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Day 1 Wrap-Up

Robin, vanessa, this has been just thick, just so, so full of knowledge, and thank you, internet for joining us today were so, so happy you are with us, you are the reason that we're here, and we're so grateful for all of your questions and commentary in the tack room so hard, and I love being, you know, observers in the chat room, so thank you so much for joining us, and I would love for all of us to just give robin vanessa huge global creative lifestyle round of applause, I know you touched on it, but you can't give us a quick rundown of everything we will cover tomorrow. Absolutely, I'd be happy to eso what we cover today, let's, not go over that. We already know what we're covering today. Let's talk about the look ahead for tomorrow if you want to go over to the kino guys, I differently, I have this all spelled out. You're going to see my wedding film work, love, from soup to nuts start to finish, you know, attempt in the one day teo edit together like a two to three minute piece, ...

and we're gonna be starting on it first thing in the morning, and hopefully by this time tomorrow, we'll have a completed thing if we don't. I did the cooking show thing, and I've got one pre bait, so we can go into day three with a completed project, so you will be able to see how I build my film that's my goal, I want you guys to see how I build my my films because that's really, what you guys came to see because you want to take this knowledge and go home and apply it and that's, the best way is to see somebody see somebody else actually build something, so we'll do that we're gonna learn a synchronized footage with external audio, the key point. We're going to get a wedding don't build a compelling story, we're going to get into audio dialogue and sound mastering today, we talked about just kind of fixing things. Well, tomorrow we're gonna be working with great, amazing audio, so you're going to see the other side of it. You're going to see how we work with great audio and sweeten it and mix it with great music and really use some plug ins and a and audio filters to make things sound rich and beautiful and limited and great, so we'll get into that we're going to talk about foley, we're gonna cover fully affecting tomorrow, I use a lot of fully effects in my films, laughter and applause, room tone and maybe light switches and door handles and car doors and cars pulling up sound effects like I was explaining before, with the fight analogy really brings a piece toe life if you have an outdoor ceremony and a bribing room are giving their vows. It's nice to hear the birds in the background even if there were no birds, people put birds in there. All right? So we'll get into fully effecting and we're going to learn a ton about final cut pretend along the way, there's so much more to give you in this course. If you're watching at home, definitely tune in tomorrow, tomorrow is going to be a really, really important day in this workshop. Then we're going to cover so much material. I feel like we should just randomly put in birds while you're teaching way always love when you to come and visit us here, a creative live and, of course, so does the internet. We have a couple of great things to tell you. So something from bj photo was actually the deejay that was here. E j, I want you to know robin's bringing it. We should have these guys on every month and then deal. Scott would like you guys to know robin, vanessa are great resource is for learning, always in depth, fantastic. It has it's been such an end up uh look at the hole, your thought process and you're editing and your workflow and audio everything that rob has brought us today has been so just thorough I'm trying to take notes as we go along, but it's so jim pact that I think it's something that needs to be revisited, which again is such a bonus to purchasing this course? You can have access to all of the videos rob's keynote his information on his processing and how just how he goes through his projects from start to finish. So whether you are a beginner in the field of filmmaking or you're an expert and you're looking for a refresher on good work float tips or even just an update on final cut pro ten, this is the course for you you can purchase the whole course as well. That includes all of the videos and the bonus materials for one hundred and forty nine dollars or if you purchase it during the live events so in the next three days you can have the whole course for ninety nine dollars so definitely scrolled on your screen. Click the by now button right now and get it while you can grab this course at such a reasonable rate, the next three days are jammed full of robin vanessa um probably robert will be here for the next couple of air next three days, live fast and it's going to be fantastic rubble continues to teach us the important aspects of final cut pro ten he's going to be walking through real examples from from weddings to corporate films and it's going to be amazing so you don't want to miss that. And then on sunday, vanessa will host a one day course beyond the same day. Edit vanessa will show how to maximize your ceo and facebook marketing, and she will also teach you how to get blogged and magazine publications, submissions, all done on the night of the wedding and all of this while wowing clients and their guests. Um, see to learn more about these two courses, visit creative, live dot com slash courses and so we'll see you tomorrow at seven thirty. Brighten early was fantastic. Seven thirty pacific to want to see vanessa do yoga for photographers and then at nine a m pacific, we'll do more final cut pro with rob, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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In this Final Cut Pro course, explore FCP X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob teaches editing theory and practice, helping you master all the important aspects to this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob shows how he uses the many tools in Final Cut most effectively. If you're interested in editing your own work, this Final Cut Pro training tutorial is for you!