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How To Sit & Sleep Better

Lesson 8 from: FAST CLASS: Maintain Your Body for Long Lasting Health & Mobility

Kelly Starrett, Jill Miller

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8. How To Sit & Sleep Better

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How To Sit & Sleep Better

The key here is that when we start just popping up and changing that, let's mitigate the amount of sitting. You're gonna be forced to sit so you can do the best you can. And you could undo the flight from by rolling and having moving practice. But the rest of it the sort of non force sitting get rid of it. You don't need to sit all the time. You stand up any breakfast, stand up and you have a standing desk here. Changes things. I switched toe walking meetings. It's amazing. Any time. If I don't need a choc border white border, some sort of computer, I will grab an executive repeater here. We'll just go for a walk and talk and we don't have to walk far. We just walk outside walkers a great park right here and walk around there. And in 20 minutes, not only have we got everything accomplished that we need to, but I am actually feel Yeah, I'm not sedentary. I feel sharper. Juliet, when she has ah, serious meeting, Um, on the phone, she walks around, she paces and I'm like, Oh, Juliet is in...

the he because she's pacing like a tigress, right? And she does not say this is really important to Barack Obama to sit down, right? And what's happened is that we started to see and notice that Wow, the online calculator Juliet stands during work. She brings an extra 50 to $100,000 a year. That's 33 marathons, so number you can run marathons common where you stand and I'm telling you, this is This is a fast track. You're just getting additional load. You have to have the load. The physiologic airs air disaster. Now this is a key piece, and one time back in is that we started saying, Hey, we're standing, Our athletes are standing, our military standing, You know who's not standing our kids. And this year, Julian and I started a nonprofit called Stand Up Kids, and we just adopted. Our child's fourth grade class is a standard classroom, and all kids stand all day long. 14 15 minutes. They move around, they can sit on these wobbly stools and sit on the floor. But we've just taken that out and guess what happens already. My kid is leaning out even more. She's more active. Her shoulders position. She's blocked. When she went on the tablets. No one slouches over. And here's the best part. They have this thing called the fidget Bar. We call it a fidget bar to bar at the bottom and the bar swings. And all day long, the kids like like nervous, little like crack addicts swinging the like Like maybe the Skinner bar is better, right? Like rats caught in a cage on the Skinner Bar hitting Skinner Bar. You know, I'm talking about T. J. So what's great is Georgia. Yesterday came home. She's like Dad and went toe our cost into science. Another room. We all sat down and everyone started to go to sleep and all the kids like I'm so sleepy and the teachers like what's wrong? And kids are like We just sat down thes air fourth graders who are figuring out they all love it, and that's a simple assist. We want simple hacks that you can change in your life. Sleep in a dark room. It's gotta be pitch black, make it cold. No IPhone in the room. How dare you have your technology in the room that makes a disaster? You know Dave Asprey takes a little pieces of tape and puts it over on the every light object in the room. It should be pitch black, drink some water, start rolling, life changes. That is phenomenal questions. Yeah, we didn't get it, Mike. And then we're also when you're done with your question, going to go to the Internet because I know that some folks Ah, I think I hear New York calling or something like that. So I love all these little hacks and, like, as simple as possible to make it as easy as possible to rehab or to improve performance. I run a company, and I trained ballet like 20 hours a week. My sister's got a two year old, and she's a full time professor in L. A. Like how do you manage sleep? Because that seems like I'd love to get nine hours every night. But then I either work less or, you know, I'm like I turn my computer off at six PM but I still get to bed at and get up at six. So how do you manage sleep as a tiny heck? We mentioned his taxes. This try to hit seven is a baseline. If you're doing seven, that's not nine, but it's not five. It's not for right. And then we really look at the quality of your sleep. Because if you sleep nine hours and it's crappy, it's crappy, right? So are you really? Are you falling asleep and blacking out? Are you doing the best? In case you need to have? Ah, time with your partner at some point, right? You work all day and then you need to be like with your loved ones, right? And that usually happens between eight. And 11. Um, no. So really focusing on the quality of your sleep is everything. And then on the weekends Kenyan App. Can you do a little micro boost? I know you're probably master of the 10 minute nap. 1 2020 minutes. I can t Juliet last, but I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime for 10 minutes, like if you ask me. First of all, sit right here like it be like a skin. I could do it right on, and it's awkward. But you know what's happened, though, is the key is toe one. Focus on the quality of your sleep. You know that you're not having caffeine after after midday. You really The sleep is dense, their waste attractive if you want. Number two have to be a little squeak your nutrition. So that means you have less arable. So one of my friends, I got a blood test when I was traveling a lot and not sleeping a lot. And so my blood chemistry start to go wacky. And I emailed one of my friends at Harvard and he was like, You know what, Kelly? You can't eat cookies or drink red wine when you travel. It was like, No, this is this is bs besides lives, you know, And, uh, you know, how dare you, sir? And it turns out I don't drink trying to drink on a travel mitigate that. And I know that's tough sometimes because the wind is a cultural thing. And where I have a glass, right? And then I really pulled out all the desserts and I love dessert. So I mean, I think you've got to tighten up some of those other things on my drinking enough to have a movement practice and taking care of my tissues, and then I can go for it. and you can stretch it. You have to at some point, the sleeping part. All that stuff actually falls in like you do those things and I sleep infinitely better. I have one glass of wine, er, zero glasses of wine. My night's sleep is infinitely better. Oh, yeah, you know, there's a long time, Robbie. We laugh because I'm a fast cabin caffeine metabolism. I found out like I burn it up so I'd have a cup of coffee before went to bed, like for dinner. Be like some coffee and want some coffee. Juliette's like, You're crazy and I would fall asleep and then I would wake up because I was cabin aided. Wright and I noticed, and of one, you know, self awareness. As I grew up and became a man from a child, I did notice that I should not drink coffee at seven tonight, so I think the problem is you should be getting sleepy at night. You know, we advocate forbid blood testing their places out there. We can really see what's going on. You're doing a good job with nutrition and then do the best you can. That's what we want you to do. It's not. It's not a doomsday message. Optimize. You know, you people mess around on the TV. There should be no TV in your bedroom. Get off the TV, put down the Facebook right, and you probably can sneak in extra 20 minutes. Here, there, that makes a difference. That's great. Great question. Yeah, your question. And I love to go to the Internet cause I heard something coming in from New York and maybe make something from London. But let's hear it. This one comes from envy and drill. And they say, Is there an optimal sleep posture to avoid stiffness in the morning? Yes, well, your man semester stiffness on the reason I didn't throw that in there. Is this actually a good sign of hormonal health for men? Is that if you don't wake up my really standing next, Teoh something's wrong with you mean literally? That you're seeing is that you hormonally you're not doing well and you can see the quality of sleep. It's really simple. Here's your best position, right? I need to sleep and it should look like that. So how many pillows do I need enough pillow to support this? If I lay down and Monette goes like this How many pillows I need to support this neutral spine and suddenly becomes very simple. Sleeping on your stomach is just toxic because how are you gonna breathe? You're gonna close your neck down and overextend and you're gonna lean on those joints. I had a woman as a physical young physical therapy student who had migraines for 15 years, every surgery, doctor. And I was like, Hey, I know I'm just a student, but you sleep on your stomach and she's a cat. I was like, just to me a favor, just pissed, stoned for a week. And she came back just like Woody. Oh, it was that simple. And I was like, I see my career is going on. Uh, I think the key is maintained A good position. One of these we do see, is that most of us are extension sensitive, which means because we're sitting, we're standing, we're doing all these things and we're not factory workers urinating. Dis were on the other side of the equation now and what we do have found is that we're making mattress. Recommendations typically were based on the old factor work. A guy like my dad, you know, And? And he needed to Sleeping extensions. He had five herniated discs, right? And instead, most of us need to sleep on a little bit softer bed, or like a hammock, because it gets this out of extension, restores those motions. So, you know, the main thing is your mattress. You should wake up feeling awesome, and you should have enough pillow to support the neck. And you shouldn't save. Understand? Those are typically islands, and it should be cold. Cold in your room is huge.

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