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Business Goals

Lesson 11 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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11. Business Goals

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Business Goals

a business goal. Most of you don't have business goals because most of you are just trying to survive. You're not trying to thrive yet. So let me show you something at this. The best advice I was given for your own self esteem make business goals and achieve them. Nobody ever. It never occurred to me. Nobody ever sort of enlightened me to the fact that I would gain self esteem by achieving in business because I didn't realize that those simple goals when you achieve them are so empowering that you then move on to the next goals and the next goals and the next goals. And before you know it, your snowball off being successful has grown and grown and grown in all of a sudden, you're challenging yourself way past what you thought you were capable off. Eight years later, you're standing in another country addressing photographers around the world as to the challenges that you were faced eight years ago when you decided that you were too scared. But you had to create a business. I think you ...

should make goals for work and not money. And the reason is this. If I tell you might wanna that you have four days to come up with $5000. What would you do? You would. You would worry about finding $5000. For starters, you would think while I don't have $5000 what am I gonna do? You might try and think like a borrowed off somebody. How would I make that in four days? There are a 1,000,000 thought Petain's behind on. My God, how am I gonna create $5000? But if I told you that you had to book five sittings in awake, what would you think? How am I gonna book five sittings? And you would go about looking for five people, as opposed to going around looking for $5000. Now, the lore of manifestation, whatever you want to call it, that sort of dictates that if you don't have money and you wanted that, you push it away from you because you are wanting it as opposed to accepting that you have it or going about creating it. The idea then is that the more that you freak out that you don't have money. The least money you will manifest for yourself and the more that you create goals for people, the more you put yourself out there and speak to people, which in turn will give you shoots, which in turn will give you income. The best part about that is, if you make a goal for money, you will keep your income at whatever you make your goal for. Remember, for the 1st 12 months, I managed to manifest $ a week, except for when I made a goal to get 10 shoots awake, I started to make $20,000 a week, and yet had I kept my goal of $24,000 a week, I would not have lent that I needed to shift my focus away from money and towards shoots. And I made a goal to shoot tin shoots a week. So I have to ask the question. How Maney shoots do you want in your studio week? Tell me how many weddings you want a year? How many? How many family portrait you want a year? Tell me how many boudoir shoots you want in one year? Then don't just tell me. Write it down. Tell your staff. Tell your spouse. Tell the universe and make it a goal. Because a dream is just a dream until you write it down and make it a goal. I don't have a dream of owning $20,000 a week. I have a goal of booking shoots. There is enough to go around. There is enough for everybody. There is enough. I want you to make a goal for your business right now. I need you to write down how many shoots you want next year. And I want you to hit this target once you hit this target over the year. Whatever your tag, it is. It sets street shoots a week that says 50 winnings and and 100 family portrait. So I want you to write it down, make it a goal and start marketing towards making that happen. I didn't want you to email me in 12 months time and tell me how well you hit your target. Okay, I want to see. This is a goal. I wanted to be on the wall in your studio. I want you to actively participate in the future of your business. I don't want you to sit there anymore. Telling may you can't have this. You can't have that. Why am I struggling when you're not actively working towards something and I want you to get off other people's photography websites and start going out there and actively finding people to come into your business? I want you to stop marketing toe other photographers. They're not paying your wages. I want you to stop looking for validation in your work by sitting at home getting validation on the Internet. You are good enough to make money if you offer a good product in a good service. I don't I want you to stop looking at other people's websites and saying, I don't understand why they're so successful when I'm so much better than them. That is the voice of a blocked artist. If you were sitting at home wondering why you are not making an income and they are, it's because they're out there doing it and they're not sitting at home criticizing you. I want you to write your business for me right now. I want you to draw eight boxes at a tin. I want you to tell me how strong compared to mine your brand, er's I want you to tell me, how strong is your brand? Is it communicating really well? Is it communicating to the people you want it to? Is it speaking to a Taggart market? Is it the kind of brand that you look at and say I'm attracting a great client because my brand kicks ass speaks a great story. It tells a great story. Tell me out of 10 will, your brand is tell me out of thine We of marketing is Are you one of those people that are hiding at home that are too scared to put yourself out there? Or are you actively participating in the future of your business by doing one thing every day to actively market your business? Are you calling your database? Are you calling your database that has existed with you already? The people that have already spent money with you? Are you staying in contact with those people? Are you telling stories to your market? How is your photo shop skills? Are you spending 80 hours a week on photo shop content wise, nodding at me. Are you wasting your time on Photoshopped? Adobe doesn't mind. Adobe loves you, but don't be will love you if you make more money so you could buy more adobe products, get off your Photoshopped, pay somebody else to do it or do list for the shop. Think smart. Rachel Photoshopped had a tin rate. Your production. I'm telling you right now, if you are not turning around your albums, your process in your wake and your product within two weeks or a month after a witting, then you are not getting referrals from your clients because the entire referral system of your business is based on the tuna round of your finished product. Now write yourself out of 10 on your shooting. I know you'll want to be better shooters. I want to be a better shooter, but I'll shoot well enough to sell a very, very high volume business. So I need to stop focusing on being a bit of shooter and start focusing on bidding a bit of Pistons person because everybody rates the shooting quite high. But we'll spend 80% of their waking the shooting or fighter shop, and neither of those actually make money shooting a photo shop. Do not make you money and miss your marketing and branding it selling it. Okay, tell me your sales. Tell me at a teen we your sales that I want to see some numbers. Come on. I want you to tell me where you out. Teen out of in your sales. Kicking out on yourselves. You're reaching your target. What is your average sale?

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