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FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Lesson 4 of 12

Cast and Crew

Matthew Jordan Smith

FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Matthew Jordan Smith

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4. Cast and Crew

Lesson Info

Cast and Crew

how you find cast. How do you find the crew? How does that happen? So, first up with the cast, the models and casting the right models, we were deeper into that. There a lot of ways to do that These days for our class, we found models from model mayhem, and I went through 140 models under 40 odd models defined the three malls that shows it was not easy because I wanted to. Now we see the online because online can fool you. I could see great pictures online of a model, then seem in person, and they looked five years older or bad skin or bad hair or the hairs now blonde when it was brunette before, or read or shorter can change. So online. I would look at the picture, and then I had them sent a picture to me of them with their phone taken that day. So I know how they look today. Hamilton Agency the same thing because now a buy, just anything online. Every Molly and she does everything online. Now you're viewing models online. In the old days, it was a ghost scene where the models came to...

see you and the Muslims said in New York I'd have a go see, I see 100 girls in a day to find the right girl, and I love that because you to see them that day. Now I see that picture. But see that personality get a feel for the energy. I can feel that online. I still want to see the girl or the guy or the kid or the grandfather grandmother where the model is. I want to see them in person to see what they look like today to see them before retouching, because everything's retouched now I want what they look like in reality. Now. If you divide, I don't know. They speak light everything, because that gives me an indication that would be to work them on set. That's what I want. That's what I want for the models. Now let's go to the crew. The crew is a boy who helps you produce the shoot. It may be just a hair makeup. It may be your hair. Make the assistance. It could be producers on a big shoot. It could be the agent, uh, is all they will help you bring the job to life Now in finding my assistance, How do I find them? I get emails every day from people who want to be an assistant and, um and even doesn't tell me enough. I want to meet them. I want to come in now. What? Also make sure that they're hungry, for if I get one email am I could do that. Anybody? If I get a card, they're up here. I get a letter. They're up here because that's effort. I had a a woman who wanted an intern, a student email me, then write me and she wrote me with most beautiful penmanship I've ever seen my life on the most beautiful paper this in my life. I was so blown away by the paper and the envelope and the kinship. I was like, Oh, my God, I stopped was doing I should say anybody in study might look at this letter and I called her and she was an amazing, amazing intern. Put that energy and time into writing me a letter like a three page letter about my work, what she's done, why she wants me an intern and watch things. She likes my photography. I was blown away. That's who writes a letter these days. Not later. Type it up, hits in anybody to do that. But the effort into this letter and the paper I still have that matter. I showed all the time. Her permission was incredible. They told me everything about seeing that letter, that paper, the penmanship Show me everything that special. I want special people around me cause they help elevate my game. You want the best around you, Not just anybody you want the best crew. I want the best hair, the best makeup and the best, or working all the time. But I want because the best If I can see the best producer, the best hair, best makeup, they're getting paid more. But I want them and you should, too, and you should want to be the best. Not just get by. She wanted to be the best. So surround yourself with the best, the best talent, the best crew, the miss assistance, the best students coming out of art school at a full of school who are hungry. They must be hungry. So for my crew for the assistance do I care about their level of photography in their work. Not really. I care about their drive determination. How hungry are they? They work hard. What do you see it as a job? Do you see it as a job? I don't want around. If you're hungry, who love photography? I wanna be with me. Those long days were shooting or location in Game four in the morning and walking through. You know, if you want a beach all day long, working, it's hard. It looks beautiful in the magazine, but the reality is it's hard work carrying gear and stands on a beach and the assistance working with the sand, the rain, the wind, the elements on the beach is very hard work 10 times harder in the sand. No one, no flat level ground. But that's the reality on the beach, you are worn out. Yes, the malls were in great MCI's on stuff. It's beautiful. That looks away. The pages, the magazine. But the crew is busting their butt on that job to make it look that beautiful and effortless. They are holding the stands, blocking the sun, keeping Santa up away from the gear assistance. Do all that? My crew. I depend on them for everything. So I want the best around me. I want the best crew who also a family. We're making memories together because the amazing comes out amazing on the stands, and the whole world sees that one picture. But the crew has the memory of the entire day and everything that went into it and that special for us. The picture. The magazine is great, but for me it's all the other stuff that special. I have an old assistant who was with me for like, six years, and she moved back to Australia. She sent an email the other day, and she likes it. I just thinking about all the great shoots we've done together like Oh my God, start reminiscing as well, about always great to have done. That's a special stuff, not about the picture in the magazine. That's for the rest of the world to see. Is the experience that special? That's a special stuff that the crew is privy to that know best in the world sees. But the crew, they're models today who now big actors and actresses. But I knew them back when they were models back in like the eighties early nineties. And when I see them now in Hollywood being stars like Oh, my God, remember that trip Back in ST Lucia? We reminisced about both stories about those times when the beach, you know, having a flat tire off location somewhere, all the waste that happens, a location. That's the fun stuff and their great memories, and you never get that stuff ever. The crew is very important. The cast, the crew. It's not about the picture on Lee, it's about the experience of making it. It's about the creative process, and I love the creative process, doing fashion and beauty doing for target period. It's a creative process. I love the process. Next, the results. The world seems the results of that. I'm in love with the process of making it, creating it and having a great team around me that were list one bonded group. It's a great experience. It's a great feeling. Have a crew like that that people like that and to make memories and shuttles memories with the world. It's a great feeling, and if you are blessed, the photographer in a great place to be

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