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FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Lesson 10 of 12

Second Fashion Look

Matthew Jordan Smith

FAST CLASS: Beauty + Fashion

Matthew Jordan Smith

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Lesson Info

10. Second Fashion Look

Lesson Info

Second Fashion Look

it's timeto work, Dear. Look at this outfit. Margin has inspired to shoot this. I love it now, you know, Before I got into fashion and photography, I knew nothing about fashion, and I wouldn't be excited about shooting this at all. I want to shoot sports, but things have changed a little bit, and I love this stuff now. So let's come up here. We'll put you on set. I love the hairstyle. Careful there. This is your mark there, and this is your Cinemark. But you can move around as much as you want to in that plane. I want to see how this moves. That's perfect. So we have our storyboard here. I want to try to create, create the feeling, that movement. Forget about the hair port. But I want that movement, that energy having fun alive, fresh, spontaneous. That's what I want. Let's go to work. And I love these accessories as well. So you had this. I want to see it from the side as well, playful, doing a big step, and I saw earlier you were playing for your feet. Do. It's been like that. I want...

you to be like that as Well, that's quite nice. This play and have fun. No, from there. Uh, this should it actually down it That I want to see that for a second? The first frame just to see where we are. Yeah. And I start with the 85 get actually, just tell your standing is so beautiful. Just like that. I mean, your haircut is rocking. That's perfect. Get this long neck. Keep it anything very long, playful. I want to see even your face going in profile is the bias straight to me? I was just with that. She's almost reminiscent of Twiggy back in the day. Isn't she absolutely amazing? This is so beautiful. Tyra, do you see this girl? Fantastic. This is so beautiful. Play around. Give me like a wide stance for a second with this. That's nice. That's perfect. I want that playful in G that want the movement consistent the entire time. Some at me, some looking away. Some just hit high head. I head high and look away and laughing All that stuff playful, just restarting together. All right, camera change lenses. Let me know when she's ready. Reality This looks so amazing. There Make sure attended of his first year is just a test. All right? Making sure we're tethered. I think he's a 2nd 1st. Those shoes are so beautiful. Ah, we're good to go. We're good to go. Chicken soup. When we had that shuttle, it all there. I can't see from here. There's a little shadow on the way. It's actually a reflection of her, but shadow on the backgrounds. Pretty blown out. Beautiful. That's what I want. We are ready to rock and row, Briana. That's what I want to be that again. That's what I want. Nice. Nice. There we are. That's lovely. Beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful. That's it. That's it. Nice. Very long. That's nice. That's nice. There we are. There we are. Good. There. Good. There. This is beautiful. Beautiful. You are very good. This, Briana. Nice. Nice, Adams, is that we should see it. Were closed in again. Buttoned up all the way. Let's see that version. Camera. Cassie, Profile for second in the head. Higher. They give it to be very straight. Very rigid. Straight now, directly to me. All right, now turn the body profile for me all the way. All the way. Start their duty variations, laughter. And once you start very quiet, then bring the energy up where you're at 100%. So start like 10% and come up and come up with 100% of energy. I want that. But from profile first, that's quite nice. Oh, I don't hand out like that. That one. Hand out your left hand. Yes. Nice to be profiled. Looking away up toward our board. Our storyboard. That's nice. That's nice. That's nice. Right there. There, there we are. Beautiful. That's nice. That's nice. Perfect. Perfect. There. Okay, so start again. Totally. Quite in the energy. Each frame. Bring up the energy. That's good. Right there. That's nice. That's nice. There we are. Beautiful. Beautiful. There, there. Give me a wide stance now. Still profile. But yes, that's nice. Beautiful. There, there. That's great. There, bass. Great. There. Nice. Nice on command. Closer there. Basket asking. Nice. Nice. That same thing looked right at me. Same thing right at me. Beautiful. Beautiful. That's nice. That's nice. Good. There. Now bring the body around till it to me again. That same thing again, with the body at me playful, working with the top, even But give me one hand. Just one hand. That's nice. Right there. Beautiful. Beautiful. Nice thing. There we are. Erin, I want a little more air in the top here where the hair is coming down toward the I here. Yeah, that's better. Yeah. I want to see that open of the I. That's better. That's better. That's nice. Beautiful, beautiful. Keep it long free. So you're stretching each each way. That's nice. Like that. Like that. Flash it on. We lose power. No, we're OK down here. Is it all the way in the hot shoe? I think so. Now may have. There we are. That's it. That's it. Beautiful. Well, I like that high looking up in a way. Stay with that. Stay with that for me. There. That's it. That's it. Hit high. Beautiful, Beautiful. Give me a change in their variation. This may be open Mawr. And now I want to add the fan to this. I'm gonna have a different person on fan now let me see how it moves there. So not as high fan. And just keep it moving on her turn. You buy toward the fan for a second. Let me see that give you even more of the fan even more? That's kind of what you think, Adam. Do I think I need the fan on this one, Or should I just kill that fan? It's got a nice, even just a little bit. I think a little movement energy is nice. That movements good like that. We do a few like that play around if we like it or not Hits the back as well. Turn around for me. So many variations on this where your toward the fan and then you turn to back as well and bring it back. Bring the face around to me. Cool. So, Erin, it keeps coming down a little bit. So could be I won that keep going up if you were okay. Yes, Absolutely. That's nice. Beautiful. That's great. Nice. Nice. Keep it away from me. Eyes away. That's nice. There. Great. Nice, beautiful, beautiful. Rotate that around. That's lovely. Right in there. Right in there. Beautiful. Beautiful. That's lovely. There, there, there. You got something going with the hand That half the jewelry? Zilin it. It was back more. Yeah. Let me have that pass. Nice. That's nice. Beautiful. Beautiful, right there. There, there. Come back to me again. I want to button it up again, man altogether. Let's kill the fan for a second. This goes 100 macro for a second. That's it. That's it. Right in there. Right in there. That's beautiful. Beautiful. So 25 looks nice. No fan on this one. It all. Thanks, man. So I went down to 25 years. I suggested Again. Beautiful. That's nice. Make that hand believable. Take it off to the side. That one hand. Yeah, that's nice room. That same shot. That profound. There, There. That's what we want. That's what we want. Beautiful, Beautiful. Nice. There, there. There we are. There we are. Mouth Lee. Lovely. Change it all together for me now. Right on me. Right on me. Just like that Bass. Nice. That's nice, right? That's beautiful. Nice. We are there. We are. Perfect. Forget the polls altogether. That would be very real playful. And that energy, that playful energy. I'm going back to being full again. So now I see. If you give me a little hop there, that's possible. You tell me. I'm gonna see what you can do here. I want the energy. Even this playful and the energy without the jump. I want the energy. We'll go back to the 85. That's fine. I find just like 10 inch heels you have here. Give me more that is Give me the energy. Just the energy that will see the mouth open like here. Like this left image image. Here I want that playful, playful, playful. So don't just long at all. Like in a minute. But just a minute of energy. High energy. Let's go to work here. That's good. That's nice. That's nice. Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful. Nice state. The storyboard state the storyboard. That's beautiful. Great. Great. There we are. Nice. Nice. We have this. We have this. Fantastic, my dear. Fantastic. We'll bring you down for a second carefully.

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Matthew Jordan Smith is a world-renowned professional photographer specializing in celebrity, beauty, and portraiture. His iconic approach is simple: Take the time to personally connect with every subject, make them feel brilliant and beautiful, and the photos infinitely sparkle. It's why his loyal clients of 20+ years keep asking for the Matthew Jordan Smith Experience. It's magic captured in every assignment. Matthew's A-list celebrity clientele light up the red carpet and his camera: Oprah, Vanessa Williams, Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Jamie Foxx, and other stars shine brighter with MJS. Make-up leaders Pantene, L'Oreal, Revlon, and Olay regularly call on Matthew to showcase their latest products and models. In addition to his exceptional eye behind the lens, Matthew's outgoing persona and expert insight make him a highly sought after interview for national magazines and television. In Style, Zoom, The Tyra Banks Show, America's Next Top Model, and E! Entertainment TV has all talked with MJS.