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FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

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Matthew Jordan Smith

FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Matthew Jordan Smith

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2. Inspiration

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inspiration at work, inspiration at work. So I had to go to an L A County bugbear, an event I didn't want to go. I didn't want to go. But my girl, six year old son, he was six at the time. I want to go, so I had to go. So I go when I'm thinking like, Okay, I'll go. We'll be in there being their flag, maybe, like, you know, 15 minutes and then hope that can leave that things I want to do also. But we walk into the bug fair and right away he's having a ball. He knows all kinds of boats and arancha LA's and all kind of great stuff. And he's having a ball. And four moment I'm intrigued. Also, some regressing that a childhood and how I felt being a little boy, the agent. So I'm like, enjoying him. Enjoy himself at this boat fare and their kids everywhere. It's kind of crazy. I'm looking my watch. Okay, we'll be out of there. So we're walking around going through different sections, and then we walk into this room whether Elliot had a book fair where I don't want to be. We walked into this o...

ne room and all of sudden it's a room the size of this room and it's filled with butterflies everywhere. And, you know, I've seen butterflies like a box to seem butterflies all your life. But I walk in, I'm seeing the colors For the first time. I'm seeing the shapes. For the first time, I'm taking notes for the first time in my life, of all the different colors in nature and the shapes. And I walked in there, I felt something all of a sudden I don't want to leave this room and trying to drag me out the room to the other sections. But I'm stuck in this room. So as we leave and go to the other parts of this exhibit, my head is here. So the end. I won't go back here again that come back, I take these pictures because now I have an idea. Nothing's gonna happen. My head is spinning with ideas. Now, remember, I didn't want to go here first, Then a drag me to the L. A County bugbear. And then I got. Then I walked in this room and something happened. Something happened. I walked in there and I felt something. So this is probably a couple years ago I had this experience. My parents just had their their 50th wedding anniversary. So we go to see my family and with their And for the first time I noticed that my mother has butterflies, all of the house. I never noticed that before. Like maybe that was the inspiration from childhood. See my mother clicking butterflies everywhere. I never thought about that too, a couple weeks ago. And maybe that's the connection. As I walked in this room and felt something seen these butterflies, I felt something. So then I take pictures of the butterflies because my ideas are training in my head. That happens at the moment. I walked in there like, Oh, have great idea. And then you walk out. Oh, I don't later on. You lose it forever. So I walk out, go back for their own, take more pictures of the butterflies and then I go home and I call my team. I call the hair the makeup guys. I haven't idea. I have an idea for a story. Let's shoot a butterfly story. I want to go into a butterfly. It's like Matthew. What the heck you're talking out? Turn girl to a butterfly. I have this great idea that, like, Okay, what does that mean? Turner girl into a butterfly. So I'm telling my idea. But I had the experience. I go here, I had the experience of being in the room and feeling something. My team does not have that. So they express it and give them the feeling. So I go online and download pictures of butterflies. That's in the e mails of the pictures. We start talking, all of us talking together about how we turn this girl into a butterfly. So then I'm gonna find the right girl, the perfect girl, to turn into my butterfly. And my first idea was hurt her entire face into a butterfly. But in my team hit me, refined my vision, and then it became something else. Then it turned into the story. So here's my inspiration. Going from taking the idea in tow action. So instead of sketching out it, the idea I went to the Internet to download pictures of butterflies and sent this to my team. I printed it out. So as I shoot, I have these pictures on set as we're shooting are the pictures there, and I make it bars can use these pictures to do the examples of this. I went online, downloaded pictures, print them out. So I had my visuals right beside me, as I'm sure the idea, the visuals right beside me is the doing hair and makeup. I had no idea how it would affect the hair and makeup at the time. It was a big deal by having this on the set as we shot. So then he could take what I printed and paint right there on the spot. Remember, I don't want to go This thing I don't want go to the book fair. I walked in and found inspiration. I walked in and found inspiration, called right away. Get my team excited. It's gonna feel my excitement. And then it came to life. This is Samuel Paul here, painting on my favorite models. Yuki Matsumura hairstyles had the idea of doing the hair she had. The idea turned the hair into the shape of a butterfly that was not in my mind at all. That came from the hair stylists. She turned the butterfly theme into the shape of a butterfly. Incredible. The team brings it to life. The team brings it to life. My hair stars, model makeup artists. These guys are the masters. They help refine the vision. And together we work together to get we work together together. We work as a team together. Each achieves mawr together. Each achieves mawr. So Samuel Poe had the idea of doing her eyes just as the colors on Lee on the butterfly without the shape, just the colors that came from him. We put these ideas together and make it come together for a wonderful, powerful shot. Incredible. Now I'm seeing my inspiration come to life, my inspiration now as an image that's refined by the team refined by the team. The colors on Lee of the Butterfly with the shape of the hair is the butterfly inspired by real life butterflies, The color, the shape. All I wanted to send a girl to a butterfly had no idea is gonna do that. But my team helped refine it, make it a stronger story. So in my coverage of this eye, shadow for eyes closed her eyes open. I shot it full a shot tight. I shot a vertical horizontal. I'm not sure have when they use it at first. So I to shoot it first. Further who? Then? I shot it horizontally. All that. I'm getting coverage as I shoot trying to find the perfect shot I'm using any five Linda music 100 macro lens. I'm getting coverage. I'm pulling back on, going close, I'm cropping. I'm getting different sections I Shall we get shot? Just the butterfly Or just this part? Or pull back Mawr pullback mawr I cover it all the best Sure Wembley use until I get to editing in light room will capture one where I find be shots, but there are a lot of other great shots. I had the horse time trying to define and edit the right shots. There's so many great moments throughout this day and nobody wanted to stop. Nobody want to stop. We were having such a great time shooting this, and even now I could go back and shoot this all over again and shoot other versions of butterflies. So this L A county fair happens once a year every year. Now I go because you never know where the expression comes from, you never know where comes from, but this story has happened over and over again in my career. Things happen. We're not expecting to happen. We're not looking for them to happen.

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Join Matthew Jordan Smith as he delves into fashion and beauty photography. Matthew starts off with an in-depth discussion on the differences in fashion and beauty as he teaches us how to prepare for a series of live photoshoots with a focus on capturing beautiful photography and telling a story with your images.


Matthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty, and portraiture. His iconic approach is simple: Take the time to personally connect with every subject, make them feel brilliant and beautiful, and the photos infinitely sparkle. It's why his loyal clients of 20+ years keep asking for the Matthew Jordan Smith Experience. It's magic captured in every assignment. Matthew's A-list celebrity clientele light up the red carpet and his camera: Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jamie Foxx, and other stars shine brighter with MJS. Make-up leaders Pantene, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Olay regularly call on Matthew to showcase their latest products and models. In addition to his exceptional eye behind the lens, Matthew's outgoing persona and expert insight make him a highly sought after interview for national magazines and television. In Style, Zoom, The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model, and E! Entertainment TV has all talked with MJS.

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