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Multi Camera Editing: Creating a Clip

Lesson 33 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

Multi Camera Editing: Creating a Clip

Lesson 33 from: Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

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33. Multi Camera Editing: Creating a Clip


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Lesson Info

Multi Camera Editing: Creating a Clip

So I'm going to step back and I'm gonna open something new under review. Where we found the scopes before is also an option to say show angles and I'll click on that with show angles selected. When I scrub through the clip, I actually concede the two different angles that I have, and I'm gonna go ahead and make this a little bit bigger. You should have a remedial class for grabbing the act. There we go. So there's my two angles and as I play through here, are scrubbed through there. I can see them switch. So now I'm ready to start out of it. I want to make a new project to put it in right project to me and then because the project is where you're cutting, I could throw this into my existing timeline. Works just like clip. But to keep things simple right now, I'm gonna fold into a new project. We're gonna call this multi cam test new project, take this clip and if I can go ahead and I can just throw the whole thing in Thanet e key. So there it is, and you'll notice that it's black at th...

e beginning because that's my primary angle. Then over here, we switch to that's selected there. So it actually turns on. What I want to do is switch between these two to keep things simple. For right now, I'm gonna go ahead and just trim off the head. Gonna put my job Space bar there. I'm gonna go ahead and put my I forgot what that's called. Play it. Going to go ahead and put my play head right in the middle. I'm going to hit the option left bracket key to trim off everything from the head. And now we're ready to show you how I can switch. So if I'm playing And while I'm playing Aiken Select years old which camera I want to use so I won't talk while she's talking, But just watch what happens. Play. And I remember walking up the steps and I felt like a dancer had to be very quiet and not make a sound so literally when I want to change cameras, all I have to do is click soon as I stopped playing. Take a look. What's in my timeline? I've switched cameras. Now, in this case, I've switched both the audio and the video at the same time because the audio was exactly the same. If I wanted to just switch the video and keep one channel the same, I can do that. And I control that up here. So if you have the far left button activated, that's which is both audio and video at the same time. If I click this button when I switch, it's only gonna cut between the video, and the audio is going to stay on the same track. And then, of course, if you want to just just switch audio with not the video, you can do that also. So that's really the key in being able to control this. And when we bring in somebody better audio on another one, you'll see that's advantageous. So when I'm clicking now, I want you to see what just happened. It just switched the video before was Bozo Is Yellow. But look at this. I'm only switching video. That's my active audio track at all times, so I'm getting feedback because there's yellow. Yellow is always my audio blue. Is my video now being worried that I would be so now I've done my switch and I could look down here and there's my cut lines and, you know, it's a multi cam clip because of this little square here. But what if I cut to earlier cut too late? You know, I'm not perfect. I've proved that time and again on this I can still make the changes using the editing techniques that we've already learned. So if I wanted to If I click between to edit points, let me zoom in just a little bit, okay? I can do a role at it between edit points. May actually have another point. Words different. There we go. So if I thought the edit should happen over here or over here, I could do a role at it. And it keeps everything in sync, which is very nice. The other thing you can do is if you're playing, you say I want to make the edit. At that point, as long as you have the edit selected, which it waas, I can choose shift X, and that actually doesn't extend at it and moves the edit to that location. So you can definitely definitely lever it that too easily change where you the cutest? Another thing I could do is, let's say, over here I wanted to cut to the other camera when it's paused. If I go ahead and I click on the camera I want to go to, it'll automatically make a cut and swap out to the next angle So I could keep. I could just do it manually. That way, there's the next ankle. What if I did it well and I had multiple ones I have control to instead of putting a cut? I just want to swap out the shot. I said, You know something? It's on a cut. I just wanted to be a different clip right here. So that's where modifiers come in. You know, I have this shot on parked right here and I want to switch to hear. But I do. I don't want to cut. I want that shot test to switch. You'll notice that it's a razor blade now. But if I'm hovering over here and I pressed the option key, DCR becomes a hand. Now. If I click instead of making a cut and putting the next shot in it, just wops out to the other clip. So I'll go back here to the beginning. I want to just swap this out. I don't want to do a cut. I go over here instead of hold down the option key. It changes to a hand you can see down here that it switches, so it's very easy to switch between shots. It's very easy to add a cut and switch things, and you have a lot of control. If you don't want to go all the way up to the top, you can right click on any clip, and under that you can switch to what you want your active video angle to be. Or maybe you forgot to switch the audio at the beginning and I can switch the audio angle so I can go there and like Oh, yeah, this should have been the audio. This should have been the video. It's that simple, which is brilliant. I can apply filters to this. I can apply. Um, I can I can go ahead and color corrected. I can fix all you. It works at this point, just like any clip. If I wanted to, and maybe I needed to cut out a piece by default. It wants to do roll edits But if I swim, swim if I swim over and switch to the traumatic tool by hitting the TK I can actually do the traditional trim added. And so I mean the trim tool. Aiken, do nudging do everything that I wanted to if I want to put a gap clip in option w gap clip. So that's the beautiful thing about it. Now I put this in its own sequence, but as you see, I could have put it into my show. As a matter of fact, the first cut I did. I used the multi camp because I didn't know which angle I would have wanted to dio.

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a Creativelive Student

Wonderful. This is the first time I've seen any of Abba's classes, and he's a great teacher. I've been watching the live sessions for the past few days and have picked up a ton of great tips that will indeed speed up my workflow in FCPX. He's a great teacher, and does a wonderful job of setting people at ease, ie. where he says things like, 'there's no trick questions', and times where he will click on something wrong, then he'll go back and show his mistake (pointing out his minor mistakes are actually a beneficial lesson). In all, wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thank you!


Fantastic teacher. I enjoyed every video, super worth it. I've been reluctant to jump into FCP X since it got upgraded from FCP. Now I feel confident to work with it again. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I am glad I watched the course. Abba covers pretty much everything you need to know. I also loved his personality, made me want to learn more each day.

Alan Pole

Absolutely brilliant. Abba gets to the point, is clear, organized and articulate, and lays it all out in a manner that quickly brings your confidence level from zero to hero. Highly recommend this to any photographer who wants to blog, build ads, or include video in their offering. I feel like an amazing new world has been provided to me. Thank you!

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