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High Speed Sync vs ND

Lesson 12 from: FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

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12. High Speed Sync vs ND

Lesson Info

High Speed Sync vs ND

Do you know why? The benefits and drawbacks of high speed Singh vs nd's When, when you raise your shutter speed up, you guys saw the flash is let me show you this again. Look at these flashes. Okay, What's happening is the sync. Speed on a flash means that under 1 202nd your radio can communicate to the flash and it can fire in time. By the time of shutter speed, the shutter opens and it closes. It can fire off the flash. When you go above that, it can't match the speed, right? So what ends up happening is if it actually lets you do it. This doesn't even let me do it. I can't bring the shutter speed above 102nd but if it lets you do it, you get a black bar. You see the black bar that goes across the image where the flash fires in one section and doesn't fire in the other section. That's a sink speed issue. What happens is with with full feature flashes that offer high speed sink when you use high speed sink. The flash didn't get nothing changed physically with the flash. It can't now f...

ire within that 1 400 of a second or 1 800 seconds because you press the button women's of happening is is it pulses? So when I press this test button, you see that pulse? It does that exact same thing when you are firing high speed sink. Now, if it's pulsing 50 times to fit in one of those shots into your shutter speed, let's say it. 1 1000 of a second has to pulse 50 times like this. What happens to your flash power? It just dies, right? What? It has to pulse 100 times to get in a single frame at 1 4000 of a second or 18 thousands, I would have to pull 500 times to get in a single shot. Your your flash power dies dramatically, and what we found is that you're gonna lose at 1 8000 of a second. You're gonna lose around 8 to 10 stops of light from your flash. That takes you down A like a small percentage 150% 25% 12.5%. 7%. 4%. I used to be an accountant. I mean, for tiger. Now, this is why? Because I think I just have something wrong. That's right. So you get down to like, 1 to 2% of the total output. Now, if you use an nd filter, does your nd filter does this affect flash power? This is like a trick question. Does this actually Does this affect your flash power? There's yes. Yeah, it This stops down all light coming into the lens. But guess what If I can get away stopping down four stops of all light to get my shutter speed down to 1 200 of a second? I still have my full flash power. So we're talking about an additional. This will get me four extra stops worth of light power for my flashes versus using high speed sink is that? Ah, that makes sense. Not a jump up and down, like kick someone next to you. Do something like that, So I know. Yeah, there you go. Getting elbow. Good, little aggressive. But that's cool. So that's the benefit of ah of an Andy filter over high speed sinking carries true. The funny thing is, that may factually tell you who you know. The new We love pro photo here we use a lot of profit year and everyone Ellen, Chrome provider Everybody will tell you that it has high speed sink now. For some reason, nobody publishes how much power you're losing with high speed sink. Nobody says it. And I'm always like, Have you guys publish how much power you lot you lose? And it was like No, and I always go test it, and it's still the same thing. It's We're losing 789 stops of power in that range. So it's It's one of those things where, if you have to their certain situations where you would use high speed sink, that's if you're shooting sports. You need a fast shutter speed to freeze the ambient light like if you're shooting sports and you got this motorcycle driving by your frame and you need to keep it at 1 5000 of a second to freeze everything. You would use a high power like a pro photo, be one or even higher power with high speed sink, your cutting down a lot of power. But then it's a high power stroke, so you still get more, um, out of it. That's the one situation that you use it engagement. I agree. There's no dude on this planet. I could run that fast. Just not gonna happen.

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