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Integrating Animal Photography into your Business

Norah Levine

Integrating Animal Photography into your Business

Norah Levine

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1 Class Introduction Duration:06:22
7 Pet Portraits: Dogs, Judy Duration:24:27
8 Pet Portraits: Dogs, Kobe Duration:14:28
9 Pet Portraits: Cats Duration:28:52
13 Shooting Segment Follow Up Duration:04:23
14 Business Goals Duration:15:41
15 Customized Business Model Duration:22:16
16 Stock Photography Duration:12:28
17 Commercial & Editorial Work Duration:09:25
18 Fine Art & Personal Projects Duration:12:53
19 Working on Location Duration:18:04
22 Awareness of Your Own Energy Duration:26:23
23 Directing Subjects Duration:31:24
24 Planned vs. Spontaneous Duration:27:37
26 Culling Images Duration:23:10
27 Final Image Presentation Duration:26:13
28 Sales Duration:31:30
29 Pricing Duration:22:02
30 Volunteer Work Duration:23:07
31 Portfolio Building Plan Duration:24:19

Class Description

Pets play a large part of every household, be it the best friend or first “child.”  Yet capturing their personalities is often more difficult than just a click of the shutter.  Instructor Norah Levine’s photographs are often defined by her clean compositions and authentic moments shared by people and their pets.  Now you can join Norah as she shows you the basics of pet behavior and how to get animals comfortable with the camera.  After this class, you’ll be able to capture great images of pets AND learn how to incorporate them into your family photography.   

In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to incorporate pets into your family photography.

  • Gain an understanding of animal behavior and key body language cues.

  • Build a business model that allows you to appeal to commercial, private and nonprofit markets.



Norah is really great and I learned a lot watching her. Even non-pet related things, like how she's continually trying to better herself were really inspiring to me. Since watching this, I've learned to take every shoot as a learning opportunity by evaluating what went right and what didn't, and thinking of what I can do next time to do better. I liked the way she showed interacting with animals in a way that doesn't stress them (well, depending on the animal there may be some level of stress anyway I guess...) too. Great class.

Chelsea Beauchamp

So inspiring! Great information on both family pet photography as a craft as well as the business side. Norah obviously knows what she's doing and has tons of experience, so it's a good chance to hear/see what it's really like to take this on as a specialty whether it's the focus of your work or one of many parts of your work. She focuses not just on the mechanics, but on the personal side of working with people and animals. You can tell she's passionate about what she does, too. It's only been one day of class and I already feel totally inspired!