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Final Cut Pro X

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Rob Adams, Vanessa Joy

Final Cut Pro X

Rob Adams, Vanessa Joy

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17. Exporting


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I have a specific workflow that I go through when I go to export a project so that at the very end, it's always done the same way, and I'm ready to deliver it to my client. The first thing I will do is create a master video file at the highest resolution in quality possible, okay, so if I've edited my film and I've got all my media transported into optimize media and I could, you know, and it's it's all edited on the timeline, I'm going to want to export out at whatever those pro rez settings for the optimization were. So whatever the project settings were in the optimization being pro rez for two too late, just our forty two, I'm just going to export a file at that resolution full full out. Um, and I'm going to do a couple of other types of exports for different reasons, but that master file is just going to be the backup, god forbid anything ever happens to the project were the drive gets corrupt, I'm going to still have this master file. I can make anything I want from this master f...

ile, I could make dvds, I could make webb versions, I could make you no other types of flash drive versions, I could do whatever I want because it's, the highest quality there is all right, so we'll show you how we do that. We're going to encode a copy for the web, ok, I have definitely put all of my films up on the web, including my features, their password protected, and I put him up there from my client's viewing on lee my features if it's a feature, if it's a film that I want a feature on my block, your website, I'm gonna need a web version, too, all right? So I won't code out a version will talk about how we do that, and I do all of this because actually there are there are three different types of files one master file and then two for the web. Okay, technically, for the web, one is actually for the flash drive that I'm going to give the client and the other one is actually going to go up online, but they're basically the same format, if you will. All right, similar this there's, some difference, okay, but I use a really cool feature and final cut pretend called bundling, which allows me to export multiple types of files and compressions at once on dh it's, basically a preset, which is predefined. So all I have do basically click one button and just does it for me, I don't have to go through and set up settings every time. Which is really, really nice will explain how we do that I do a little bit of working compressor, which is aa program that you used to come with final cut when it was final cut studio in legacy versions now it's sold separately in the app store I think it's forty nine dollars compressor for basically does the same things the previous version okay, we're going to talk about dvd chattering we did we talked about dvd chattering on the timeline and now we're going to actually create a dvd menu in final cut it's not the greatest thing in the world I mean it's not like using a dvd authoring program where you know we have a custom menus analyst sort of thing it's a simple basic dvd but if your client demands a dvd and you need to whip up something quick it's a great way to do that I could get into offering a dvd and a whole different program that's an entirely different course in itself so we're not going there not yet so dvd authoring we're going to cover on its own so let's talk about the master file we already kind of talked about the reason why we use the master file let's just back up the archive the final production create copies optical media web versions full resolution, high quality programs for two to sometimes I might exported out of forty to lt just depends lately we've been doing it for two too, just because it requires less rendering if the type the project timeline is four to two and optimize media it's just quicker to export that like that otherwise we have to convert transcoder on export to forty two lt not much of a difference between the two mainly file size apple perez forty two h q r four four four four if I was going to be exporting high quality red raw four k footage and I wanted to keep the native resolution and high quality I would use either pro rest for two to h h q or four four four four to maintain the color space in the big death so exporting for the web and mentioned that I export to different files for this. So what are those two files that we export? Well, one of them is an h dot to sixty four mp for quicktime movie actually both of them are it's two sixty four I'll choose whether or not I'm going to do seven twenty or ten eighty lately, I've been putting everything up on line in ten eighty and then seven twenty I'll sometimes do for a smaller version if I just want to put a smaller version up somewhere else once in a while I'll export both again this is just personal preference I recommend just encoding out to the highest resolution, which would be ten, eighty in this case, we use an apple devices preset in final cut pretend to accomplish this and we'll show you how we do that. So here's, my export work flow the master file ten. Eighty, the cropped web version. This is the one we're going to process through. Compressor that's going to give us the anamorphic widescreen. Okay, that's got we do that as a web version. Cause that's the wide screen one definitely goes up on the web. Anything I put on the web is gonna have that wide screen version on it. The actual pixel resolution of this after with the crop will be that's actually supposed be in nineteen twenty, nineteen, twenty by eighteen that's a typo. Sorry. Because that's the two point three five to one anamorphic widescreen aspect ratios in nineteen twenty eight. Eighteen is what the actual pixel dimensions will be after we export it. And then we have a flash drive version. H two sixty four quick time, high quality for the we use an eight gigabyte flash drive. This file for twenty five minute film ends up being around one point five one point six gigs somewhere around there so next time I'm ordering four gigabyte flash drives. Why do I have eight gigs because I got a good a good deal on it was actually cheaper to buy the gig flash drive that it was the by the four gig so I went with the eight gigs but normally would fit on a four and that's fine too might even fit on it too I wouldn't push that focus sometimes the files doing a bigger than that and I'm not really I don't really spend a whole lot of time trying to compress and compressing press trying to get the best quality I'm using presets to make things fast I'm not worried about band with at this point I'm not worried about dr space so that's just my my take on it I'm sure other studios have different approaches that s o that flash drive version is a full nineteen twenty by ten eighty with a sixteen nine aspect ratio it still has the letter box but it's exported out at full screen why? Because it doesn't matter when they played on my client plays that on the tv doesn't matter if it's got letterbox on it or not when they played full screen it's going to look like letterbox it is going to look like it's anamorphic anyway I don't care if it's really an actually and an anamorphic video so just my personal way to do it so the way bundles work is they allow you to include multiple export files of ones can be completely customized and they will encode as a background task so you can continue working even though you're exporting files from final cut so let's say you have another project to work on while you're exporting can still do that and let it go in the background which is great okay, so let's go on over to final cut let's cover some of this material here all right? So we have our film and we're pretty much done just assuming and we're ready to shift seems to make it big we're going to go on ahead and export this out now there's a couple things we can do we can define a range of this clip that we want to export way would use our range selection tool typing are and just highlighting the entire timeline so what we're basically doing is looking to just define what area we're going to export and just by doing that over the primary storyline we're exporting out the entire storyline we don't have to do that it's just if you wanted to export only arrange of your of your of your project you could do that as well all right but mainly if I just leave it alone it's going to go from the first clip wherever the first clip starts to the last frame of the last clip okay and we can assign pre roll if we come up into the final cut pro preferences menu and you see here under the playback menu the playback tab says pre rolled duration two seconds post roll duration two seconds I can put black pre roll is black on the beginning post role is black on the end so I can define here how much I want to put I usually like to put five seconds on the beginning and two or three seconds on the end that's fine okay and then once it exports it'll actually include that pre and post roll on there so I don't have to worry about putting a you know, a gap here and that's everything I want I just want to make sure it fades out you know? I didn't want to make sure that my final fades out and doesn't just end cold and that would be it okay? So it's going to do that so how do we export all this goodness well come up to the file share tab or share menu selection and we have all these different options here we can we can we can customize this list so we need to kind of bun we need to create a bundle here I left purposely left it where I don't have my bundle built so I could do it for you and you can kind of see what it is how we do that so I'm just gonna go to add destination and it's gonna bring up this little window here and you see, over here on the left, we have destinations that are already assigned and these air presets right out of the box, so we have a dvd preset and final cut will actually build a menu for you right here. We're going to get into that very soon. We'll spend some time is working on that alone. Here's our master file, okay? And this is a default setting. This might be, it might say, export clip, I think every named it master file on dh, then it will say, you know, it'll ask you everything you want to set as far as your exports settings, and we'll get into that in a minute. You could export aversion for youtube, and this will be optimized for youtube, and you'll allow you to even sign in. So when it's done, that will upload directly to your youtube account. Okay, yeah, they wanted this, but we need to be more of a share feature than export feature, so they've got youtube video. If you have your video account, you can sign right in it will go directly to video you have facebook. If you want to post directly to facebook, then you have apple devices, so for ipads and that's sort of the mobile devices, this will create mobile versions, or apple tv or itunes. Okay, this this will create versions that air playable on those and these air default settings we can change these around however we want what I'm interested in is add destination and you can see here we have a couple of other options we've got an option for a low reds quality for email we've got blue ray definitely want blue ray so I'm just going to drag it over into my into my destinations here and I put him in destinations for single output if I just need to do a single output and we will create a bundle to do multiple outputs at the same time or multiple alpa configurations to make life easier cnn I report I'm not interested in save current frame if we did want to see about a current frame from our timeline but the play head down coming here save current frame or just don't go file share save current frame it'll exported out frame for you you can also write in the final cut timeline create a freeze frame that becomes a clip in your event browser so a couple different ways to do freeze frames that way image sequences if we were doing some sort of a time lapse we could use on image sequence export I don't for any of this stuff export file this is a master file if I want to create another master file preset I could just use export file and then we have compressor settings and compressors that program I was talking about outside of the final cut that allows us to do more advanced compression of our video clips http live streaming not doing any live streaming so I don't have to worry about that, so bundle this is what I'm interested in I'm going to bring my bundle down over here and I can add in whatever I want I'm just going to set up the parameters first on them while we don't have to do that, we can actually bring him in so let's go dvd I'm going to make a dvd for my client I may make a blue ray from my client I'm definitely making a master file from my client let's actually use it's actually used the one from default throw that in there, okay? I'm actually gonna make I'm going to make a web version and I used the apple devices to make a web version well kind of modify that toe what we need, and then I'm going to use a compressor setting and that's going to give me the ability to use settings I have in compressor now you'll see automatically it opened up this dialog box this is actually a compressor window, okay thiss comes from the program compressor and I have a custom setting that I've already created for wide screen to thirty five to one okay, I'm gonna click. Okay, and bring that in there. I'll show you how to make that. Okay. So you so you're clear in case you don't know. All right, so essentially that's my bundle and I can rename these so I can call this master file dvd and blue ray, I don't really need to rename I'm gonna name this one flash drive and this one can stay wide screen. I could just call it wide screen for web. All right, perfect. There you go, there's. My bundle, it's all set up. Now we have to configure each of these parameters for the for the best output. So let's, start with master file. Yes, I want video and audio. Very important. Okay, publishing, I don't really I don't want it to assign any sort of publishing to it. Meaning, like these air the fault profiles. I don't really want to do what I'm going to set it up myself. The video kodak, apple, perez for two two. Okay, include chapter markers. If I was going to be taking this file into a dvd authoring program and I'd set chapter markers, yes, it would want to include chapter markers. I'm not I don't need teo and then open with this what this is asking me is when I'm done compress it when I'm done creating this file what do you want me to do do you want me to open it with quick time do you want me to open it with compressor do you want me to add it to your itunes library do you wanna put it in this itunes library yoga music you want to publish it to the media browser meaning that would be over in the you know the media browser over here in final cut now don't need it to do any of that do nothing that's fine I just wanted to end up in the right place that's all I'm interested in ok so that's set up dvd we're going to get into this soon blue ray will get into soon we're going to actually walk through this a little bit more in the next segment flash drive apple setting apple devices I'm just gonna leave it like that because it's already configured for h dot two sixty four but I want for my flash drive I want better quality right? I wanted to look really nice when I give them this file would be a little bit bigger and file size when they put it up on their hdtv is gonna look really good that's what I'm interested in nineteen twenty by ten eighty why am I not giving the client a copy of this master file because it's gonna be about thirty eight gigs okay it's gonna be a huge file for a twenty minute film I'm not giving him the whole hard drive with that stuff so they get a nice viewable version it's gonna look great and we're all set so I don't want chapter markers on that I don't need it and I don't need it to do anything when I'm done perfect wide screen for webb has already set up to our wide screen two point three five toe one aspect ratio let's go into compressor let me show you how I do this hey, what is going on? Kresser so I'm just gonna open compressor any questions by the way of just that? Good since you didn't include the video preset and your bundle what parameters are you using for that? Using the wide screen for compressor doing setting up, right? Okay that'll be for for video. I don't go right to video from this if I had the ability to crop and go right to it, I would, but it doesn't give me that option at least like again its parts. I know it doesn't let me tio if it did, I'd be thrilled. Okay, so here's compressor limited hide final cuts is to make this a little bit easier their egos are compressor window compressor comes in like forty from windows and just try not to get confused with what you're seeing here I'm not going to go through the whole work flow of compressor, but basically if you do that if you re watch this you'll be able to see what it is I'm doing him basically right clicking and I'm just setting up the preset right now so I need just need something to work with so I can set up the preset so I'm just going to add, uh, standard video sharing services hd ten eighty settings dialogue okay? And if I just click over into this you have this down here in the inspector window and by the way I to supply this up here into the is called the project window I just put it right here and it's just a setting there's no file here there's no video clip or anything like that it's just a nem p container and you see the drop zone there where I could put in a container of us you know, content if I wanted I don't need teo I'm interested in coming down here to the inspector window in the uh fifth dialogue tab over here for geometry where it says source insect cropping crop to panavision two point three five the one will work or you just make it easy and says we did letter boxing letterbox area of source ok up to nineteen twenty by ten eighty okay, what that means is when this compressor setting gets applied upon export, its going to crop it up to nineteen twenty by ten eighty but because of the crop, the most it's going to go is nineteen twenty by eighteen case we're losing all that vertical pixel so that's it that's all we have to do and now to see that you're save as we could give it a name anamorphic widescreen and you can name it whatever you want I already have one named in their two thirty five the one something that it's safe and then you'll notice when I go back in the final cut if I went into my wide screen we're two thirty five or compressor settings dialogue and I went to change this you'll see now that I've created thea anamorphic widescreen precept, which is the same thing as this one here okay, so it's giving me now let me show you some of the video settings in there why I chose the this is why I chose the what was it called them sorry the video sharing hd ten eighty is because the video settings are already optimized for a leg this stuff if I click over here under encoder and it's this file format quicktime movie that yes that's what I want my video settings are set to restricted to twenty thousand kill bits per second best quality multi pass and high it's going to create a larger file but it's going really good? If I was worried about size file size, I can switch the data rate to automatic go faster in code and will give me a single passive encoding see what multi passes it will, you know, when it decodes it, it'll actually read my video file and encoded going through it once, and it will leave it at that it will do its best the best it can based on the parameters that I set, meaning the data rate and leave it at that if I click best quality multi pass, it will go over it again to compress it down further with with the same or better image quality in a nutshell. Okay, so faster and code and for web I know I've gone as low is like medium high medium to high fasting code single pass it looks fine, you know, but if I'm not worried about dr space, you just go best quality while the patent multi pass faster and code you might get looks um banding in your image like the colors like, if you have a grady in like a radio grady and graphic you might see some banding is not going to the same bit depth it's not gonna look as good so it's up to you, but basically you set it up however you want. But that's why I chose that, that priest because it's already done the heavy lifting already done for me. I didn't have to set up a two sixty four. You know, all the individual parameters that I that I would need, all they had to do was change the jeon a tree which was cropped to letterbox area of source that's it all right, so thankyou, compressor. You are dismissed. So now, now that we're all set up with our bundle, we'd be ready to rock and roll. Okay? I could I would be I would be able to come up here, have my timeline all ready to go. My pre rolled duration in and out is set. File share bundle. So basically what's gonna happen is it will open a window, eventually listing all the things that are included in my bundle and just confirming with me, is this what you want? Is this what you want? And then when I confirm that it'll just asked me, where do you want? Where do you want all this stuff? And I can select a folder and that's where my folder system comes in underworked dr using my project now we're bringing this whole thing full circle we edited this whole project goes right into my complete folder ok that's the final and I could even set it up to put my dvd and blue ray stuff in a separate folder as well. Okay, if I want to make a disk image a lot of times on his burning right to the disk have the drives have the drives hooked up let him burn overnight done. All right, so you know, you can keep disc images if you want we do in house we do keep a disk image of our dvds and blue race that's it any questions about that about exporting? So what we're going to end up with is just basically a folder full of files. Okay, the one that was designated for the flash drive it's still spending the one that was designated for the flash drive we just copyright on the flash drive reformat the flash drive and put it right on there. Yes, it is formatted for mac, you know we're actually weaken do fat what is it? Oh, gosh, I'm drawing a blank on the x factor. The x factor for matt and he's dropping on there and it's compatible across multiple platforms. Yeah, I don't know why I said mac hard drives for matter from so we do that for the flash drive and then once the optical discs are done, we order custom disks from black river imaging, which is basically what this is, and if we have a custom designed movie poster, we actually will design a really nice case for them. So it's a nice package, all right way want to give him something that looks really high, polished and professional when we deliver it, we're getting into boutique packaging and stuff like that. So you got all kinds of really nice stuff to deliver if they get a movie poster gets drop ship, right, right to the client, twenty four by thirty six print and that's how we deliver that theater online version discos directly up to smugmug, starting to host all my videos on smugmug now, rather than video. I'm a little bit concerned about where video is going with license music, and I don't really want to put all my eggs in that basket, so I mean, I'm not that it's a big deal, I keep copies of everything, I just I'm getting just sort of just sort of make putting some distance between myself and video was great for, like, tracking how many views you have and stuff like that, but do you smoke too smug? I like the embedding features a little bit better, the player is a little bit more classy, I don't have that standard looking video. Media player I can kind of customized my cup my smuggling one a little bit more and I use aa aa program called show its sights to create to do my website and integrates directly with smugmug so anything any videos I put directly up there immediately accessible to me which is fantastic so if I want to swap out content my websites real quick there's a video plug in for show it's light as well but the player kind of I don't know it's like I'm limited by what only what the video player looks like and I can't do the anamorphic widescreen with the video player not in some not in show it cites anyway right if you guys are by the way not familiar with what show it sights are it is the world's easiest dragon drop flash and slash html website maker intended for photographers so if you are unaware of show its sights you just go to show it fast dot com and you can find it there really really easy to use I've been using show it sights ever since my own business started about um six years ago I think in the new started using it probably four years ago ms like soon after yeah, maybe you're too after but it's great to say yeah I mean if you go to my website it was all designed using this dragon drop flash or html five fantastic it's dual, you don't have to design like a mobile site and the flash say its flash and then automatic five it looks great on mobile devices to sew, but that's why I like smugmug video hosting because I could just grab the videos off the smug bugging and we have a smug look player in show its sights and it gives me the anamorphic so all the videos on my website or anamorphic but without I don't worry about big black bars that I have to incorporate into my design and I don't I don't need I don't have to hire a web guy to figure out how to make that work with other design elements I could just pop it onto a page and it's exactly that anamorphic and it's done it's great! And so when I get published on blog's and stuff like that like style me pretty that version looks really good in my own custom player and it's just a no for us faras brandon goes, it just fits my brand a little more a little bit more high polish rather than having a black bar yeah, yeah, we're just using a thing like that, said the video player is great it's just you look at it, you go that's, the video player that's fine it's all well and good just like something a little bit different so that's pretty much it as faras exporting goes I wasn't going to sit here and make this export in front of you it's like watching paint dry and you don't see anything but quicktime files when we're done it's not a big deal but that's my workflow for that and now we get into archiving now we have to figure out what we're going to do with everything when we're done with it let's talk about dvd authoring a little bit I just want to kind of highlight this feature not because I'm overly thrilled with way finally does dvds but I want you to know how to do it so here here's my philosophy and this is my opinion disclaimer disclaimer it's my opinion um I don't think clients care about dvd jeez, I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars per project teo outsource to make beautiful dvd meant animated dvd menus I've bought like motion kits were you doing while on after effects and configure them so like when they press play the thing folds up and comes away it's real beautiful ingres and other conditions screen yeah I spent all this money on these things they take time takes more time for me to sit there and actually rebuild all the assets because it's not templates other templates but for each individual project you have to render out the video assets and photo assets it's going to use so it's just another step in a workflow, right? I'm trying to make money so I would spend hours doing this stuff or paying somebody do it for me and then I delivered to the client I could, you know, follow up with client had you love the video video was amazing, it was great, I was like, oh, in the bonus features there's bonus features look at the menu because we're so desensitized like now we have download itunes looking movie off itunes and it comes in a beautiful webb encoded wrapper. Now they have like menus and bonus content in a fun and a digital file it's not even an optical media anymore and they're super difficult to create. You can't create these things you have to have, like a web developer creator god are like css style page to do this to insane, and we take it for granted so when I deliver him a dvd and they see a basic menu like they know but they don't know they don't care, nobody cares if your film is good enough, they certainly won't be caring about your menu, right? And I try to encourage them like, um I didn't tell him I said, you know, it's kind of a shame I'm giving you a dvd because it's such a beautiful high definition you're gonna go home and watch it on dvd but still looks great you know and codes out great it looks nice and I encourage blue ray but I'm finding like only ten percent of my brides have blue right? I have a way to play it which is why we started giving away that file on the flash drive because he wanted to deliver him and a higher quality and deliver them content that would be better than what we give them on a dvd especially if we couldn't even burn them a movie so now we love doing that and they get such a better quality right so anne just announced the new playstation for which will have a blue ray player like the playstation three did and it's funny because I remember when playstation three came out I got all these drums going I've got a playstation three can give you blue ray yeah give you blew right no problem so I do blue ray forum you know and then playstation three's after like four five years of this bad habit of just dying and nobody was going out and buying blue ray players you know that's why the price of blue ray players just once all the way down right so nobody has blue ray players not nobody but most people don't so this is and by the way disclaimer disclaimer this is just people coming in and I ask you something constipation do you have blue rain or like you know, so with that said we said, okay, well, let's get past this optical media face and start giving something they can use online or on tv hard drive. Excuse me. So with that said, like, I'm gonna reiterate I don't we are giving them a custom menu right now and the way we do it and you're gonna laugh is dvd and it's not, and we're not using one of the cheesy I dvd templates. I import a background image by design, all right, for example, like if you look at the screen, you know, I design beautiful movie posters for for my films, okay? And these can easily be resized and redesigned site of the psd ease into a sixteen by nine aspect ratio. Okay, so I think I use this as a background I might remove the credit text and leave the title, and then I'll put a play button and a bonus features button on that I'd dvd so you like, have you ever used I dvd? It's a simple thing in the world problem is it's been discontinued? I'd dvds does not come standard now with max, so you khun try to find one online and downloaded music and that's great where you can install I life own I and if you could find it, the amazon we were lucky enough that we still have it but with that said that's what we're doing we're not doing anything crazy with dvds so in final cut pro we actually have the ability to create dvds right here there nothing special but you can do it so if I go file share and this would be part of my my bundle but I'm going to add destination let's just throw in a blue right here okay close that file share blew right by open this okay it's going to show me he's going to be the ability to kind of scan through and look at my film okay it's not completely got some stuff for your nobody so and if I had chapter markers would take advantage of that which I don't think that I still do on beating the previous yeah you don't want him in the roman rolan sorry let me just come back in here there we go file file share okay again here's the whole film we'll have the pre roll see the pre roll there is my pre roll okay pre rolls on the front there okay. So settings okay not a whole lot of settings but again I want this to be quick and easy right output device it's gonna detective make sure that I have a device hooked up to my computer you can also create a blue ray image if you're not familiar with what disc images are they're just a hard drive version of the disc that can be used to burn optical media later on, so if you don't have a dr, hook up your computer and you need to bring it over to another computer or plug in because all the new max, they're not coming with super drives anymore, you know? So you don't have a plug in a usb dvd burner and you just picked the device you want layers you can use double layer discs, dual layer discs, which is really nice, so it will really take advantage of that space because remember, we're giving them the high res file and it's going to encode out for blue ray, I think it's going to use the, uh, kodak were might use them there, too. But either way, it's going to make it the most use of whatever optical media you give it. So if you use a dual layer discs, you're probably a better quality, which is nice. Um then we have a choice of disc templates. Um, no, he's going he's white. All right. I'm not going to use anything. That's. That template, right? That's? Fine. Um, and then markers. If I have markers, it would allow me to check. Use chapter markers of subtitles so I don't in this case but it's okay, I can still tell straight point don't be deal on then if you want it discreet a dvd that loops let's say you want to put one in your studio and is having on a loop you can you can do that and then we can have backgrounds so I can come in here to my backgrounds on my work drive and let's just say, for instance, I had this designed I can go into due to due to do thank you very much. I appreciate that and I think one of these is sixteen by nine no, no, we'll describe this or it's fine shops open okay, so it'll pop in a background image for you and the blue raise this gray bar on the bottom here is actually a pop up menu all right, it's nothing special. I know we can't do custom buttons or anything like that and it's got this title up here and that kind of stinks because you can't get rid of that you get at a logo if you wanted to. If you have a png logo you want to put on here for the title or title graphic which is just obnoxious where you just create you could create a nice page and issues that is your title graphic too rather than do a background image so you have a main menu and then you have a chapter menu but see what it does here it kind of puts the buttons like over the image you what you could do is design an image that's two thirds image and then one third white or something and left these buttons is sitting there whatever you name the markers will become the names of the chapters all right simple I know it's those people out there going is just what he gives us clients yes when I get my client except I used my movie version or I dvd version is a little bit more a little nicer and you can move things around to make a little bit more customer that yeah, I mean it like I said, I've never had a bride come to me and go I don't like the dvd menu they don't care about that they care about the film and I'll tell you what didn't we take a poll one time of where most people watch their films? We did and it was online and on their computer and not their dvd? Yeah, we did a whole internet poll one time of where where do you want your wedding video and I don't even know what the percentage was but it was overwhelmingly a majority of online well seventy percent I think thirty percent said that it was mainly on their dvd we don't even have cable tv and our way have a tv in her house, but most of the time when we're watching something we're laying in bed with a laptop or in the kitchen with our has yeah and I think that becomes enormous bushes since you were doing wedding so our clientele is a little bit younger for the most part so they are doing the things that are a little bit more uh you know, tech savvy so that's it that I would burn my dvd I would create I would create yourself like a nice little template psd graphic that all you have to do is open up photoshopped dropping an image and you've got this one third side of the screen that's white and then you have another one that's his full screen image for for the menu easy quick dvd burning do not spend hours authoring dvd is you're wasting your time in my opinion gonna throw that in my opinion over there so you can share and then you're done it would just burn it for you and whatever method you wanted it to be okay that's it and under the info tab you could also give it a title so I wanted to say this video is about schoening pre bake you would say annie and show because unfortunately we can't leave that blank it's going to be there on the menu it's kind of a and then this tags here if we're gonna make a disk image and you want to tax associated with ugo. All right. So that's dvd authoring in a nutshell and that's pretty much my whole work flow for exporting. Okay, it's stacy quick gets things done, it's bundled and when I finish up a project or my editor finishes of a project they know what they have to do. They exported and everything ends up in the right spot. The editor is responsible for uploading it to the internet password. We're done. Okay, now what now? I've got this hard drive with a project on it and I was contemplating because I have so much drive space and I have multiple projects on drives. So let me give you some insight into what I have in my studio. I don't have like, a big drove oh system with a bay of drives that I switch out I have about twenty three terabytes were the bear two terabyte internal drives you wanna spell bear just so b a r it's not brand bear meaning naked they're just naked internal drives. They don't have a casing on there's, no enclosure on them that the same drives that would go inside a tower inside a computer tower and I use them with a toaster doc it's ah dr doc that looks like a toaster and use pop the drive in and it connects to the computer via firewire eight hundred okay on we edit right off those drives so what's cool is we come home from a job and we we copy that content from from the laptop where it's being stored I don't want to keep it on memory cards and it goes to to bear internal drives those going hudson cases and then into fire per saves separate fire perceives that's my backup system so thirty weddings here you can only imagine how many hard drives were sitting around our studio with the average job between one seventy five and three hundred gigabytes you know just depending on how you know how many days of shooting and all that kind of stuff so it piles up quick so I was thinking what I think right now let me let me kind of digress what we're doing is we're taking the the drive of all this stuff on it and we're popping into a dr docks and or a hand to the other they pop it in and they work right on that drive okay and then when the project's done it's now is still on this drive completed then we have a whole set of drives that our archive drives okay cause we recycle drives that we use the store and every season we're done with the previous years that it's we want to make space for the for the new ad it's from the new jobs so we have to move these files well final cut pro doesn't just want you to like copy things and then reconnected drive a different drive it's going to get a little upset if you do that so you have to kind of move things I've learned that you've got to try to move things using final cut final could do the moving for you it's probably work around to get around it I don't really know what they are I just like to let the program do it this way there's no problems all right so what I'm gonna do is walkie through oh and what I wanted to mention I'm sorry we were contemplating going to a system where we didn't have to deal with this and I would suggest maybe if you guys can do it and you have the budget toe let each project have its own hard drive so you have okay you might have ah mass storage backup that's raid configured that is not going to fail on you that's redundant so you always have a backup of the job and then using smaller drives with a solo project on it and you can edit right off that drive this way when the driver's done you don't have to do any archiving put the drive on the shelf or you can wipe it either way, but if you do find yourself in a situation like we're in where we have to actually move things around and replace projects and put him on different drives, you're gonna want to listen to what I'm about said um all right so file let's say we're all done we want to get the final cut right now our final cut events folders on the internal hard drive here okay final cut final cut events final cut projects this is everything we did these past couple days okay? There's all of our events there's all of our projects, okay? And you know, we'd probably be only dealing with one or two here what we're dealing with a bunch because it's the workshop all right, so file if well, first of all let's let's do this let's just what the way I do it is I approach it from a project standpoint, I don't just move events, I'll move the project and they take the event with it. Okay? So I'll choose the project that I want to transfer to another drive and go file move project right now move there's two day there's duplicate project and move project duplicate project will duplicate the project onto another drive and when I click this it's going to ask me a bunch of things, what do you want the new project name to be where do you want it to go and if I had another if I had an external drive plugged in it would come up in this list okay do you want to duplicate on ly the project meaning only what's in the project folder do you want to duplicate the project in any reference to events? Yes it's going to take the event any event that I pulled media from down into my project it's going to take it and it's going to put it onto this drive you can also save space if you don't want to take all the files you didn't need all the files he didn't use you can select this option and duplicate product and used clips do you want to take all of the use clips are on ly the multi cam and compound clips okay, this will be depending on your situation but that's cool because it's allowing me to archive the project but saving the space and it's going to get rid of all the files I don't need all right now remember you still have him as a backup but you won't be able to access them in the event like you did before it's going to create a new event okay new event right new event name so include render files you don't have to do this because when you open it up on another system or from the other driver just surrender everything out so if you're worried about space you wouldn't have this checked but if you're worried about if you know you know I'm sorry if you're not worried about space you could just check it if you are worried about space the only check it alright that's move project now one thing that's very important if you were careless while you were editing and you were taking media from do you have a question? You want to ask you a question in copy project since found cut is database driven if you chose project on lee it's only gonna copy over the database information you're not gonna have any video files associated with right? Okay, right it's just copying the project over it has to be a so member projects have to be associated with events if you now put this on a driver there's no events when you won't go to open that project and say where's the event I can't open this project there's no event there's no media for me too attached to this project the database only okay so if you were careless while you were editing and you are taking media from different sources let's say somebody's handing you hard drives were handing you your maybe you're rushing to do a project that somebody's handing you memory cards and you're pulling things off memory cards and you're not upon import telling final cut to copy files into the final events folder so for example if somebody hands me a hard drive while I'm working and I go like this okay let me just grab that in real quick and if I didn't have this checked copy files in the final cut events folder guess what that media is going to ream it's only gonna be referenced to whatever media device he gave me the second I unplug that hard drive that media is no longer available to me ok unless I transco did it this is where it gets tricky if I did that I just totally reversed my thinking if I did that where I took in a folder and I selected I didn't have a copy files in the final convinced older but I had create optimized media okay it completed creating optimized media I'm going to be okay because I'm working with optimized media now same thing with proxy but the second I if I don't have that checked and I remove that media it's gone like and I'll notice because the second he pulls the drive out all my clips go go bye bye but if you had copied let's say just out of speed and haste from that hard drive he hands me to my desktop and then pulled it in from my desktop and then I moved the event and the project to another drive when I opened it up on that other drive on another system and those files aren't there it's going? That's gonna get pissed all right, so we got to be careful about that. So to get around that before you move your project, you can come down to consolidate project media and what it will do is search the hard drive it'll just look for anything that's outside of the events folder and pull it in for you. You can also do this by an event basis. You can click on an event just to make sure you have everything in the events holder and go file, organize even files okay, and it'll bring it in for you. Just don't go searching out there for everything that it needs and put it into the final events folder remember, final cut wants to manage your media for you it wants to make sure that you're doing everything right the best way to get around that is, anytime we import something copy, make sure it's copied into the veterans events folder best way to do it but that's pretty much how we organize media. Alright, pretty simple so what I do is just share do my bundle and then we always even if I even if I am one hundred percent sure in my own mind that I had copy to final cut events folder upon all my imports, I'll still run the I'll still run the consolidate project media because I might have my logo I would have been so anxious to get the job done. Then I went on to my share of network drive and pulled it down from my logo on the project. And now that that's not going to copy over. Okay, so that's it that's how I are any questions about that? Because I know it can be confusing when we're dealing with projects and events. But is that is that clear? Because that's, what I'm asking is the difference between moving duplicate there. Oh, yeah, good. Good call. Yeah. So the difference between moving duplicate is such if we go file duplicate project, it'll copy all these files to the new drive. If I press move ita literally move it and it will no longer exist in the original location. Okay, that's, what we do when we archive, we move, we actually will move the entire project, consolidate project in media and then move the whole project, and then that drive is free and clear, and the new drive now has the archive project on it. One other thing we could do to save space if you want to do is click on delete project, render files when you're done so your transferring over if you have a lot of render files, you don't have to take him with you. You could just lead a minute, it'll it'll rear ender everything out later on. There might be there might be exceptions to that based on certain files, but in my experience, we have a problem with that. Thinking about long term storage, he said, you got, you know, the stack of disks that they're going to be all your work files during the season, and then you're going to copying all of your export files onto an array at the end of the season. Do you keep all your source footage? I mean, is that is all your source footage building up year after year ditching and you're just keeping rendered out five weeks after the job is edited and delivered to the client, I follow up with the client to make sure they're happy soon as I know they're happy those files get destroyed on guy, and I tell them that it's in my contract, I'm very clear about how I don't hold on the source media if they want the source media, I will sell it to them for five hundred bucks, and most of the time, they hope I think they would do anything with it when they did anyway, but I just I just get rid of it. I'm not gonna hold onto somebody's project for that long, but we do keep the master file we do keep a disk image of any dvds that we burned, so they want to come back and make copies and oil lost. Maybe we had a house fire, lost my tv's. I could make him new dvds, you know, all that sort of thing. So we do have. The job is archived and therefore them, and we save all the completes. Plus, we have the online version backup, too.

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In this Apple Final Cut Pro X course, explore FCP X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob teaches editing theory and practice, helping you master all the important aspects to this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob shows how he uses the many tools in Final Cut Pro X most effectively. If you're interested in editing your own work, this Apple Final Cut Pro X training tutorial is for you!


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