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Lesson 8 from: FAST CLASS: Understanding Light

Mark Wallace

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8. Reflectors

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I know. Pretty cool, huh? So this is a traditional. This is Ah, very high quality reflector. And it has two sides. It's got silver and white. Now, why do you suppose it has a silver and white? Any guesses? I'll give you a hint. It's about the speculate highlights. So white is less speculator than silver. So this is gonna if you see on the floor here, look on the floor, see how how much light that is showing, and you can actually see the shape of the reflector on the floor. So it's very speculator. We can actually see the size and the shape of the reflection on the floor. And if it was on a person, whenever the same thing would apply or as the white look at this, you can't really see it. You can see Ah, reflection, but you can't see the shape, and it's not as clear. Not suspected. Her very spectator. This is used a lot for fashion work. Like I'm gonna have you come out again. I'm gonna show you. And to make this work, I'm gonna have you stand here. Yeah, about right there. See if I can ...

so see how This is uneven light on her. So a lot of fashion photography in magazines and stuff that we use this where it's an uneven, highly speculative light on a subject, and you can see how that is filling her as opposed to this white we don't get, I can't even see it right.

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