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Get the Sale

Lesson 28 from: FAST CLASS: Turn Your Service Into A Product

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

28. Get the Sale

Lesson Info

Get the Sale

And our goal here is to answer the question, how do I keep the sales coming? And I see that happens so often I see it happens so often that people make the first set of sales and they don't have a plan to get the next set of sales. So we want to make sure you've got a plan to keep those sales coming. So the first thing you need to realize is that the vast majority of customers need to see your offer many times. And when I say many times, I mean at least seven, that's the old number. We need to see things 15 2030 times. And one way we can do this is to not just show them the offer many times, but to sell the offer many times. Don't give up. Just because you've made those 10- sales does not mean that you've exhausted the market Just because you've sold something 2345 times. Does not mean that you've exhausted the market there. There are people waiting for you to offer it again. And the more often you offer something the more people are waiting for you to offer it again it's just math peo...

ple. It's Math and psychology. So think of something that you've recently purchased. Where all did you see at first? Not just how many times, but where did you see it? Okay, so this is a webinar that I hosted. It was about three things I changed about the way I teach that have transformed my business. We got great sign ups for this. This landing page converted about 70%. What what anyhow, there was more to it than that, there was a whole bottom here. Um but so I put this landing page up so that I could start talking about teaching specifically related to the quiet power strategy brand without talking about what we were going to be selling. All I talked about was like the topic and ask people to sign up for this webinar because I knew it was gonna be awesome and it was, and then I uh put facebook posts and a facebook ad about it and that did really well. Lots of people shared it. I got really low click throughs um and got a nice click through a nice conversion cost per conversion at least with my existing audience. And so again, people were seeing this in an email then they were seeing it on facebook actually, sorry the emails next, they were seeing it on facebook then they saw it in an email where I sent out an invitation specifically to this webinar. It wasn't so much about, it wasn't so much a blog post, although it was a personal story. So you could think of it that way. I said I used to tell people I wasn't a teacher despite each and being a big part of how I earned a living on a weekly basis. I just didn't identify with the role because I didn't think I was very good at it. So then I went on and on until finally it got to the point where it's like, you know, I fixed this or I at least started working on it really hard. Here's what that's done for my business. I'm gonna tell you all about it and three things that you can do to transform the way you teach. Sign up here. Then I created a survey and asked people what's the biggest roadblock or the biggest challenge that you have when it comes to teaching or putting your ideas into a course. So, uh people went to the survey, they wrote in their answer and on the thank you page for the survey, it said, hey, thanks so much if this is of interest to you, we've got a webinar coming up and we'd love for you to sign up. And so there was another touch point on the same idea and then we did the webinar. And then one of our, one of the students in the webinar doug Neil who runs a company called verbal to visual, did this really cool visual note, taking sketch from the webinar. So I reposted that and then I posted a link that said, check out the replay here if you missed it. But all of this really can be systematized and then automated, it really can be. Um even if it's just to the point of knowing that, you know, I need 10 different facebook posts about this. So I'm gonna go in and I'm just gonna schedule all those those 10 faced facebook posts out, or I'm going to look at what blog posts I need to write, write them all out, schedule them. I'm gonna look at how many emails I think I need to send, I'm gonna write them all out and odd and schedule them. If that, even if that's the only level of automation you get to, it is totally worth it because marketing, something like this is a slog. It is a long dirty process and it will exhaust you and it will break you down, Let's be real about it. It doesn't have to be hard, but it's just so much work and so more, the more of it that you can kind of batch up and get out of your way, the better. Because another place that I'm tired of seeing people fail with product launches is getting halfway in, getting exhausted and then not messaging about it anymore. Marketing and sales doesn't end when a promotional period is over, just because you are, you know, putting a lot of effort into getting people on board it onto your into your product, making those sales, uh, you know, getting people interested in what you're doing and it takes a lot of effort and people have heard a lot from you. The best thing that you can do when a promotional period ends is keep following up, great, you didn't buy, here's one thing that you could do next. Great. You didn't buy, Let me tell you what's coming next. Great. You didn't buy. Maybe it's not the right time for you. Here's what you can do to make it the right time for you next time. You know, there's all sorts of different things that you can do with that. And the biggest thing that you want to do is don't stop mentioning your product, right. It is time for our epic conclusion and it's all about making it happen. So I want you to take this and run with it. These are the five objectives that we had when we started this class and I want to review them for you because you are completely equipped to go and do these things. Now one discover the product waiting to be built inside your service. Sometimes that means turning your service into a product. Sometimes it means finding something complimentary. Sometimes it means thinking about the way you do things and building something from that. Like the con con To sell your new product to 10. Right for you customers. There is no reason that you guys can't leave this room, right? Your invitation offer and make 10 sales this weekend. Not all if you will, that's okay. But if you are feeling motivated, if you are ready to serve people in a new way. If you're ready to bring in revenue this weekend, make it happen. No. three Market your new product with marketing that resonates, hint herbs. This was a product development course. This was of course about marketing. You have more tools for marketing now than when we started. You have more tools for marketing, these probably ever had before and they're all intertwined with your ability now to develop products that people actually want to buy. Four. Automate your customer intake process, Brianne, shared so many ways that you can ensure your customers have amazing experiences with you, whether you apply it to a product that you're building or the service that you're already offering. Five, automate the way you find new customers put that content marketing out into the world, create those that automation sequence with your email, Automate some facebook at least schedule it out into the future And # six automate the way you get feedback and improve your product. This is this was back from yesterday. This wasn't even the end objective but this is something that I want all of you to walk away with is that just because you build a product, it's not over. Just like just because you're at the end of a promotional period doesn't mean the marketing is over when something ends, it's an opportunity to start something new to start the next phase of the product, to start the next marketing campaign, to start the next idea, to start the next messaging. This was a lot of stuff. It's been a four step process. First we examine the mindset that's in your way. We looked at why it's been so hard for you to create a successful product based business to this point, and for most of you, that meant going from owning your job to really owning a business, from going to self, from self employed to truly becoming a business owner. We identified the asset that's waiting in your uh we identified the asset hiding in your service, that's waiting to be discovered again. For some of you, that was the service itself, that you could turn into a product, the methodology, it's a new licensing option for some of you. It was a whole new way to position what it is that you offer and something that would be even more marketable, even more saleable for some of you. It meant creating something again that's tangential to what you offer that's inspired by how you do what you do and why you do what you do instead of just a process that you use for your service. We outlined a system for ensuring that you build a product that sells, I hope you guys gave yourself the opportunity, the permission to start over, so that when you build this product, you're not just building, you know, this idea of something that you had in your mind when you started, but instead building something that is built to sell instead of building something for yourself, really building it for the people who want to buy it. And then finally, we created a plan for automating or delegating future work. Alright guys, what's your ultimate goal now? One of the things that we did on day one is to start thinking about more, because there's only so much that you can accomplish when you own your job, you guys are leaving here, business owners, what do you want out of your business is now, what's your new ultimate goal? So guys, you are ready for more, you are now equipped with tools that can help you build the next phase of your business, You are equipped to take a brand new idea and turn it into a money making venture this weekend. If you want to Take 24 hours, take 48 hours and really change the way your business makes money, change the way you impact your communities, change the way and the number of people that you can service, you are not tied to that time for money cycle anymore, You are not tied to just a small group of people. If you don't want to be, this is your opportunity and you have the tools to make more happen now and that is the end of turn your service into our products

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a Creativelive Student

I'm in business a looong time and know a lot but... Tara is great, the course is great and it is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur. I'm not a native speaker (from Germany) but I can follow Tara very easily and there is the transcript... just in case ;-) Well done!!!

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