Business of Fashion Photography


Business of Fashion Photography


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I'm lindsay out there and I'm in new york city fashion photographer right now we're going to talk about three tips that up in your game and fashion photography your first tip for up in your game and fashion photography is to understand your photography and your style, so what I want you to do right now is to take a look at your portfolio, take a look at your work and write down three words that are consistent throughout your portfolio. For example, when I look at my work, my work is clean, bold and graphic when you go ahead and narrow down these style terms to understand your work better than it helps you better target your ideal clients. Your work isn't going to fit everyone, so when you understand yourself, you understand which clients fit you action item number two it's a narrow your target list there are hundreds actually thousands of magazines and thousands of clients, so if you just send out emails or basically through a dark and a map and hope that somebody likes your work it's ...

a waste of your time what you want to do is right now write down a list of ten potential clients that fit your style and that you would love to work with, and then you're going to put your heart your soul, all of your marketing effort into those ten clients you'll be able to give them a lot better marketing material and give them a lot more information about yourself than trying to do the same with thousands of people. Oh, action item number three is to do your research about your potential clients now aa lot of people what they do is they look at a website, they find an email sent off any miles ahead. My name is down from a photographer work with me and what they don't hear back they think that's it that's not doing you any good. What you want to do is really do your research figure out ok am I trying to reach the photo editor? Um I trying to reach the editor of photography or the editor in chief find their emails, find their twitter, find their phone number, get in person interviews with those individuals just sending out emails usually doesn't do any good. The best look that I've had is really doing my research beyond just finding out the name but knowing something about that person so it's not a cold call it's not an email but something them something sent to them to invite you and invite them to work together is that last part again? The whole thing is last was over trivial minor stumbles that I'm sure you do they're perfect so action item number three is to really do your research about your potential clients what a lot of photographers dio is that go ahead and find an email for a magazine or an email for a client, and they sent out. The email is a time and it was lindsay album a photographer. I love to work with you, and then they think their job is done. But that's that's, not even the beginning of the job. What you want to do is do your research, figure out who are the people you're trying to reach. Is it the editor in chief? Is it the photography editor, or is it somebody else in that lineup? So what you want to do is you want to figure out their email, their phone number, where you can find them on facebook and twitter, and you want to learn something about them. So when you go ahead and tweet that more, send out that email, you can provide information about yourself and then show you understand them and propose how you might work together. Knowing something about your client gives you much better chances of catching their attention.

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Breaking into the glamorous world of fashion photography requires in-depth knowledge of the industry — from the latest terminology and trends to how to work with magazines and modeling agencies. Professional fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will share her trade secrets with you in this 90-minute course on making a name for yourself as a fashion photographer. You will learn everything you need to know about industry standards, working with models, putting together a crew, and how to get land magazine spreads and fashion campaigns.