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FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 12 of 14

Feck Perfuction


FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 12 of 14

Feck Perfuction


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Feck Perfuction

So this is important. This idea is important because I know that a lot of us as designers were really concerned with perfection. And I don't know if you saw, but we filmed a little. We filmed a little promo for this this this class in in the studio in New York a couple months ago. And it was about perfection. Ongoing, basically kind of give you the longer version of that. And I have over the years I've realized that, um, with lengths that we go to have perfection in our lives in our work really drives us crazy. You know, even in our mean forget work for a time, he even just our personal lives. You know that you're not that, you know. You know, it's asked Laura how much sweating I did about With what? What? You're gonna have me in front of a camera for two days right after the holidays. Are you kidding me? I should look, look like pumpkin pie, you know, like, are you kidding? Like my concern for that? That level of perfection drove me crazy, right? You know, perfection stops us from doi...

ng so much stuff. It stops us from starting jobs for beginning even relationships because we're not perfect, you know, Or especially in relationships from continuing relationships. Oh, you know, he was a little over, You know, I mean, like, because you're looking for your looking at you, looking for perfection, you know, television and movies and advertising doesn't help us either, because of the images and the And the idea is that they put out is kind of ludicrous, kind of unattainable. And I watch it Mountain Dew commercial. And I'm like, my friends Ain't that beautiful? Where these people can I go hang out with them? You know, it's kind of crazy. Um, so it stops us from starting projects. And as designers, it stops us from finishing things or showing our work shipping. Our work is not done. You know what? We're having this conversation earlier, right? It will never be done. It will never be done. That's the truth. You know, on my on my on my tombstone inch and say, Just when I had it figured out like, you know, five more minutes, Ma, you know, it's like so the thing is, I think that we we really poop on ourselves with his perfection. thing and you know how like OK, so I was mentioning this guy, Chris Thompson, this assistant that I had for for a bunch of years. He was really great at at this with me, because I'm a closet perfectionist. I'm a recovering perfectionist because I will do. I will take a drawing that is just like with some. It's crazy, right? Nasty Harry Brush and I'll draw three letters and then throw it away. Three letters and throat draw. Three. Let and and I'll drive myself crazy. I have a stack of paper is big seeking perfection, and what I've been able to do now is I've been able to really back light, lighten up and and and basically draw it two or three times. But, you know, choose the first because I look at it and I'm like, It's not perfect for me, but nobody else cares about that. Nobody else cares that it's after the holidays, and James Victoria's been having a lot of turkey. It's like, you know, nobody cares. I think I think there is. I think it's learned over time, and I think it is definitely a fear based thing, and I think it's that we are so unsure of ourselves were so afraid to be ourselves that we want. We look over our shoulders who are always what's What's the expression? Um uh, looking over to somebody else's grass? What's that? Grass is always greener, right? That's what it is. And that's just something that I think naturally inherent in people. You know, like, um, I think that we often are so untrusting of ourselves because I should. I know. And you guys should know. You know, I look around because I've got, like, fancy pants, friends. I got friends who are just like you there. I got friends who are millionaires. I kid you not, And they're, like, 10 years younger than I am 15 years younger. And I'm like, Damn, you got it sewn up, man. And they're like, Really, You want to hear, like, you think you think everybody else has got something better than you and it's not true. Remember, whatever you're thinking is wrong. You think that every other other people have got their stuff all sewn up? You know, Johnny Cash genius Johnny Cash. Once we way we were talking, I would wish he was talking about um, we ask about money about being wealthy and he said having money just means you get to worry about everything else, you know? And I think that's the perfection thing to is that way you're so concerned with, you know what other people have. And I think if we really saw the, um um the social diagram that was going on, how you know, I was envious of him because of this. But he's envious, like all these diagrams. It would be a mess and be crazy. You know, um, this is the truth. We seek perfection. But life is messy. It's just how it works. It's cool. It's cool. Once you accept that, you know, you know what's really awesome I've seen before and I'm not sure I should even just go here. But you know what's really cool about five year olds? Because they could do this way. Can't. Who cares? Who cares? Because they haven't learned the crap that we've learned. Someone's gonna You know, someday they're going to do that and people gonna laugh, and all of sudden Oh, that hurts. Why don't you just ruin this kid? You know, it's crazy crazy. I'm going back to six per again, not perfection. And, um, in I'm not as tight on this. This piece, this play as I am, uh, some of the others as you like it. There's a character to male or female, and the woman is trying to tell the man her loved one. How much she loves him is like our coffee notes, more coffee notes, this constant constant trying to say this'll much more, this much right? And in it is a line where she says to him, You and I m one And what's wrong with that grammar? It's improper grammar, but because it's improper grammar, what does it say? It's really we are you when I and one entity. Not that we are, because that's two people we am. And it's funny because I knew this story. I knew this line and I went to the bookstore and I went looking it up, and I found one of those books that has got Shakespeare here, and they translate it for you. Here they make it, you know, they simplify it over here, but it's got this translation and I look over on that side and here it says you and I are one. They they dangerous. They castrated Shakespeare right in front of you. They took the magic out. Yeah, why Grammar? We have rolls around here. We do things a certain way. Can't have bad grammar from Mr Shaky Spear, you know? And that's also something that we that we shoot for in the studio is We shoot for this level of imperfection. We try to we try to create this level of imperfection. We search for the wrong ist answer. The wrong ist Answer is interesting. It's exciting, you know. It's not secure, is not safe, you know? And that's what again, that's what we're trying to do with this. With this typography thing that we did is trying to get you guys vulnerable, afraid because your vulnerability is sexy. You know, it's this idea of, in the particular lies, the Universal, which I mentioned earlier. Um, Louis C K. You guys know Louis ck the comedian, right? Really funny guy. He's at his funniest when he's at his deepest, most personal. When he's divulging something of himself, that's hard to do. That's scary, because, but that's the where the good stuff is. If you can put that in your work, you know, and a lot of a lot of times there's this. There's a situation where you know I'm in class and I'll have something will go through the crypt. We'll go through a creative work and I'll see somebody's working on and I'll get to know them after a while and I'll be able to take him aside and say, Hey, you know, you are extreme. I notice in class I see you how you were competing people really respond to you and you're very funny and very charming. You're very smart. Put it in your work. It were extinct because you're trying to be a designer. You're trying to follow rules. You've got some something ideas about typography and color that you're trying to express in decoration. Those air week, those air a week compared to who you are compared. Toa compared to your charming, goofy awkwardness. And that's what make you even in a relationship situation that schools was gonna make you sexy. Is your being vulnerable because you know, you have to remember nobody's perfect, not you, not po buddy and always remember what's better than perfect? What's better than perfect? Don is battered and perfect. Correct? Done is better than perfect. My better for my Spanish speaking friends. But there, um, do you guys know Leonard Cohen? The singer? Leonard Cohen? Awesome. He's a song called Anthem, and in it, he says, Um, forget your perfect offering. There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. That's awesome, your flaws or what makes you attractive. The flaws in your work is what makes your work attractive, and you in your work, is what makes you attractive.

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