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Wi-Fi Options

All right, stop the show this is where it gets dangerous folks, this is the wifi section and so I'm going to pull out the old phone here and we're going to see if we can get our camera hooked up to the phone here and I'm going to do this really time and this camera is not had anything pre set so I got to go through the whole setting process so if you have a camera and you want to hook it up to your phone well, you should be able to follow this step by step and the reason that I say stop the show is because this may not work and I have a keynote to back this up but I have tried this numerous times I do not work for cannon I do not get paid by cannon so I could tell you this doesn't work too well cannon I have had a lot of problems hooking up wifi between these two it works some of the time and it doesn't work some of the other part of the time so we'll see what happens here. In any case, the first sitting in here on your camera is wifi whether it's disabled or enabled and I'm gonna have...

to turn my camera around here scoot over a little bit and so we could get one of our cameras on here so we can see what's going on and so let me get on over to this menu setting, and we're going to go upto wifi, and we want to make sure you have this enabled so that we're actually turning on the wifi system. Now we are going to have to jump back between what's going on on the camera, the phone and the keynote so the switchboard and back you guys were gonna be working hard here, alright? So staying on the keynote right below the wifi, the general on and off is the wifi function, and this is where we get into really setting this whole thing up. Now, once we get in here, what we're going to see is that the camera can hook up if I could just talk in general, why do we even have wifi on a camera? We could hook up ah, camera to camera synchronization. We could hook up a phone so that we can remote, shoot or see what we're doing or see what we've shot on. You are phone with what's on our camera if you want, you can sit this set this up so that it sends information straight to a computer it's not quite as easy as an automatic facebook post, but you could link things up so that they do work it's a little cumbersome at this point. You can wirelessly send images to a printer you could go up to a web service as I say it was a little slow or you could wirelessly go too the correct type of tv that has the wireless signal in it and so the option that most people seem to be interested in is hooking it up to their remote viewing device known as their phone and it requires several steps it's a little bit cumbersome and I guess what I dislike about it is that I got to do something on the camera and I got to come back to the phone and make it back to the cameron back to the phone back to the camera back coming back to get it back to phone and then it's finally set up so before you do anything, if you want to hook this up, you need to get your phone and you need to turn it on. Obviously you need to go and you need to download either from the app store the google play, the eos remote app and so that's the app on the phone that's going to control your cameras so you have to have that on your camera beyond that, obviously you need to have your cameras wifi system turned on and so in here we like to leave a lot of the wifi stuff off so I'm gonna go and check that in a moment my camera, before we do that, we're going to go over to the camera and we're going to need to enable the wifi, and we've already done that with this particular camera. The next step is we're going to have to go down to the wifi function and we're going to have to register a nickname and I'll do this on keynote first, and then I'll do it real time, so what I'll do is I'll go type in a nickname, and for me, I just like to choose the name of the camera so that I can clearly see what it is and let's, go ahead, do that real time, so let's, turn on the camera, we're going to hit the menu button and we're gonna go down to the wifi function, and this is where the touchscreen really does come in handy, and it has nothing said into because it's brand new you might say so. We need to register a name for this cameras that okay? Yes, that's why I went here. Okay? And this is where a keyboard shortcut comes in hand. You're having the touch pad because it's a lot easier than scrolling through menus, so I want to find my numbers and where's my seven that's, not seven how do I back up my garbage can back up seven zero I'm typing with my left hand at an odd angle I'm very slow okay there's my seventy d and I'm going to hit okay okay and this is what really bothers me is when I say okay and it comes back and it says you hit ok do you really mean okay yes I d'oh okay there we go okay so back to the keynote so we get back to the main screen what do we want to do well I wanna hook my camera up to a smartphone and what I'm going to do is I have two different options and they're not the most obvious words we have the camera access point mode and infrastructure mode the top one is kind of an automatic easy set up and the bottom one is a manual mode we're going to try for the automatic mode which I have had not much success with and if that doesn't work we'll go back to the manual mode so back to the live you on the cameras so I'm going to choose the phone option camera access mode has a little dot in the box so that sounds okay so I'm gonna go okay easy connection I'm going to jump ahead of the keynote here and I'm going to hit okay and so what this has given me is it's given me the nickname of the camera seventy d and it's given me an encryption code don't look at this code no it's a code it's randomly generated on a regular basis and so back on the keynote we went through the easy connection we said okay, and then it gave us you can notice another encryption code there and so saying on the keynote, the phone preparation so we're going to go over to the phone in a moment here and we're going to need to go to the wifi setting and choose the y wifi for the cannon seventy and then enter the keyboard shortcut to join and so let me get my phone out I'll let you see what I'm doing with my phone this is an iphone five just in case anyone's wondering and I'm gonna go into settings I'm gonna goto wifi and I see right now I'm on the creative live audience I see on the top of my list here I have a seventy de option and it's got a lock next to it which means it has an encryption to it and it needs a okay, this is the big test right here. Does this work? Caroline is gonna work yes it's going to work and I touched it and what happens? It works. How about that? So now I have a password and so let me take a look at my camera here and punching my password, which is just a bunch of numbers one more five, one, seven, three, eight this is this is really good news, folks. We just saved ourselves like five minutes. So what's happened on the back of my camera. My phone is still not fully connected yet, but my camera has definitely changed on what it's choosing here. I got the check mark, which is excellent, and if we go back to the keynote, what we're going to need to do next is running toe open the app on our camera, and when we get in here, what we're going to want to do is we're gonna want to make sure that the camera has been paired with this phone, so back to the phone going to get out of the wifi settings are going to go into my little wifi area, go into my eels app. We're going to open that let's go to the camera connection, which is down here on the bottom. Well, actually it's clicking me in there without even touching it, and you can see that they haven't quite been parody yet and by clicking this isn't gonna work looks like it's going to work here, I think it's connecting with the camera and I'm going to hit ok over on the camera and I'm going to hit okay again on the camera because actually and it set, and that seems okay and that's okay because it's ok it's ok and that's ok and for some reason this would this is a really important point on the camera we have the option of confirming the setting which sends us into an automatic feedback loop or we can exit and my theory is is that I would actually like to use the phone is the device I don't want to exit and I don't want to go into a feedback loop and the way you get out of this and nobody ever told me this until recently is you hit the shutter release half way down and now we can operate the camera so what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this camera into remote shooting and we could hear the shutter open and we're not getting a very good exposure so what I'm going to dio just to simplify things I'm going to put our camera in the program that's a pretty simple mode and we should be getting a good exposure here camera is in focusing and you can see side by side if we got these cameras on it exactly what the cameras pointed out so this is where caroline has volunteered to help us out and I want her to take a picture of me but I am very picky about the composition so I'm going to direct her from afar on how to compose my pictures so caroline come up here grab the camera and I'm gonna be looking back here on the phone I'm gonna go ahead, grab the phone or grab a phone camera and sit back down because we wanted I don't have a camera so I'm going to use this camera over here it's I'm holding it more for the audience and let's see can you stand up? I would like a little bit higher angle of you now we don't even have a zoom lens on there now I would like to be let's see, I want to see the tv and the screen as well so I'm going to want to be over on the left hand side so you keep your position but I want to see the tv and there now could you point the camera down a little bit more? You got a little bit too much space above the top of the screen so tell it down a little bit more actually did this freeze there we go okay, so let's hold it no bring it back up a little bit. I want to see the top of the screen there's a little bit of a delay and we're having a focusing issue so I'm going to touch the screen and I can focus and I'm going to take a picture there we go and we compress this focusing button down here we can press the shutter release and so listen to this can I get this to fire multiple shot hold down for a second I thought I got a ten it's having problem focusing okay so now I could go in it sze got a little bit of a delay as you can see folks I could go through and I can change setting since I have the camera in program and that's a physical dial I could go in and actually I didn't want that when I wanted to go in and change the so so I can press the button and I can change the so up to sixteen hundred s o return back to normal I'll tell you about these controls here in just a moment and I can shoot a picture at a faster shutter speed and aperture combination let's pull up some info and see if we can get more information come on fire let's focus there we go so we just got a bunch of pictures there's a little delay there's definitely a little delay so caroline, you could bring the camera back. We just wanted to prove that we can actually do it and this is pretty good because it worked first time out nice job can and forget everything bad I said set that right there it's still kind of loading some of those pictures in there and so we'll go back to the keynote on see what else I got it here for you so what we have to do is we had to go through a connection phase which basically said yes it's ok to connect to the camera and then yes it's called setting number one the camera actually can memorize three different settings and so you khun you don't have to go through this every time you okay camera once you go through it the first time it's much, much easier and then you press the shutter release to kind of exit out of that and then over on the eels remote itself you need to return to the home screen which we did and there are two major areas there's camera image viewing so you can view images on the camera and then there is remote shooting from the camera and so these air kind of two separate areas with the camera image viewing what can you do? Well obviously you khun view images you could do some organizing them them and moving them around you could delete pictures on your camera to make room for more areas you could go through star rating of them and you can download an image to your camera it is limited to an hd resolution of nineteen twenty twelve eighty which is kind of small but is more than appropriate for sending in an email but it's definitely not a really high resolution image as least as far as you could get straight out of the camera as faras remote shooting you can obviously see exactly what the cameras pointed at you could make some primary exposure adjustments whether it's so shutter speed aperture exposure compensation it depends on what mood you're in we were in program in our test mode here so we could only change esso and exposure compensation you can select different areas to focus on so by tapping the screen in different areas you could change the focusing and then finally of course well actually you could activate and you could turn off the live view focusing on turn off the whole live you so that you save battery power because one of the things that's going on right now is both my phone and my cameras batteries are going through heavy battery dream right now because they're on a wifi system and in case anyone has a question the wifi system works over a relatively short range that I would say ten, twenty, thirty meters at best and so you're not going to be able to operate this on the other side of the basketball court you need to be in pretty close proximity for that wifi signal toe work and finally of course you can shoot photos let's take a look at the canon eos remote app itself so this is the layout that it currently stands at and I have no doubt in future years they will update this remote this app and this might change, but the big button and the upper right is the shutter button, and then there is a focus, but if you're happy where the cameras focusing, you can press down on that button and then slide it forward when you want to take a picture. If you want to get in and change the exposure, you would do that through the tab right below that it will show you pictures in thumbnail form the previous picture you could tap on that to go look at images along the bottom it's going to give you your basic basic exposure settings, and then on the left is your basic camera settings. You can't really do much about the settings other than going back to the camera to reset them, but they do let you know where your camera has set out the information that you're looking at around the edges can be taken on and off the rotate app it automatically rotates when you rotate the camera, and sometimes you don't want that so you can lock it and prevent it from getting rotated. And then, if you just want to turn off the live you to save battery power, you can do so with this last button and then in the middle, you can simply tap to select focus or you could double tap to magnify. Now it's just some general information about wifi is that the exported images are not full rez images they're smaller resolution the usb connection on the camera is disabled and you cannot shoot movies in the wifi mode or even if the wifi mode is turned on don't ask me why it's just the way it isthe and you cannot do multiple exposures as well when you are in wifi, if you do plan to use wifi a lot under a very important situation, you may want to have your camera so that it doesn't power down automatically so that it stays on an active looking for that wife my signal and if you want to turn the wifi on and off, once you have set it up like we've done here, you could do that much more quickly in the queue quick menu because there's a wifi on and off option right in there now when you're done and you want to terminate this, what you're going to do is you're gonna want to exit and then you're going to just want to say, ok? And so let's, go ahead and do that live on camera and so we see that we're in here let's hit the menu button and we're going to go down to y five function and we're going to hit exit and exit wireless land function okay? And we're out of there now the wifi function is still enabled and we have exited so I'm going to go ahead up here and I'm going to disable the wifi system because I want to kind of completely turn it off at this point going back to the keynote reconnecting with the system if you just want to turn it back on after you've gone through this laborious first time set up you could simply go in and choose this the first setting it's probably going to be the right one there are three different settings that you can make for different phones and so that is wifi and we made it through first time and it worked out that carolyn was the good luck charm thank you and everyone the showers were like cheers eyes after that setup right expectations yeah and so it worked out so let's see if we have any questions specifically regarded toe wifi I've used the camera a bit I don't know if I'm a hundred percent guru on this but yeah no actually john it's great people talking about the possibility is a what you could do and wondering about you know doing like stop motion kind of kind of things from far away or being at a wedding and sending your camera up right you know that kind of thing where you wouldn't be intrusive alright the problem with the wedding scenario is the range is not very far right the phone needs to be you're fifty feet away from it, and so you got to be pretty close for work, and it's it's got a lag time that we saw in class that it's not real accurate. I mean, my thinking is, I want to put it behind the backboard at the basketball game, and I can see and as they go in for the dunk, you know, click the button. But it's it's got a definite, like time. That's just too slow for that sort of work. But if there is a number of other very interesting possibilities, and we're at the infancy of this type of technology, right, it's only going to get better, and this is just the start.

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This was a wonderful class. John is a wonderful teacher. I originally bought the camera to do video work and it wasn't as helpful in that arena as I would have liked (but he fully admits to this being geared to photographers). I came back to it as a photographer and I feel much more comfortable and excited about using my camera.