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Day 3 Wrap-Up

You were all so humbled in here it's been such a privilege to watch watch you guys and as whoever said that the darling creative couple I think more even more than darling definitely genius and just really dynamic as a couple and just bringing bringing your game and azmat side just from start to finish it's been such a privilege to kind of observe that creative behind the scenes so thank you and thank you so much in studio audience or peanut gallery as were affectionately calling you for just being really like all hands on deck very engaged in asking questions and interacting with with robin vanessa it's been a real privilege and pleasure to have you guys here as well so let's give and also internet how could I forget? You're all around the world and we can feel the creative juices just flowing through the chat rooms and we're just so thankful for your presence and for your interactions online and let's just give a really warm a round of applause to all of you. Well it's not just us in...

here and the peanut gallery in here everyone out there is also also everyone out there that thinks you're fantastic as well can't leave three days has come and gone this quickly leave you some things you were saying margot from facebook says thank you robin vanessa this has been an incredible three days filled with knowledge knowledge and fund this course is totally exceeded my expectations not to mention how fun it is to watch you two interact robbie you're a genius my head hurt it's peter also on facebook said left the workshop and yes ordered the download final cut pro ten has been baffling me for months and now I know why great workshop and now I know why great workshop very well taught great good so so much praise going well vanessa and robert really are skilled at making such compelling and beautiful films as we've seen this week and they do such high end films for high end clients and couples have traveled all around the world to do it I mean the plaza so beautiful so it's it's really cool to see them bring kind of their high and top notch game and bring it down to earth and make it accessible to all of us that don't know what half of these terminology men three days ago including zohar and andi we feel like we're we can connect with it so we are so thankful for robin vanessa to kind of fill that gap of of knowledge and skill and and just let us know that wherever we are wherever you are this is accessible to you and it's within reach and you can create amazing films just like rob has shown us he's created and as matt said, it's a great thing to purchase the film and kind of go through the course videos at your at your own pace and as you create your films and with specific questions in addition to this course to all of these videos there are also some extra bonus materials the keynote sides from this course the cinema business pack rob's video color presets vendor resource guide and fifty percent off of everything at vanessa and rob dot com so again there's some great adam's tow this course and you can get all of it for one hundred and forty nine dollars however if you scroll down and click that little by button in the next what is it five hours you can get it for ninety nine dollars so definitely invest in this the clock is ticking and start creating well good news even though we're done with final cut pro ten we're not done with robin bonanza way will be back tomorrow with vanessa teaching about the final sanday and it so the message I want to give us a quick over proof you but you're teaching tomorrow ideo I really dio same day at it have been something that I've been doing for my business for a while and it's the thing that has kept all of my clients talking about me I always say this everyone says word of mouth it gets you business where the mouth getyou gets you business fine how doe I create order of mouth and I have developed a system that has allowed me to wow my clients by giving them same day edits a slide show, a same day album that I did the wedding, putting their pictures up on an online gallery, putting the pictures up in tagging them all on facebook and on my end, also on the night of the wedding. In addition to all that the night of the wedding, I get my second photographer photos. I get my blood almost finished, I get my back up, tio smugmug all my back up picture is done, as well as creating an animal slideshow and submitting the wedding to publications, magazines and blocks, data published and all that gets done the night of the wedding. So monday, I don't have that much work left to do what I do very little so it's just something that has not only driven my business into being very successful in getting my clients to talk about me and not having to pay for advertising really at all, as well as saving me a ton of time during the week, doing the things that that most wedding photographers do during the week, so I've been really excited to share this with everyone, yeah, we're there well, I guess we'll see everyone tomorrow because you're back for yoga studio guest seven thirty. A m pacific standard. And then nine o'clock. She'll be back to teach us all that fantastic. This you just told us about. So for final cut pro tin that's around, and we'll see you tomorrow morning.

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In this Final Cut Pro course, explore FCP X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob teaches editing theory and practice, helping you master all the important aspects to this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob shows how he uses the many tools in Final Cut most effectively. If you're interested in editing your own work, this Final Cut Pro training tutorial is for you!



Simply brilliant! I had no idea where to start with FCP and even though I am now using an updated version... this course has been invaluable!!! Thank you Rob and Vanessa!