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Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Lesson 14 of 21

Sitting Pose #9

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting

Sue Bryce, Felix Kunze

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Lesson Info

14. Sitting Pose #9

Lesson Info

Sitting Pose #9

I made this good out of chul um this is nothing to do with how I would style it I'm just tryingto put something on who leagues that she can move with so if you stand up cassidy I just made this little thing I just hand stitched it on a ribbon like that how I made it sixty on my block if that's your next question um supervise dot com fort slash blawg it's about four blocks down if I put it on then I am can sit her down and just show you a couple more so one of the things I always do is I make sure the skitters low around the hips I want you to bunch it up and sit down keeping in the same vein of what we're doing I'm finding it really hard to stay and I need to pose in front of people not to the side of them so one of the first things I do is banked up the skit and put your hands between your name is I go through all of these poses in the sitting position because she's already sitting now I'm just going to try and maximize as many shots as I can get right up onto your toes cassidy that g...

irl sorry cass we're gonna get sorry just there you can move those out actually felix those ones right up front you chose nice elegant long legs hands between your legs tuned towards felix a little bit more front on that's a girl and we can even cover up these legs if you don't want them their hands between and we don't want to squeeze the boob in the hand together we want to know just lean forward and pull your boobs back remember the good girl all right, yeah good it means finding here has you just do like your hair back on one side you just take a bit from the front and just pull it back yeah there we go beautiful I can just find those group here group and then tell me a way to come back to you in the same the whole time all right? And then what I would do is I would get these legs out and I would put this league across now I can't sit in this position but I'll show you like that I want you to do this let's put this leg out that way yeah just like mae but you've gotta scoot between your legs I've got I should get on so that's it more more like really put it out that to go cover it up and this is where you use your hips on this side that the one so again the same way you were sitting before I want you to kill up good girl are both in albany then pull your boobs back that's the one suits back as far as you can. Lovely. Hang on, let me find it here and then I'll pull back. This is where a fan would probably be better. You know, it makes much noise. I think I've got a blank there because I'm just blowing the scared you what? We're not using window no that's not how you get it done tonight. It's not about taking fan shops. This is about yeah, paris if I were posing her lips. All right, so what I want to do now is this was a very common position and suit. What about? I have, like, a leg ham just sticking into the frame of that leg to see what I think you got a better shot than that, you know? But they're all in there. I've got yeah, you got that's beautiful it's just a prompt people to keep doing it, keep nailing it. All right, this was a really big shot that I feel like came up a lot in magazines that we don't do without normal clients. I I would do this with cassidy now if she had pence on georgian too. And so basically this's in the manual. This is not one that we're going to do right now because she's franks get it's just pointless it's no point more like marlene dietrich, isn't it? It is it would really suit the men suit it suits the masculine suit but what I loved about it is its staggering with leagues which is no different than what we did this morning just the staggering with things there are not many position t even have the hansen because let's face it the hands for this pose were really about it being like this on her forehead because it's a masculine pose but it was one that is very beautiful and if you can practice that one unlock it down however let's just look att hands for cassidy do you have any tips for hands in pockets? Well the thing is his hands in pockets is a very modern thing to do so a lot of the girls and the posters had their hands in their pockets their hands in their front pocket because they're selling an outfit but this is this is like the cowboy and this is more like cools mint yeah you know what? I tend to put sums into jane's but with girls like for guys they can hang the hands down because he hands look strong and you risked her out but for girls I actually put the thumbs in the back pockets like this so from frampton I used the back pockets and james like that you're changing my camera so I team to put I feel like the back pockets way better than the fat pockets although you know, my skills do look good with their hands. And they james. If they just wearing the white I'm tank in the in the jeans. It is a go to this space around the body or front and back. Looks really good, but not tucked up like that.

Class Description

Bring more flair to all of your photographs with fashion-inspired posing and lighting ideas from Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze.

In Fashion Photography Posing and Lighting, Sue and Felix will show you how to direct and light a model to create a fashion-style shoot. This class brings together a master of posing and a master of studio lighting to show you how to create gorgeously lit and posed photographs in your own studio. Sue and Felix will demonstrate how to create three versatile lighting looks and a whole range of poses that bring the subject to life. You’ll learn how to work with a model who can’t move and how to capture the energy of one who can.

Create and capture the beauty of a fashion-inspired shoot – join Sue and Felix for your guide to shooting professional fashion looks and photography poses. 

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Spectacular class.!!! This is what it is like on a professional set. Time is money and the director gets the shot, Taking direction is the key attribute for the talent and crew.. That means tempers are high, there is humor and passion while cajoling the set to work together. The energy was amazing on this set. I loved their working relationship. Sue and Felix both have their vison for getting the shot. And they got it. I highly recommend this class.


Sue Bryce has what my Thai friends would call a teacher's heart. It is hard to translate but basically means caring, deeply knowledgable, dedicated to constant improvement and possessing the ability to present to students in an easily understandable and accessible manner. "Near enough" is never "good enough'. In a word she is a professional. This course is highly recommended for developing a framework for photographers to work from. Sue Bryce also has many additional pieces of inspirational advice along the way in terms of styling and costume. A talented teacher who presents practical steps that can easily be adopted by others. Impressive!