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FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 13 of 14

Pay Attention to Your Obsessions


FAST CLASS: Bold & Fearless Design

Lesson 13 of 14

Pay Attention to Your Obsessions


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Pay Attention to Your Obsessions

and now we're going to get into the details of your flaws in your right. I don't know if you've ever read this, um, anything written by this genius Dolly Parton, but she says, You got to find out who you are and do it on purpose. I'm just repeating what? What she has said. This is really important. Um, in in my in my book, I had, um, in writing it. I had a lot of titles that I thought would be appropriate. So I just in the in the manuscript that I sent to my my friend Paul, I kept all the titles in there. I was like, about this with this, you know, Lucas suggested my son suggested a title. I made up some title. They all made sense. You know, American badass like that was a little bit too much. And I was like, James, that's trying too hard. Um, totally live totally nude. I thought you could get someone to pick up a book. That's a line right my way. Big Frank Sinatra fan. My heroes have always been cowboys, but but so here's Here's some more. Do as I do as I say, not as I do stop copying...

me. So anyway, get over here and there's there's a There's one that's called girls bunnies in America, right? Actually, it's on the slide. You gotta dream ever was like, I'm going to sue this company Girls bunnies in America, actually underneath his tombstone, You know why Great mustache movie underneath Done is better than perfect and actually perfect is spelled wrong here, says Done. Is better than prefect. But girls bunnies in America. Why to me, is that a good title? I will tell you, because if you go through my book, there is a visual vocabulary that I have, and that's what you guys have to seek out in your work, your work, visual vocabulary. You know when we work, we know if we get a new job, we don't go, you know? Ah, beards, air really in style, and people seem to like flannel shirts. We should put those in their work, you know, we don't go searching outside because we have a visual camera. We have things that we respond to. We have these obsessions, these things that we love girls Bernie's in America encapsulates a little bit of that to me. I love women. I always have. I love their parts. I love their hair. Right? So you go through my book, there's boobies and there's legs and there's butts and there's hair. And there's, you know, women's parts. Hooray for girls. There's bunnies. There's natural history, There's bones, there's cows and chickens. And there's natural history. I like that. I'm interested in those, Um, there's America. There's social, cultural political statements because I was raised in military and I have a deep love for my my country, the girls bunnies in America. The only thing I left off was rubber tires. Anything with rubber tyres. Anything you can raise, baby. I love, um, and again is the idea of, like, put it in your work, put it in your work. Um, do you know this guy George Lucas? Okay, Have a great story, not a story out. Great observation. It's called Electric Labyrinth. THX 11 38 for E B. You guys know the reference to him that this is okay? His You do. OK, you guys. So here you go. It's actually just called THX. George Lucas grew up in the Midwest in what he thought was kind of oppression nexus society because he was born an artist. He was born in like farming community. He loved racing vehicles so we would steal cars and race them. Actually almost died in a car wreck and decided from that that he had to pursue his dream and be an artist. And he moved to California, went to U. C. L. A film school. His senior film project was called THX 11 a 11 38 for TB Electric Labyrinth. That was his senior project. He got out of school and he had a pal who, um uh, Francis Ford Coppola, who said, Hey, I like this project. Let's make it into a feature film became his first feature film, starring Robert Duvall, called THX 11 38. He shortened it. Um, the film is about a young man growing up in an oppressive society who had dreams of going of a better life elsewhere. And at the end of the film is a car chase with a souped up McClaren. I think it's a McClaren, a souped up McClaren off into the sunset, right? So that's his first movie. His second movie is called American Graffiti, and that's about Ah, young man living in oppressive society, who has dreams of going living elsewhere and in it are too hot. Rods One is in a yellow deuce driven by Harrison Ford, and the license plate is THX. His third movie takes place a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, and it's about a young man living in oppressive society who has dreams of living elsewhere. And in it is a hot rod driven by Harrison Ford. Call the Millennium Falcon his next project. Because now he's got a big sound studio is. He now controls the sound. How you listen to movies and use here. It every time you see a new movie and it goes, um, local comes up in the logo, says THX, right? Can you imagine working for George Lucas? He coming and going. James, I got this Awesome. I got a great idea for a front for a film, and you go like THX because yes, is THX in all of his movies. And if Star Wars if you pay attention, start. Would you see it everywhere? It's on droids numbers. It's everywhere. It's crazy. The license plate and the themes hot rods throughout his movies. The theme of a young man seeking the life elsewhere is in his movie The Journey of the Hero We call it Isn't his movie, um, hot rods, The young man THX. What's awesome about that is for us mortals. We understand that we don't have to make shit up. We all have that. We all have our own visual vocabulary, our own story that we want to tell. He's just telling his own story and finding different formats to do it. You don't have to make so you don't have to go, man, What do they want? And how am I gonna, well, beards or cool? Uh, there's a show about cakes and we can do a cake, right? What's popular? No, you're popular. You just don't know it yet. That's how it works. This is interesting. Is this? It's this list that you have inside you already, and you're just afraid you're afraid to access it, and you're afraid to put it out into the world. And I know I understand because I'm afraid toe access it. I'm afraid to put it out into the world. So we have this show that we have every every Tuesday that we put what we put out in New York on every Tuesday is called burning questions. It's a little video thing. We've got some interviews that we just did. We did an interview in Austin. We didn't in view here to interviews here. We're tryingto trying to blow it up. But was my beautiful wife's idea? She had the idea a year before we started. You know why it took that long before her idea. So time we did it, cause she said, James, we've got all this content and we have to get it out. And video is the way the Internet and video is the way. And I said, Darling, that's an excellent idea who we're gonna get to play me because you know why? Cause it wasn't perfect. I was like, Wait, I have to be in front of a camera. Every wait, No, that's not gonna work. And one thing I've learned from like storytelling and following George Lucas and finding Joseph Campbell and stuff is that Is that you all all of you, all of us have a dragon in our lives. And there's also a cave right? Dragons guard caves in that cave is everything you want. It's everything you want and in front of it is the dragon. So burning questions for me is the cave and all the riches. And standing in front of that is the dragon. And, you know, the Dragons name right? It wasn't beautiful. Don't look at it. It's ego because we're afraid of looking bad. We're afraid that we're not perfect. We're afraid that we have flaws. Oh my God, Everybody's got flaws. Flowered them. Show them That's what people want. That's the good stuff. Effect perfection. Don't worry about it. And here's the interesting part. If you do that, then what's happening is you will get paid to be yourself. I'm working very hard to get just to get paid to be James Victoria. You want to get paid to be an DiRado. You want to get paid to be. Franco paid to be pause. That's awesome!

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