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Set a Different Goal

Lesson 5 from: FAST CLASS: Turn Your Service Into A Product

Tara McMullin

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5. Set a Different Goal

Lesson Info

Set a Different Goal

we need to set a new goal for your new mindset. So I have three questions more of these kind of thought experiment questions that I'd like for you to think about in terms of setting a new goal. The first question I want you to ask is what would you create if time was no object? What would you create if time was no object? Right now, your time, the only object you have, you can't make money without spending more time on your business, without spending more time delivering your service. And so this question of time is always the biggest question you have. I can't do that because it would take me too much time. I can't take that much time away from my business so I can't do this other thing. I can't set this plan in motion because I don't have time for it. I want you to forget time for right now. What would you create if time was no object? Now the next question is what would creating that allow you to accomplish what we're creating, that allow you to accomplish? A lot of us would like to...

retire our husbands. A lot of us would like to travel more. Um Sometimes though it's it's staying home with the kids more right? Or it's going out with friends more or its service projects or its creative activities. But let's think about about it in terms of your business as well, if you were to create that thing that you want to create because time is no object. What would that thing allow you to accomplish in your business? The third question then, is what do you really want from your business? What do you really want from your business? Think about money? Think about team, think about reputation, think about exit strategy. What do you really want from your business? Think about impact. Think about community. Think about the people that you want to have around you. Think of the relationships that you want to build. What do you really want from your business?

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a Creativelive Student

I'm in business a looong time and know a lot but... Tara is great, the course is great and it is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur. I'm not a native speaker (from Germany) but I can follow Tara very easily and there is the transcript... just in case ;-) Well done!!!

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