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Posing Guidance for Him

Lesson 2 from: FAST CLASS: Incredible Engagement Photography

Pye Jirsa

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2. Posing Guidance for Him

Lesson Info

Posing Guidance for Him

we're gonna go ahead and start with foundation posing. I'm gonna bring my models out, and, uh, I'm gonna start with guidance for him. So this is actually the way that we start every one of our shoots. Okay? We always encourage our clients. There's a Travis Travis. He's amazing. Full beard. Love it. So, Travis, we're gonna be posing you in several different kind of positions, kind of showing people how to pose. And this is the thing is that I know Travis and Daniel, you guys have posing experience. I want to get to kind of pretend like you don't, Okay, so just forget it. So when it comes to guidance for him, well, starting with the stance. So basically, what we usually say is that we're gonna go with a wide stance of working where away from the feet up, right wide stance. If they ask how wide cause some guys will kind of do this will be like, yeah, like their legs, like, really far apart. You're not like riding a horse wide, but like shoulder with Okay, So, shoulder with feet out now, t...

he toes are kind of a big thing. This is the weird thing, these air body language, things that we don't necessarily know why they are this way. We just know that they have a certain effect and from the studying or from the different scientific studies that have been done on the books that I've read on this. We have learned that it's because of the lack of confidence. So when you have your toes pointed in, this actually is a sign for a guy of a lack of confidence. So if it looks a little bit odd and you'll see it when you pose a bunch of groomsmen, almost always if you have eight people, if you have eight groomsmen, there will be one guy that has its feet in a little bit. And he's kind of just like this. Okay, so wide stance toes pointed out straight spine. I'm gonna be talking a lot about the spine, and it's one of those things. That and we're also gonna reference some stuff from Roberto Valenzuela. He's a he's a friend of mine is a great course that we're going to talk about. It's one of the courses that we're gonna reference and recommend later on. But the spine is such a big deal. Okay? The spine is huge in your posing, and what we want to do is let me get you over here. But I'm a little bit touchy feely. Is that OK? Yeah. Okay. You said it's fine. Okay, So what we're gonna do is I want you to stand profile just so they can see the profile. I want you, Teoh, as you're standing. Just let your back relax and kind of sit over just like you would be sitting in front of a computer. Basically, that's that's a lot. That's like the screens really low on your keyboard. You gotta get a bigger screen. Um, okay. So you can see the rounded spine right here. What we want to do is we want to straighten out piece of this certain parts of the spine, the lumbar spine, the lower spine. We want to keep it rounded out. So you gonna keep a smiley face right here? Okay, so it kind of keep this rounded out, and then your upper spine, you're gonna keep straightened out. This is And if you are, a lot of our clients are doctors and medical professionals. And so I like to say, like, this is your lumbar spine. Does your threats expired this year? Sir, It makes me look cool. I'm like I'm like a doctor without any of the degrees and stuff. Same thing, though. OK, so that's our our our spine stance. Next we do, you can face the camera, get anywhere you'll notice is that as soon as somebody does that, it's like a 1 to 2 inch difference in their height. Okay, so it gets them stood up, and it gets them looking tall. And the next thing is basic to expand the chest. So before a photograph will tell our guys take a breath in, take a breath and expand the chest. Do you see how it automatically opens the chest up and it makes it Makes it look like you just did about 50 push ups in a breath. Don't we all want that? I did. You did. I should have done 50 push ups. I'm jealous. Okay, relax. Shoulders. What this means is that sometimes a guy has a tendency to kind of leave the shoulders up. We wanted just to kind of hang relaxed. Let him take the weight off the shoulders and then basically the hands we need to do something with the hands. And when we're not doing something with the hands, we leave them at rest. So and the meaning of this is that if you're just to hold your hand out like this, that's weird, right? Like you know how like and there's different movies. Will Ferrell's one of my favorite actors. He's like, I don't know What My hands remember that? Uh, yeah, Talladega Nights, Guys, we don't know what to do that I know I love it when, like the guys smile on the girls like Will Ferrell, who cares? OK, but my wife doesn't get will fail jokes. So guys, we don't know what to do with our hands. That's that's the basic truth is the simple thing is, if you bring a hand up, you're giving it a purpose to be up. If it's up and there's no purpose, then that looks off. Okay, so we have to have purpose if you hold your hand out like this one hand out. That doesn't make sense. But as soon as I put a mug, but that actually makes sense now, right? So now it's like OK, this is a mug. But the thing is, hands draw a lot of attention to We refer to this as, basically, you're giving energy to his arm, right? You're basically bringing up into oppose. And so what happens is our visual attention is drawn towards them up. If you want to hold something and not bring visual attention to it, we bring it back to rest, so you can hold that now. At rest. Okay. So he could still hold something if he wants to have something in his hands. Like sometimes when you know, it doesn't matter when you're posing. If if a guy is holding something, you want to bring attention to it, you believe it down. Same thing with girls. Like if you want a photograph to show off her clutch, you'd raise the clutch up in the shop. It brings attention to it. So when the hands are doing, we put him at rest Now, interesting things about the thumbs. Um, notice how his thumbs air out. That's a body language. Signs. This is a power stance. You guys okay? So thumbs hands in. Thumbs out is a power stance. This is a nervous dance. Um This is also okay, but this, like you'll watch. Like when? When celebrities have their hands in their pockets, they're generally go thumb out. It's a way of drying visual attention, and we do it. It's all done subconsciously. But that is, um, or it'll have a perception of being more powerful than just putting both hands box. And I don't general like to do this because it also eliminates the skin. And so it kind of makes it look weird, like there's two pieces of skin on each side with clothing on your side. So okay, so with the neck, we extend slightly just so that up here, you know, we kind of bring his neck out a little bit, just a little bit. You don't need to do too much. All that does it just kind of Slims down the neck line a little bit and then with a guys walk, I always kind of show this like I use a show with girls because with guys, they just walk regular. So when you walk, you just walk normal. That looks great. Guys were really simple, straightforward. Let's bring in our girl, Daniel. Come on in and we do this, guys, before every single shoot. Now I don't go into the depth that we do on what we're doing here. Like we don't talk about body language. You don't talk about all these things I might give them, like a few will tips here and there. Oh, there's one thing I forget to mention that, but we don't go through this. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do this at the beginning of a shoot. And what's cool about this is how many of us have had clients that come to us and go. We're really bad in front of cameras. Raise your hand if your clients have said that to you. Okay, I guarantee pretty much like nine out of 10 of my clients to say that, but he doesn't know how to pose, or we don't have experience in front of camera. Or, you know, I've even had my like brides. They, like, throw their grim on the bus like I'm good with this, but he's terrible, and I'm like, it's gonna be OK. Don't worry. You gotta build guy back up because those things hurt after a while, man hurt. Okay, so we start us out. And the reason that we started on every single shoot is because what we tell clients not not to worry, to have confidence in us, and by starting the shoot with that will actually arrive about 15 minutes early. We start with this, and what it does is it sets the tone for I know what I'm talking about, you know? I mean, like, we start the shoot out with. They now understand that I'm a professional, that this is what I do. And the trust is established and my camera is down this entire time. This is when we're building that relationship. I'm showing them to relax, to have confidence, and they don't even think about taking a photo.

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