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Couples Body Language

Lesson 6 from: FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

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6. Couples Body Language

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Couples Body Language

So what I wanted to identify was that there's different levels of intimacy that each of these points on our body creates. Okay, So, for example, hands is kind of like what I would say. And by the way, the more stars here, the more intimate something I would identify is. And this isn't like this isn't like some, like professional scientific display. This is like in my mind and culturally for me, what this is you understand that every single culture is different, right? When Jesse, when I walk up to you, Did we do the kiss thing like No, we didn't like we don't do that right, because culturally, it doesn't make sense for us as to Americans or whatever I am, I don't know. Yeah, it doesn't make sense for that. But if we were in France, that would be totally acceptable to kiss on the cheeks. That's fine, right? And the lips in an area like that are gonna have a very different level of intimacy. Does that make sense? So, for example, you could be in another country. I remember, like back in ...

studying like old old old art. It was like the elbows were like the most intimate places in Middle Eastern. It was something like that is whatever the elbows and knees were like sexy spots. Show your elbows, baby. No. So that was like That was what it was, though. But now this is so. This is what I'm saying is this is based on my cultural experience, and you need to be aware that for different people is going to different for my Indian clients. For my Indian clients, lips are almost taboo, like you do not kiss on camera. It's considered like extremely intimate, like you don't want your family singing and granted, there's American born Indians. And then there's India born Indians and they're gonna vary. But a lot of my Indian clients come in. They say We don't want a kiss on camera like, Okay, it's not like you're getting married. I'm just getting I don't do that. I say, OK, that's great. You know, we won't We won't do those kind of shots because it's it's too intimate for a type of photographs. So Heads, that's my level two of intimacy because you're much more likely like thing about this, from going back to like the awkward phases of dating. Right? Um, your first step is usually the killing of hands, right? Unless you're like Simon, you're, like, super smooth. And his first step is like, let's just skip the first step in, go into the heads. I don't what you do with your heads, but Okay, so first up of you holding hands and then the closeness of the heads, like, kind of leaning into each other. You know, like you kind of the girl, like, relaxes air head on your shoulder and you, like, this is awesome. I might get kissed tonight, and then you get shut down. Now, I'm just speaking from past experience right now, So Okay, so the next step is face when you start touching faces, right? Bringing the faces in, making facial contact, those kind of things. The next step is lips. I've got hips on here. Oh, chest chest is the number two because it's very common for us to hug each other. Girls and guys, we always hug each other. And chess is like, you kind of do that with actually chest. You might even put like is a one on this scale because we always do that But the hips I have is like a three. Maybe even like a four or a five would be appropriate for hips. Let me demonstrate something. A round trip stop. You save the clapping for the end of this, Okay? Okay, bro. Hug. I'm gonna demonstrate, bro. Hug Stuart Broad. Couple times 33 times. Good abroad. Did you guys notice our hips, though? Watch that again. Stop it. OK, what What was going on with their hips? Did you see it? Okay, Can we touch hips? Let's try it again. Let's go from the hips in a hug. Okay. Okay, That was Now you can clap guys. Now, you could glass. You can go back. So that was pretty awkward. Know what that was? Was it was extremely intimate. Did that the mood not change? It changed for me to change for you, Trevor. Okay. Okay. So what happens is is touching hips is something that we reserved for people that were intimate with. This means that if you're shooting a couple, they need to have their hips touching. I have this happen all the time. We're basically I'm shooting a couple. It happened just two days ago on my last shoot. It's a newlywed couple, and this happens a lot with newlyweds, especially couples that might be abstaining from sex before they get married. They're not yet comfortable with each other. We don't want that to come through on camera, right? So the whole time I'm telling them to close the gaps between the hips, connect hips puller in from the hip, that kind of stuff. If you're shooting a same sex couple, the exact same thing applies. It does not matter. Openness in the hips is going to create an awkward tension where it doesn't feel like there's comfort between them.

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