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Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Lesson 3 of 21

Sitting Pose #3

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

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Lesson Info

3. Sitting Pose #3

Lesson Info

Sitting Pose #3

So now what I'm going to do is really point at tokyo city is I'm going to put this hand here elbow up to here bonne journee yeah, that's it and instantly she bought a hand up to her face, but I'm going to turn it down that way like this and relax your hand this way. Nice triangles and they're so sue, can I ask you couple? Sure, I'm in the frame, so I've got the stool kind of coming out the bottom of the french fine, I could change that. Whatever. So it's all right, you can put whatever you want there across the way you move this way on the stew a little bit so that she's just so I don't see as much of the stool, whatever you can see from the front you adjust. Just scoot your whole body towards me by like a inch perfect. You see, then I don't have the stool in the frame on dh. The little shorts are not kind of squashed underneath you. Alright, they go curly back that's a girl too, not just attach. All right, shall we shoot a couple? Just, uh, kind of one of its beautiful good and then c...

ast you could just change the face of all that, that little tiny smile that suited see told you there and then just do the same thing with your mouth a little bit way only need to know one before I change the post we're not doing multiple images of one post we're just doing one pose and then changing it to see how many we can get okay, I was so that would be that would be one okay, all right now one was actually with her on back to was here three is she's now going to bring a hand up now, like most people who are long long bodies, long hands, even tall girls that a curvy had beautiful long hands if they have beautiful long hands may five to not so much. Okay, so when cassidy brings this hand up to her face here and sits there just under her chin and we start posing her hands up into here nice curly back lots of space and gave the featured up for election mouth eyes to the camera we can bring her hands up now so cass is really good with her hands though, but I kind of it's like the eye got short, stubby fingers, so it doesn't really look quite right but it's, this isn't it's not ever like that I want it's about belly hands right it's when the thumb goes towards the middle finger, even guy photographers can say ballet hands everybody knows what bella hands are I want you to imagine this even non ballerinas I say ballet hands and when I say ballet hands it's like this I want your hands to be like a belly dancer I want them here I want them here I want them here I want them in the here but bali hand of the most important hands that you could never pose so when their hands on our body we look att whatever we're touching okay so when you bring your hands up to your face remember you khun touch the chin you can touch the cheek but we don't touch the ear because it's body language for I don't want to hear we can't touch the nick we can't touch the dick allah taj ah lot of not very good models when you tell them to bring their hand up to the back of the hand to the face like this it is a very common pose I see models do it all the time they'll go from here they'll go to here and then you say bring your hands up and they instantly turn the back of the hand what is that like it? What stage would you be talking or floating with someone and going like there's such offence of body language? Isn't it? This is open, this is closed and so what you're doing is copping framing cupping framing okay so touch cup frame the hands go here now I've got little short hands I've got really tiny hands look at the difference in our hand span oh my god okay so when I bring my hands up I'm going to go really clubby if I don't relax them and turn them this way I'm going to be like connie hands like he like the favorites like creepy you know things that I can't do so I'm going to be more like open and remember to tip your fingers back and used the hell palm heel palm strike okay use your heel palm around like don't hold up around here like this bring the hell around and so practice this even guys I want you to practice it felix because I feel like women photographers practice it and guys don't because they feel awkward but I think guys that practiced hand alexis bella hands and don't do this no clearly figures or that this fist connecting with the face kind of thing yeah and never at any time is the hand fled on the face because if we do this and she leans into here hand no clearly fingers and they know flat hand and there no cheek giving pushed up by the fingers you're saying in effect that even men end up with kind of valerie hanson it looks good no men don't have bella hands it'll but they have sideways hands so also not this kind of yeah and they can have sideways hands but they've got to be relaxed if they wouldn't then they've got thunderbird hand on and they don't want thunderbird hands all guys need to have relaxed hands but remember women he'll palm in men opposite so they go hell so a woman will go this way and a man will go this way so when a man puts his thumbs into his genes he tunes downwards like that so he's got strong hands a woman turned in this way so we're were the complete opposite all right so woman poses with the elbows back so if you shoot me front on woman poses with her elbows back a man poses with his elbows out he pushes his wrist down she pushes pushes her wrists back say that three times pushes her respect pushes her wrist all right so very important so now we're here we're going to go here we're going to touch the chin bringing face around a little bit more lift up for election mouth engaged your feet nice curly back dropped his shoulders forward engaged with the camera that way and perfect beautiful okay what we're going to do now is we're just going to do a couple of different little way scenarios with hand I'm going to direct it from here so felix is going to shoot it from here cassidy I want you to bring your hand out to your where your mouth is that to go? Stop beautiful. Okay, now what I want you to do is touch like this good gilbert stretch your fingers out bring your stop net weight will bring a chain around this way a little top up that civilized to the camera I can't now tip the fingers back this way there's nothing I can't touch here so I mean these are not different poses but instead they're going to get lots of different looks by moving, moving, moving, moving now from here let's just go straight into this position. I'm going to open up her arm here and what I'm going to do it's what I was going to ask you to do next just sorry. Wait here another triangle all right. When we create more triangles way make our shots more interesting now right to this out to the outside of your league. So now we have three triangles may have this one here we have this one here we have this one here, so we've already got three curly nice and clearly long near listing up nice and tall. Wonderful we're just gonna get them. You can't cut off limbs goodness now if you can pull right back actually insert more space around here we can't cut off those limbs because people will just make lots of comments on your facebook page it's really fun

Class Description

Bring more flair to all of your photographs with fashion-inspired posing and lighting ideas from Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze.

In Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting, Sue and Felix will show you how to direct and light a model to create a fashion-style shoot. This class brings together a master of posing and a master of studio lighting to show you how to create gorgeously lit and posed photographs in your own studio. Sue and Felix will demonstrate how to create three versatile lighting looks and a whole range of poses that bring the subject to life. You’ll learn how to work with a model who can’t move and how to capture the energy of one who can.

Create and capture the beauty of a fashion-inspired shoot – join Sue and Felix for your guide to shooting professional fashion looks and photography poses. 

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Spectacular class.!!! This is what it is like on a professional set. Time is money and the director gets the shot, Taking direction is the key attribute for the talent and crew.. That means tempers are high, there is humor and passion while cajoling the set to work together. The energy was amazing on this set. I loved their working relationship. Sue and Felix both have their vison for getting the shot. And they got it. I highly recommend this class.


Sue Bryce has what my Thai friends would call a teacher's heart. It is hard to translate but basically means caring, deeply knowledgable, dedicated to constant improvement and possessing the ability to present to students in an easily understandable and accessible manner. "Near enough" is never "good enough'. In a word she is a professional. This course is highly recommended for developing a framework for photographers to work from. Sue Bryce also has many additional pieces of inspirational advice along the way in terms of styling and costume. A talented teacher who presents practical steps that can easily be adopted by others. Impressive!