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In this Final Cut Pro course, explore FCP X in-depth with Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy! Rob teaches editing theory and practice, helping you master all the important aspects to this complex program. Using examples from wedding films and corporate films, Rob shows how he uses the many tools in Final Cut most effectively. If you're interested in editing your own work, this Final Cut Pro training tutorial is for you!



  • Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy are incredible speakers and thoughtful educators. In three days, they take you through the basics of editing theory and explain everything you need to know to dive into FCP X. Rob even details how to do advanced color grading at a pace that is clear and easy to understand. Without a doubt, this course has done more to improve my personal and professional use of FCP X than five years of experience working with video and audio. A+ great course.
  • Thoroughly enjoying this course! I have seen all of Rob & Vanessa's creativelive workshops to date and am constantly and consistently learning something new. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I am really looking forward to working this into our company with our first cinematography wedding in May! <a href="">Courtney Liske Photography</a>
  • I was lucky enough to be part of the in-studio audience for this course. I was expecting Rob to just go through all of FCPX's functions and show us what they do, but he did way more than that. He showed us his entire workflow, from organizing files as they come off memory cards to delivering the finished product to a client, and everything in between, including creating and editing an actual cinema-quality short wedding film. If you're ready to edit your own footage, you can simply follow along with Rob's workflow, pausing the videos when you need time to catch up. This course is the perfect follow-up to Rob and Vanessa's Wedding Cinematography course, and together they form a complete package!