they'll quit Tweet and Angelina. What that will do is if you get 10 people to enter this. Ideally, those 10 people then like your page, they'll click share, which will go to their friends and pull in that following on Facebook. They'll click tweet, and that will pull on their Twitter followers. So you've seen some of this kind of fan to fan or turn your fans in your marketing force for you in the email marketing space as well, innit? Don't give an example. Well, I have to say that if you look at this, this is really the number 23 and four. This is how much they have to invest and how much they're willing to share your message with other people. I always could consider the like this self, so I like something that kind of stays in your head. It doesn't really ripple out much further than that. The click to share means that I'm willing to share it with my friends and family around me, and the click to Tweet is really I want to get up on a pedestal and shout to the world that I want to tell everyone about it, whether or not you're connected with me. So think about and also try to gauge where you think you were. Your value is here. If you're offering a product or service, that is much more something that will be recommended amongst friends like in person. You may be trying to drive, likes or shares if you want something for Ah, visibility, exposure. You know that you're just trying to gain on the social graph. You know, the social circles of other people go for the tweet Any guys. Another thing to keep in mind here is don't lose sight of the fact If you already have an email lists built and you're trying to figure out a way to re engage that email list in a fun, exciting way, it's a This is a great email to send out to those folks. Hey, we're giving away a free you know, photo of this island or a free, you know, chocolate recipe or right for free. You know, a coffee mix from Indonesia that's handcrafted by local artisans, right? So you want to feature that here and for those of you watching online, that might not understand why steps 23 and four. Important. They're the key to getting free impressions on your up on your contest without paying for Facebook ads. But let let's walk through exactly how this works. Let's say that our friend Paul here is Angelina's first opt in. He's your biggest fan. He wants to be on your islands, at your photography, that you're taking photos up and he's smiling. You've made him happy cause you're only catering to him. Okay, what he does is Paul enters your contest and shares and tweets it out to all of his followers, right, cause he's ideally your fan. That is closest to you, the Zahra Paul's followers. He's got five. Okay, what happens is those five. A percentage of them will then click back into the original campaign. Okay, so let's say he messages, actually, 500 of his Facebook fans, and he gets just five to click through back to your campaign, which is a pretty realistic click through rate, wouldn't you say? I agree. Those five then do the same thing. Hey, so those five Sharon tweet your contest out to all of their followers and what happens? It starts to compound. It starts to compound. And this is how you get campaign reach without spending a lot of money on Facebook ads. This is word of mouth on steroids in a Facebook contest. Letta is pretty exciting. Free traffic, isn't it? It is very exciting, and I also find that, well, advertising traffic brings certain types of leads to you, the friends of friends. Traffic brings a completely different type of lead to you they trust their friends likes. That's the hope where advertising is more because this is for my angle, is more of a needs based friends of Friends is more of a recommendation based. So I'm more likely to trust a friend that has sent me something than I am. Trust something else that I know has been put in front of me because I am in that that need right now. So the fans into marketers is a very, very strong way to fill your email list. So, guys, we were so fortunate to have someone with the expertise, the knowledge, like Lynette, join us on stage. She's on her own small business. He's a hustler. She's now joined a Weber, one of the top email marketing companies on Earth. The inventor of the auto responders should give you some tips that you can use instantly to turn your email subscribers into marketers for you and double your list, ranging from point of sale opt ins to using an auto responder when they often the contest. The guys please help me in thanking Lonette for joining us on stage today. Right there, we'll go back and forth. So guys moving forward, I want to talk about a trend that we talked about in the first segment and that was mobile specifically on Facebook's last earnings call, they disclosed that were 406 million people are logging on to Facebook on a monthly basis on Lee from their mobile device, not and desktop. There are Onley using your mobile device to access Facebook every single month. So here are some mobile statistics that you want to be aware of and this is a perfect slide to tweet out to your friends using hashtag f B for SMB. What you should know is again about 50% of the average logging on any given day on Facebook, 50% of those are on mobile devices. OK, currently, when you look at the total Facebook fan page market. There's 30 million Facebook fan pages created, of which 90 teen are considered active. An active means they have at least 100 likes. Okay, so you guys can get a sense. There's way more businesses than 19 million in the world. So if you're watching this course wondering if you should take action now or if it's too late, you're early. Get in now so you can ride the wave up. Additionally, you know this is be it good or bad for our society. We are addicted by the average Facebook user, of which there is 1.35 billion as of last earnings call. Spends 40 minutes every single day on Facebook. John. Pretty incredible statistic, isn't it? Believe it. I can't believe it. Can't believe it. So these are important to keep in mind. And that's because when you launch this Facebook campaign, you have to understand that 50% of your likes do not see you if you're not mobile friendly. Okay, imagine me chopping my body right here and trying to walk with no legs. That's what you're doing. If you launch a Facebook contest with no mobile option. Okay, so this is again a great side to tweet out. People need to understand and be aware of this. So here's what that might look like once the campaign is completed. This is the Facebook version. And then you see the mobile optimized version that happens with the click of a button. So here's what I like all of you guys to Dio. Okay? Those of you watching in our live audience, I'm going to reach out. Find your cell phones, OK, Hold him in your right hand. Thumb on the left side. Pointer Finger up above the back. Hold him in the air, Just like in judge. You see what models everybody has. All right, we have a We have a diverse set. Blackberry. I'm just kidding. Okay, good. Here's what I want. You dio open up a new browser window and online audiences will open up a new browser window and go toe heo dot com ford slash t shirt. Hey, oh dot com ford slash t shirt que. And once you're there, I want you to scroll down and really experience what this mobile version looks like because what you're experiencing is what most of your fans are gonna experience when you launch a campaign. It also again gives you a good example how it goes back and forth. Chris, do we see any questions coming in? Maybe about mobile reporting or mobile optimization? Well, we have some still lingering from from the email discussion, but some of these can be applied to that. We had a number of people asking about statistics. Are there statistics on which age groups respond? Best email marketing And, I guess also who responds best to the mobile marketing. A skeptical millennial. This person says they never opened marketing emails. Well, to all of you skeptical millennials watching right now, we're gonna fire this one over to Lynette Lynette, what do you see when in terms of email, open rates and engagement relative to age and gender roles? To be completely honest, I don't look at it that way. I look at personas, and while there are statistics based on the industry that you're in, and if you go to a weather dot com and search out, I know we do have information there. A weber dot com slash heo also has any book that we put up that has statistics in their anticipating this question. But my answer to that is that it if a millennial or anyone for that particular reason does not open an email, it's because it's not the right offer for them. There are some emails you can probably all think. Well, there's five, maybe 23 or 45 emails that you get a week or a month that you subscribe to that are a must open every single time. Your goal as a small business is to be one of those five. They just may not have hit on the right e mail your rights. But people, I mean emails. It's all across age groups, all across demographics. It's it's for everyone. Great. Good question, Chris. What else are we seeing online? So we have a question from Margie. We had four other people voting on this, and they say that I'm concerned about chasing away my list subscribers by over marketing to them, or actually over marketing through mobile ads as well. Any thoughts on being having too much marketing for your audience? Well, Margie, what you want to do in terms of over engaging your Facebook audiences go back in a segment where we talked about Facebook insights and look at how many, unlike sehr happening when you post content. Now that same question for the frequency of emails you're sending, you know the answer to that would be I met Most email marketing companies have a place recon view, unsubscribe ratios and, in fact, a Weber, the company Lynette's with, along with other email marketing providers, will actually flag your account. If you're unsubscribe, rate goes too high the easiest way. If you feel like you're lost and you really don't know how often your audience wants to hear from you, just ask them. Just ask them like you're asking a friend what time to come over for dinner, right? Subject line might say, Um, I don't want to overwhelm you, Uh, shoot me a quick reply and tell me how frequently like our content. Now, if you have 10,000 people in your email list, you're gonna get a lot of replies. That's okay. Manually, go through them. That's the future, in my opinion of email marketing, is people gonna be optimizing for the reply, not the open or click through rate, because it's a sign of true relationship building. Chris. What other questions are we seeing? We have another one here from Mad Panda who wants to know she's talking about? I just started building my list and is it too late to send that auto response we're talking about a little a little while ago. If you've already had this list, can you go back and send this to people have already subscribed? Or is it too late to kind of send that initial welcome to my email list? Well, Mad Panda, it's great to refer you again. I'm glad we have such a active online audience, and this is a great question for Lynette to takes. Lynette, what do you think? It's never too late. You may want to look into and treat it like a reactivation campaign, but if you have not been actively emailing your list with things that they find a value treated as if you're starting your list from scratch, send them and, you know, set up an auto responder Siri's but definitely go out and send them an initial broadcast message saying, You know we're back. These are the things we'd like to dio. I'm also a big fan of letting people set the expectations of what you plan on doing. Talking about one subscribes in such if you set your cadence and stick to it and set what you're going to communicate with them and stick to it when you tend to deviate from, that is one. People tend to fly off your list, so create elaborate and very patterns and stick to it. Editorial schedules, Editorial schedules How's that guy's for where you want to optimize for the good stuff. So we just in summary, we just learned why Mobile is important. We learned the six pieces to a successful Facebook campaign that converts and gets folks like Angelina, their first subscriber. Your Take Away, though, might have been different from mine. So tell me real quick by going to hail dot com. Ford slash. Tell me what your number one take away is so far, and I'll take maybe one more question from the online audience before moving into the how to section Chris. Any really relevant questions we've got coming through the online airwaves? Let's see what comes in here a few more. Um, we still have a lot of email questions that people are coming, and let's answer a few of them. OK, so we had one here. People just want to clarify exactly on the permissions with when it comes to contest or emails. Now, when you're running a contest like this is important to be clear that, yes, you're opting into a contest, but you're also opting into an email list. So Lynette again, I know email marketing companies spend a lot of time making sure they're compliant with all email marketing laws. So what feedback would you have for that question? What I would say is, even with a product like hey oh, and such when people subscribe to their list, you're definitely going to tell them when they're entering in their email address that you will be added to a list. That initial response back is gonna ask them for confirmed Opt in. And you also get a chance and messaging to say what you're going to do with the list in that. In that initial message, they need to click on in a second time. Some people think that that's a bit of a pain, but it really just validates the person's email address in their interest into what you're doing. So disclosing that I mean, there's nothing worse than going to a business event giving out a business card and then all the sudden you're on some magic list you never knew about. That doesn't build trust that confirmed opt in. Besides, being a requirement builds trust. So I say, you know, I always go with it. And guys, I'll also point out when you put the email, opt in on your contest. If you want to double up on protection, you can add a little check box that says, Check this box if you want to enter in for other email marketing updates, and you can still put that right in your contest if you want to be absolutely sure. Chris what other email marketing questions are we getting from the online audience? Okay, here's an interesting one. When you are when you're getting people who were signing up for your email list, is it important to tell them exactly how frequently you're going to be emailing them? Now you're receiving their email address, but you want to be clear like, Hey, I'm gonna send you once a month or every week. Should people know what they're getting into when they submit their email. So guys is a general will rule when you're thinking about email marketing and and let just spoke to this. You want to make sure people understand what the expectation is if they opt in, knowing what to expect, and you stick to what they expect. That builds trust. Whether you tell them to expect once a day or once a month, right, let's say you say once a day they really want your content, but you get lazy and you only send it once every week. That still hurts your credibility. So set the expectation and stick to the expectation. What we'll do now is will move forward guys into that, how to exactly how to set up a campaign like you just saw inside of Facebook, and you can do this for free. The first up you want to do is go to hail dot com. Ford slash c l free. That's hair dot com ford slash c l free. And when you go there on the right side, you're going to see a place where you can set up a free account and start building your campaign So you want to write that link down or pauses video now and start building along with me after you build your campaign. You wanna been publishing to your page and launch it, and what I'm gonna do is now move forward to the next slide, which is a live example of how folks joining us in the online audience that are like David James, who's joining us. He has his own wine company, and he's looking to sell more of his wine product so you'll see going behind me as I walked through the strategy, the building process for David's campaign Now David, we spoke a little bit about the importance of an incentive in your Facebook campaign. What do you think it for? Define wines. What could you give away? Well, I know I'm already not legally able to give away alcohol for free darning I, but I could I could give away the experience. So having ah, winemaker tasting, come to the winery barrel tasting tour of the winery, all great experiences and the reason I love those suggestions of those ideas that because you're getting people in, they're using all their senses to get close to your brand there smelling the wine from worth being created there, seeing the sunshine coming through the vineyards, and they're feeling the warmth of it on their skin. Like romantic. It's very it's very It's very, very romantic. So you can see here. What I'm trying to do is actually use David's a digital assets he he's already created to set up this contest, right? So it minimizes. So this is a photo he already had posted copying. And maybe what this giveaway is is the experience of going just like these crazy people in the background overlooking this lake, right? And having a wine tasting of defined wines. That's a great giveaway. He's featured his logo in the upper left to build on the brand trust that he's already done. And I gotta tell you, if you want to see something that gets branding, just go search. Define wines on Facebook, this guy gets it. Additionally, you'll see he's got his countdown right at seven days, and the next steps you're going to see is again making it mobile optimized and moving it forward and actually publishing it by doing this. Not on Lee has David insured that he's capturing email leads that are high quality for his brand. But you're also David, ensuring that you capture those mobile leads of people that are interested in your product. Good stuff, huh? Feel like you can use an instantly. Oh, definitely. Good guys. Online. You feel like this is something that you can do right now? That was my goal. So I do encourage you to start. Don't wait. And the final product, just to check it out again. Looks like this. The good thing is, when you publish thes this campaign, it's not two separate links you get for the mobile device. And for the death stop, you get something John called a smart. You are l This is like a your l with the brain. It's the smartest girl you'll ever meet. That's because when you guys use this image this ah link in any status update. So the next step for Jane for David would be to take this contest posted status of Dana's page that says, Hey, fans, we've got an exclusive for you. Click here to check out our define wines. Wine tasting giveaway. Well, the tricky thing is, is David doesn't know if his fans are going to see that status update on their desktop after they get in the work or on their mobile device when they just woke up in bed and there scrolling through their news feed. If David uses a smart girl, if that person clicks through on a mobile device, they'll see the version you see on the right or the mobile version. If they clicked through that same you Earl via the desktop that you are, l again like a brain will think and send them to the desktop version That way. Land. You don't have to worry about using two separate links to market your give away good stuff. Good, good, good, good. That's the last thing I want is a bunch of different management tools that you guys have to use for multiple your else. So one thing I want you guys to keep in mind is that this concept works across all industries. We've got several case studies included, like this lady. Her name is Amy Lombard. She's a lot like you guys watching right now. She has a physical products, kind of like John and Valerie and David. She's got a physical product. Not only did she launched her contest, she doubled her email list of 500 to email leads. Okay, she's only got about to 3000 fans, and then she took those email leads and actually drove sales of her bag. So you'll see how she did that in this bonus. Now, in addition to this contest that I just showed you, there's some other really creative ways that you guys can use a Facebook contest to engage with your audience. This particular company, K, is a beer company, and what they've done is they've launched this photo contest on their Facebook page. Now, for those of you watching that are artists and photographers and your community tends to be a creative community, this idea is perfect for you. The reason is you'll see at the top. They put a bottle with a blank label, and what it said was, you design your own label, enter your photo and you're designing the contest, and the label that gets the most votes will produce. So John, for your chocolate company when you're launching a new chocolate brand and you want to really engage with your audience instead of you spending money hiring that designer to do the work for you, right? Not Why not? Crowdsourced your product creation and have your fans designed the rapper of your next chocolate bar? Could you see yourself doing that? That's a great idea. You like that? Guys like that idea. Clap it up. Like that idea, Right? Right, Valerie, you could do that for your coffee brand, David, for labels on the fine wines, you know, skateboarding, emblems and logos for Chris. It really works. Cross industry another, and you can kind of see here are easy to see and you click like or excuse me, click the vote button. You didn't get a link to share your specific photos. It has the countdown. And by the way, when people put in their photo, they have to also put in their email, enter their photo So you're still building your email list. You're creating a really engaging, fun, cool campaign. This is perfect to launch also right before the holidays. Another example of photo contest that any brand or any business or small business watching can use is a selfie contest. Ask your fans to take the coolest selfie they can with your product or your service or your local in the background and ask them to post it that way. They're creating their own content, marketing your brand, and you're creating a fun, engaging experience. The next thing that you can use a refer a friend campaign. Now, this is kind of cool. I'm gonna use this fireplace example. They are a brick and mortar location and they sell outdoor furniture. So those of you watching right now that might work in a bigger company. Or maybe you're a smaller company. Maybe you're an artisan, and you're sitting at home right now in front of your desk, watching the creativelive course, looking out over the great view you have out your window and you have your warm tea on your desk is well and you handcraft. Some may be yarn patterns or scarves, and you want to figure out a way to get your fans to take these handed and scarves that you've made and market them for you. Here's how you do it. Let's take a look. You can ask your fans to enter their email. We will then give them a link specific to them. So let's say entered. It would then say Nathan thanks for entering to win our scarf. Here is your unique link. Go share it with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. And if you get the most clicks through your link, you win the scarf. Remember that image earlier? We had Paul, one person turning into 15 20 people. This is a great way to do that. And you can see what happens if you zoom in on my screen right now. You're going to see all these people have entered this campaign, and some of them have driven thousands of clicks just by themselves. So instead of spending 10 cents per click on a Facebook ad, right, if you don't have any budget, imagine the kind of volume you can get by taking ward of mouth marketing and putting it on steroids. Right. Chris, you're smiling. Good strategy, right? Let me ask the audience here in front of me. Guys can. Ah, Valerie. How would you launch a refer a friend campaign specifically to your coffee company? Um, how would I launch a refer for you? Think about think about what kind of thing? Okay. Or maybe what time of the year would be ideal for you to get a bunch of your fans sending traffic back into your Facebook page and other landlords for the coffee industry. Is there a certain season that tends be a low season for you, where you could use some juice? Yeah, definitely, when it's not the holiday season, Um, and because we are targeting height, the higher end market. So there's definitely the traveling season, actually, is when we see spikes, you know, when people actually start to travel a lot more, they feel Oh, yeah, that's That's also a great thing. We need to look into this cultural coffee. Um, so when it's the opposite of that time, that will target them. So if you're not getting good organic reach to the degree that you want maybe you some of these things to juice up your engagement, right? Right. Grace was Cindy, you've got a question. And make sure you grab the microphone so everybody can hear you. What is your question? And specifically maybe, how do you think about using or for friend? Campaign for some of clients you work with and those of you that haven't met Cindy yet? You should know that she's got some exciting news we're going to share in the next segment. She used some things we talked yesterday had something special happened last night in San Francisco regarding a social media job. We'll talk about that in a bit. But Cindy, what's your question? I just want to comment on for her about something that you give away. What if, like you have? If there's like a special coffee maker that could would enhance, like the flavors, because there's so many different coffee makers out there. Some really helped the coffee. Some just make it sludge when coffee brewer type that we only use and recommend to all of our users. So So that's something. I mean, if people who I mean, I'm sure your fans love coffee and then when they make it, they want it a good, constant. Great idea. Thank you. Good. Thank you, Cindy. Chris. So what we've seen from the online audience. So we have some people who are still struggling if they have a service or a digital product. Four people voted on this. How would a campaign like this work if you have something digital in a follow up question which relates what we did in session one. They want to know what is the sawdust in our analogy with sawdust and the lumber. Gotta go watch. So, what is this on us? If you have a digital product, guys, I'm going to use him as an example is we're digital products, right? We don't sell chocolate or physical goods. You see what we did? We give away T shirt, right with your logo on it. If you're out there watching on your looking for ideas of your service business and you don't know what to give away, think about creating something digital, maybe like an e book. Or give away stickers of your brand logo or a T shirt, right? Or if you're a digital product, use the real estate on your Facebook page as the give away. So if you have 500 fans, people always up to be featured, so tell them enter your email on the left for your chance to be our featured fan of the week and then, if they win, put their photo in your thumbnail photo for that week. Now I'll quickly go back to the sawmill analogy. When we talked about trying to figure out what to give away the critical thing to think about is what is quote unquote, a waste product that your company has, or something that's not valuable anymore. Anything you don't think you can sell and use, that is what you give away. So for a lumber yard, it's kind of like the sawmill, right? Or the sawdust to the sawmill or again complementary goods like catch up to a hamburger, things around your product, but not the lumber that you sell or the hamburger that you sell.

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