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FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Lesson 7 of 12

First Beauty Look

Matthew Jordan Smith

FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Matthew Jordan Smith

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Lesson Info

7. First Beauty Look

Lesson Info

First Beauty Look

It's not just about photography. It's about the relationship between you and your subject, where they're doing again. Portrait's weddings, kids, whatever you're shooting, it's about that relationship you have and the report. So watch our report and watch how I speak to the model, because that's very important. If I'm shooting a celebrity, I make in the same way as shooting a model is the same chemistry. So Laura, my God in the amazing Let's Go to work. Come on over. I want to introduce you to the World Wide Web. We have a fantastic model here. Name is Laura. She is incredible. She just come from hair and makeup through Aaron and did a fantastic job. She had the swipe to look at and figure out the look, and she did a great job and did her own interpretation of it. And this is the beauty of a creative team, making the magic happen. So this is your spot right here can get Apple box for her feet. So when I'm on set shooting, they're normally a lot of people around. It's very rarely just yo...

u and the model. It's the hair and makeup. There's assistance. There's clients And if it's advertising, it's 10 times appliance. But I like the set quiet. I'll have music playing music sets the tone. We're not using music today because we have were being taped and we're doing the video, and it's a little harder to use music. And in the situations. Same thing on top model. We can't play music. But today we're going the giving you the energy, the atmosphere and, uh, you could do the rest. Play your own music at home, but will create the experience. And I'm ready to go. Oh, my God. Laura, you look so beautiful. It's so amazing. So Lara were working on this All these moves. The very small, like looking did it. Me soft You hit from here to here to Here is three very distinctive moves as we shoot was, although small tightening Incredible. Your eyes are the hero. Your eyes are the hell. He looks so incredibly amazing. Erin. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And Aaron, as you see anything you want to touch just to come in there, So, Aaron, I mean, Laura, let me see your shoulder around a bit. That's nice. You bring a little bit more in the face right at me. That's what I want You can make open. So this is a dance between both of us. You're leading the dance. I'm following you. So whatever you want to do it. So a fine looking away coming back up, all that stuff. I want all that that's gonna work. So guys have the 85 8 into a fast check. So John and I was just doing going through different variables and testing the light to make sure as I move around Things don't change too much. My 85 on back here. I might go back even further with under mackerel. I won't be here. Go even closer. So when I come in here, I had John test. Make sure I'm not blocking any light and things were great. That's so great. Full. That's nice. That's nice. 15 3, two for one second. John Laura. Looking right ahead for me. That's nice. This is the process as we create the hair makeups coming in the coming in all getting it ready to make the magic. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. I'm so happy we decided to stay with the nose ring in is perfect. This is moderates now get 16 to 16. 0 16 0. Perfect. Perfect. Someone shoot at 16. Being 16 can ugo up a tad on Reflektor. Just a little bit. An extra inch higher. Not too much. That's nice. That's nice. Is nice, right? Just like that? Just like that. Oh, wow. That's nice. Just like that. Just like that. Just like that. Lovely hit. Dance attack, right. That's nice. That's nice. Fast eyes. Now, notice the first shots. I didn't look at the back of the camera. We need all the testing doing hair and makeup. We know what it looks like. I can concentrate now on just my model all the time. We hair and make it what? Testing the lights with the assistance tweaking. But I know what it looks like now. It's about making the magic happen and finding that right moment you know what looks like You know your life. You know your settings. You know the light works. There's no need to look back here again. You lose them when you're looking at the back of the camera. You're losing her. I want to keep her involved and get that moment that split second I looked down. May be the perfect shot. Might be the shot of the day. That's it. Oh, that's beautiful, is I think, just like, thinks like that. Nice. Nice there. Nice. They're beautiful. Just like that. In the face. Back to me a little bit. Erin Coming in for a second. Aaron. The back of the hair gets a little flyways again, and I think the peace coming down might be fighting a little bit. I won't get rid of that. Let's lose that. Yeah, it's been a word. That's beautiful. Bads beautiful pass. Nice. You a little bit of that. Love that right? That's anything back to me, but a very soft, very soft, massive, beautiful, beautiful, Nicely. Nice. I love days like this. A beautiful girl. Great light. The perfect Lynn's perfect camera last night. Beautiful. Go back to come back to me. That's not right. I love that Laura. A little bit right there. Like that. Last nice. That's nice. Sexy amount. There. That's it. That's it. Nice. Nice. Now did straight to meet face directly on me right there. And just that beautiful stare like that. Like that last nice last night. Beautiful, beautiful. So on a job for one second, Take that away from you. My client would probably go to the computer monitor and look at the images and say, Oh, I've seen live more space on the top for cover lines to make a decision that they will have the cover go over the top of the hat infection crop and closer who make all those decisions right. Then we'll talk about the very beginning. We had that strap coming down. I will go back to that again. Some nice images in there. Laura, those eyes are fantastic. Even that shot looking away is really quite nice. So when our first shot, we had this string coming down and in hair and makeup. It looks great, but I felt a stronger taking it away. So I felt kind of fighting a little bit. And her image Oh my God. GoPro fell again. That's beautiful. Camera, camera, camera. Stay like that. Stay like that. Stay like that. Just like that. Just like that. Just like that bass. Nice last night. That's beautiful. Come back me little by little, very slowly past nice. That's nice. Beautiful. And settle right on me there their past NYSE last nice, beautiful. Head down to Tad right there, right there. Beautiful, beautiful. Keep coming down a little bit past nice. That's nice. Oh, wow, That's magic. That's magic. That's magic. I'm looking for those moments that just happened without me giving her e direction things that just happened. And she's moving perfectly. I love when I turned and so her just like that. And then it can go through and have removed little by little trying to find that moment. Her eyes are incredible, Laura. Oh, my God. Looking for that one special moment. Was that twinkle that special moment that stops you cold? That same movement that you did before that same thing I focused on just the eyes and if you can guess, commit were like opening the eyes just a little bit. Write to me. That's it. Just like that. Just like that. Give me a fast check again. 15 3. Beautiful. 16 to That's gonna work, right? Like right there last night. Just like I like that right there. Right there. Right. That's nice. Beautiful, beautiful Basque. Nice, nice, good, good. Their love that this makeup is so beautiful. Aaron uh, great job there. Just like that. Just like that. Very soft, big eyes. Because that's it. That's it. That's it. That's it. Nice. Nice, lovely. Just the hint of a smile. That's good. A tad more nice. Slice ice. There you look royal. Your eyes is so beautiful. I love this. I love that last night pass. Nice, Beautiful. Oh, wow, That's beautiful. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. Just like that. Just like that. Right there. Right there. Head down. Just a tad past Nice, fast. Nice Last night. That's beautiful. Comeback ranks a tad to me even more. Even more last night. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Just like that. Just like that. Very soft, Maffei. Soft face off. Nice. Nice, nice. Nice. That Siri's just now is where we nailed it and you feel it. You feel it out of the entire shoot. The Siri's just now is where we nailed it. Now I'm comfortable to stop and take her back to hair and makeup because I had my shot. I felt it in that Siri's crashing more absolutely. I want to be energy in the same place as I have my shot. A shot more pull back with the 85. I shall close off 100. Macro, I had my coverage

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