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FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 7 of 14

Identify and Eliminate Distraction


FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 7 of 14

Identify and Eliminate Distraction


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Identify and Eliminate Distraction

distraction. Big idea here. Right? How do we work? Where do we work? I learned something about myself yesterday, day before? Because I've been here for a couple days, sitting in a little hotel room, working on this for you, and you and I realized I cannot work next to a window. I'm like working. Who is that? A more cycle. Oh, okay. Nothing. I can't sit next to a window and work. It's horrible. It's so distracting. I realized our my studio looks like this and there's a huge skylight. No motorcycles going by. You know, we're near the bridge, though. Can you know that could be weird. Bqool, um distractions. I work for myself. I have a live work situation. I live and work in the same place. I'm very disciplined, so I'm not going into the fridge aerator every five minutes. You know, what are your distractions? What? What, What? What? Right down and figure out and think about the things that distract you at work. The things that keep you from working. Some distractions, a great I mean, I thi...

nk distractions are awesome. You can't just like work, work, work, work, work, work. You know, all working. No play makes Jack a dull boy, right? You want to see the worst distraction in the world? This little piece of chocolate, right? Oh, my God. Who invented this crap? Curses, Right. Terrible working. Working with which is what? Flu? Oh, nothing. You know, like it's crazy. We love our phones so much. Yeah, um, looking around, you know, he said, looking up and looking down. That's awesome. Who goes to these portfolio sites? Just look, I'm just looking, looking looking, scrolling through tons and tons of the computer has made everything available to us, and we just spend tons of time Pope poring through it. That's a distraction. That's other people's concerns. You're not consitution and be concerned with other people what other people are doing. It's hard enough doing this. It's hard enough looking inside and being honest with myself going out. Oh likes use of orange. Oh, shoot. I should do orange, you know, because you'll never learn to yourself because you're too busy concentrating on other people. And this thing, this thing, when that rings, your email list and your Twitter feed on that, that's other people pulling you out of what you're doing. That's like you're paying attention to other people's agenda. Think about it like that. There's a book, um called the Bhagavad Geeta. I don't know if any of you have read it. And it's a story of, um, Arjun, this warrior. And when you when you start reading the story, we find Arjun slumped down in his chariot, is about to go into battle. And the battle is between two families to royal families in Indian, of which he is one. And he slumped down full of self doubt, right? He's an archer. Luck has it for him. His charioteer is Krishna in disguise, and the and the book is a conversation. And in it there was a line that I've known for years. I never really figured out. And in it it says you are not entitled to the fruit of your labor. You're only entitled to the labour itself. Meaning? Meaning you're like, Wait a minute, huh? I'm doing all this work and I can't have the fruit. It's like, No, you're not entitled to the fruit of your labor. You're only entitled to the work itself. That means do the work. Don't worry about the outcome. Do the work. You can't concern yourself with what happens. Because if you do, it will change the work and nets not what we're doing. Just do the work. Just concentrate. You know, just get your head out of your IPad. This is distraction Those sites or distract. You know what else is another really bad distraction? I don't know if you guys have it. I have it horrible. He's going on right now. He's talking in my head right now. Doubt the critic. Kill the critic. It takes practice. Makes a lot of practice kill the critic. So the big idea about about distraction Best idea about distraction. And this is the way I make it memorable for you. You guys know this philosopher Pogo? You never You never Pogo. Okay. Amazing philosopher Pogo is Ah, possum. He is a Walt Kelly cartoon started in 1949. Hilarious. And Pogo is a philosopher. And in the most famous thing pogo ever did or ever said, This is like my version of pogo. He looks a little bit like that. Um the best. The most important thing pogo ever said is we have met the enemy and he is us and it's We just have to train ourselves and it's really hard, you know? And this is good for you. Taking classes is good. Doing the work is really important. You know, looking outside to a certain degree is important. Understanding good distractions versus bad distractions. Um, another Persian Hafeez Brilliant, brilliant book. There's these guys at the wonderful translator called Daniel Radinsky, and Radinsky has translated translated one collection of Huffy's and it's called the Subject. Tonight is love. So if you got a girlfriend or boyfriend, get that book, read it to them. It's wonderful, and it's not like the die thou though poetry. It's really straightforward. And he says this is just part of longer pieces, his habits or human nature. Why not create some that will mint gold meaning habits of human nature? You guys don't have assigned seats, do you hear? But you will leave for lunch and you will come back and sit in the same seat. You've like whom have it right there. You gotta have it the next two days. That's your habit. We do it all the time. We create habits, consciously create habits that will make gold consciously create habits that will lead you to greatness. To success, too. Whatever you want, the best habit is to just learn and practice, Remember, create some that will mint gold. The best habit is to just learn to trust yourself. And it's really hard. It's really hard. You should have seen me ask Laura. You should have seen me yesterday. I was a mess. I was a mess. I was I was so in my head. I was so Yeah, so full of so riddled with self doubt and fear about this, like, Oh, I just do this funny this stupid thing was gonna wanna would Oh, my gosh. It's so hard to kind of like, Put your shoulders back, straighten your spine. Stick out your chin like No, this is awesome. I can do this. I trust myself. I trust myself. And what happens is is it's confidence. You know what, Kant? My definition of confidence is just being there, just being this. Like you walk into a bar, you see a cute girl, right? Franco, You walk in Bari Secret. Cute girl. First thing is like lost. Talk to That's the first. The first idea that comes your head the second idea that comes your head is she's too pretty. I'm to this Dale, blah, blah, right conferences just being there. And, you know, it's also about confidence. It's attractive, you know, saying Scott Scott is going to be the guy who walks in the meetings. People like Scott's here, right? The world wants more. Scott World wants more Andy More Marina. Everybody, you guys, you just don't know it yet. You were born enlightened and wildly creative, and you just forgot. It's cool. Trust yourself.

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