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Test Your Response

Lesson 13 from: FAST CLASS: Turn Your Service Into A Product

Tara McMullin

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Lesson Info

13. Test Your Response

Lesson Info

Test Your Response

next. We need to really figure out is what we have to say about that problem. That question, this frustration that people have, is it on the right track? That's another question that I hear very often is how do I know I'm on the right track. What does it look like to be going down the right path with my product development? And I find that this is where content marketing really can come into play. Um and so that's what we're going to tackle in this lesson. We're going to look at how you respond with something different at step four of our 13 step process of developing a product that resonates. So you want to respond with something different. You don't want to just say the exact same thing that everyone else is saying. That's how you end up sounding like a marketing robot. Uh you want to use what, you know, you want to use your unfair advantage. You want to use your unique perspective to answer the same old question with something different. Because what you'll find right is that as you...

're going through your customer journey, as you're thinking about what your customers are saying, doing, thinking and feeling about the problems that they have or the the goals that they have that these are the same things that everyone in your industry is talking about. And it can be really attempting to kind of go off the reservation and you know, look look for something different that you can address. But the reason that everyone is talking about those things are because those are the things that really matter to the people that you want to serve. So, your your goal isn't to find something different to talk about, your goal is to talk about the same thing in a different way, makes sense. The goal isn't to find something new to talk about, it's to talk about the same thing in a different way. So how do you go about making your response different if you're gonna answer the same questions that other people are answering, if you're going to tackle the same problems that other people have tackled, how do you go about making your response different so that you can get this kind of response as well. So, first of all, you want to use your unfair advantage, how you do what you do differently and why that makes you as successful as you are at getting results for your clients. You also could use unusual experience. Do you have an experience that's different from everybody else in your industry? Could you tell a story about that and why? It gives you a different perspective on the same old question? Uh, you can use your expert perspective a lot of times. The conversation that's happening is more of, like, an amateur conversation, And if you come out and you say no, no, I've got years of experience doing this. I've worked with hundreds of people on this. I wrote the book on this, and then you give your perspective on it that kind of calls you out as someone, you know, if you haven't thought about it in this way before start paying attention to this now. Uh you can also use your unique philosophy. I mentioned that a big part of my work is busting misconceptions and assumptions and a lot of that comes from a unique philosophy on building businesses. It's not unique in a global sense. It's unique in my market. That's something to keep in mind too. When I say unusual or unique, I don't mean that I am the singular person that says or does these things, you know, I borrow heavily from other sources and I love talking about them. And then just any special insight that you have, Maybe you've had a client experience with this, that you can relate, you can use a case study. Maybe you have a personal experience with getting over this problem. So your task for this lesson is to create a piece of content marketing that tests what you think matters to your prospects. What's the question? The frustration, the goal. That's top of mind for a segment of your audience and how can you address that with something different? Something that's based on your unfair advantage, your unique perspective and unusual experience. You have a special insight that you have create that piece of content marketing. Put it up and see what happens

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a Creativelive Student

I'm in business a looong time and know a lot but... Tara is great, the course is great and it is a MUST SEE for every entrepreneur. I'm not a native speaker (from Germany) but I can follow Tara very easily and there is the transcript... just in case ;-) Well done!!!

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