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Lesson 4 from: FAST CLASS: Glamour Photography

Sue Bryce

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4. Wardrobe

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I want to make it very clear what I do in a shoot when my client comes in. So I tell my client to bring in four or five outfits and as I told you, women bringing about 23 things and they have nothing to wear. So this is quite generally what people will bring in. They will bring in a couple of tops, maybe a slip. They maybe have one pair of jeans, and every now and then they'll have a few nice dresses. So that's pretty generally what I get about 60% black and a splash of color. So I have a shooting wardrobe at home, which I don't have here. My shooting wardrobe is really a cou try, Mom. Okay, so it's just accessories, scarves and and a few little ed on tops and things that that are key pieces that you will actually see pop up in my folio but aren't necessarily really significant pieces. I always have a plain black dress in a couple of black tops, a couple of white tops of plain white slip, a nude slip because we've always gotta have something like that, and then a few vintage pieces of ...

lingerie, which are really wonderful riel pieces. I always keep something like this. So this we actually put on, um t why we didn't use it for anybody else. Basically, it's a stash, and I can actually make a top out of it. I could make a dress out of it. I could make a boob tube out of it. I can Rapid is a come ban. It can go around the throat and it could go in the Here. I hold key pieces like this because the styling off what we do is very important. So the more time I take in preparation the bid on my end result. Also, the more connection that I have with my client. You could send all of that out in an email. But why would you? It's a 10 minute phone conversation in that phone conversation, I say you're gonna look really hot. Are you going out tomorrow night, then? Then they say You're right. I'm gonna get my husband to take me out tomorrow night. I'll get a baby sitter for the kids, or I'm gonna get all my girlfriends together. I've had girls ring May 2 weeks after a shoot after their viewing or come back for the viewing and say that night that they went after the shoot. They admit the new boyfriend, they like their lead. And so again, I'm selling the experience. If I tell them it's not any girls day out, you'll look hot. So I seduced you, hit the town. So I kind of ended in my advertising, because I want to start selling the experience right from that moment for the young girls I call it Do do the shoot on a Thursday, Friday said. And then you can go out and paint the town red, you know, for for the sort of city 40 demographic. It's like girls, you really want to got to have a beautiful dinner afterwards because you're gonna look gorgeous. You know, for the family. First, the mom demographic. It's like get your husband to take you out. This is date night because you are going to look really gorgeous. And I think it's something that I like to tie in. EDS to my education heads to my product. So it's really common for May to just have quite a simple wardrobe like this. I want to pick the mood of the outfit, the color of the outfit in the style of the outfit around the sort of image that I would take. So I'm not gonna lie her down on this outfit because it's fabulous. So I would go straight to a cover girl straight away. And I have no qualms at all about using this outfit to freestyle because I think it looks really modeling in all the shoulder positions. I think this is really gorgeous. I'm not going to do there leaning against the wall, sort of reclined, Nice portrait shot in this either, because it's going to squash all the sleeves so straight away I'll lay out five or six outfits in my mind. I'm already seeing each one and what I'm gonna do with it. So straight away, I'm thinking for the Ottoman lying down. I'm gonna do this gorgeous little 61. It's a pink slip lying down the white ottoman with the Ottoman 45 degrees this way. So that is already one entire sequence in my mind Now, knowing that I'm also gonna go through five flow poses on the ottoman and then sit her maybe in front of it in that pink. So, too may I've already created teen different images in that pink dress this black. When I'm going to do a little bit of a free styling, I'm gonna show you free. Starting today, I'm gonna do a free styling with it, which is when they move without props and without leaning. So this is direction only, which is probably one of the hardest things to teach. And she has this gorgeous little single it here. And I know she has beautiful white pence. So I'm going to get that gorgeous chair Amanda sitting on and bring it to here and do a gorgeous sort of recline into that cheer and the white with the white. Okay, so that's already done for May. In my mind, I have this gorgeous nude slip here. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put this light nude slip on. I'm going to stand here right here in front of the curtain. I'm gonna shoot his straight into the backlight that way, and she's gonna do a beautiful Siri's there into that nude back light on. Then I've got this beautiful piece of fabric and because she has this gorgeous um, little sequence here. This little top. In fact, I could even do it with this. She can take the white pants off and I'm going to make her flowing skirt so she can dance with the white and the dancing. So I've got freestyling in black, pink and white dancing white and white on the cheer Hot pink on the Ottoman node Going back lit on the wall And then all I need now is James and a black bodysuit or hill A stop to do the wall recline here and in one hour we've got 61 winner one in the lace to in the free styling three in the dancing white cheer White top Hot pink nude on the back light And I still haven't done a cover Girl shot in there So potentially I have seven sequences very quickly in my mind in two by two meters. Okay, so that's how quickly we can create Ah folio a folio that myself for $3000. So it should be in your mind. You should plan out your chutes and visualize your chutes that you're a photographer. So you have a visual, you know? Good visual. Mind you have a strong visual mind, so it's good to just sit here and planned it out and then execute each one in sequence. So I kind of look at them in terms off. How had they out to achieve?

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