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Day 2 Pre-Show

Hello internet welcome, teo day teo a final pro excuse we love good morning final cut pro ten with vanessa and rob were so excited that you're joining us today and my name is mallory mcdonald I will be hosting you along with joe ohara why it welcome how are you today, joey are excited for another day learned a lot yesterday and I'm gonna learn a lot more today. I'm sure yes, it was something so life changing you know, it was a great year yesterday and I know I'm gonna learn a lot more today. Yeah, so hard and I were taking notes along with our in studio audience as much as we could, but there was so much to learn yesterday and I'm stoked about another day on dh we have with us in the studio. Of course, vanessa and rob, how are you guys this morning were doing wonderful. Apparently you guys had a romantic evening. Less we did is very nice. We went to a restaurant on capitol hill. It was yeah, it was great that's a great one, but yeah, no, it'll wait ready ready to rock this today. Good.

Okay, well, we're so happy to have you back and we also have an in studio audience um I'd love to hear from you guys maybe your name where you're where we can find you online and also maybe what you learned yesterday or something you're looking forward to today we'll start with matt hi, my name is matt pope I'm from victoria bc canada and you confine me online at sanden lace dot com or on twitter at krist pg and ocr waste and I'm pretty excited about this course yesterday was worth the price of admission the tips for dealing with rippling were just awesome thanks, rob good morning I'm carly larson and I'm from salt lake city, utah. You can find me on twitter at carly rae larson or and the website black iris photos dot com and I love learning about all the tools you straight is going through each of the different tools I thought was really cool just to get in depth with those and also the audio that's and I'm really excited for that today as well so on dust everything today I guess I don't know it's been a great workshop so far hi, my name is anna lee and I'm from oklahoma city you confined me online at annalee media dot com, twitter and instagram at annalee media on dh I just really appreciate rob you just cutting down learning curve so much for us yesterday because I'm essentially really new to this and especially the program and interface so that was really great that you just left nothing to be questioned good morning! My name is eric hager, and my website is www dot nrk visions dot com I'm looking forward to today because I would love to learn how you rob take all the mounds of footage that you have and begin to build a story. A compelling story sometimes is difficult when there's so much stuff toe pile through to figure out what is worth a while to keep on what drives the story and what doesn't. I'm looking forward to that in a cious, and I can be found at the mill amount dot com that's where you can find all my social connections, but yesterday I learned a lot and I had just installed final cut pro ten, and it was good to see all of this before I started organizing. So I have a ton of footage from this thing, and now I know what seo, how teo sort it all out. Good morning, my name's michelle fall grin and I'm from the lovely salem, oregon, which is probably raining. You confined all my photos, anything I I get my toes into amf algren, dot com or m paul graham photography dot com among facebook and the whole nine yards, but for me, basically this course is a gem because I'm coming straight from my movie and I want to dig in deeper, I want to know more my mind and my creativity has gone past why movie khun do, and this has happened several times to me, and I know this is the perfect step. So anyone out there I've talked about on the internet coming from my movie, this is fantastic, so I think I probably speak for a lot of people for that good morning. My name is ari shapiro, I'm ah photographer and filmmaker, I work on the commercial side, mostly I do a still photo and video for for cos I'm a current final cut user on looking forward to seeing someone else's workflow couldn't make yesterday, unfortunately, that I'm happy to be here today and looking forward to tomorrow as well. Thank you. Excellent well, it's, so much fun to have people in studio from all over and with all sorts of backgrounds, and I'm I'm assuming that you two out there on the audience have a variety of backgrounds on experience with with filmmaking and it's so exciting to take all of those backgrounds and just kind of go learn from it with with robin vanessa.

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In this Final Cut Pro course, explore FCP X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob teaches editing theory and practice, helping you master all the important aspects to this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob shows how he uses the many tools in Final Cut most effectively. If you're interested in editing your own work, this Final Cut Pro training tutorial is for you!