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Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

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Titles and Generators: Titles

Abba Shapiro

Final Cut Pro X Bootcamp

Abba Shapiro

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25. Titles and Generators: Titles


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Titles and Generators: Titles

titles I can also create. And the nice thing about titles is sometimes titles can be over an existing background. So I wanted to be clear, or it could have its own background. Okay. And as you see most of these animate on So let's go ahead will pick something that ah isn't so, uh is a little more subtle than that. And I want to do a title sequence. So we're gonna go down and we'll go to three d cinematic ism. Really brilliant ones. Here we go. That's got a nice I like that and I have a choice. I could if I wanted to do this as a connected clip and it goes over. And if you notice I'm going to select it, I go over here to my options, I could control how it builds in. So this was designed with me having the ability to control the building. So right now, let's go ahead to the beginning function. But if I don't like that turntable, I could do a flip. Okay. So have a lot of control. I can control the color of the background if I want. If I don't want things to animate in. I can control some ...

of that. Maybe I don't want to use their background. I turn it off. Okay, so now it actually animates over here, and I can actually see her dancing. I control how it works and each title just like each effect. You have lots of parameters that you can control. So you don't have to use what, straight out of the box and think, Oh, that's my limitation. In some cases, I can even control whether it animates on it all. So here it's building in, and that's how it builds in. But in some cases, I could say, Just start full start on the screen. So you see, there's, ah, a lot of controls here and you just play with it and you're good to go. So that's the important thing to remember. With titles is, usually you can put it over your own background. Maybe we'll generate one, or you can use what's already there. But just go over to where the tea is. And that's all the published parameters when it was built in motion. And as I said earlier, if you own motion okay and motion is on the machine, you can actually open a copy and modify it. So this is my open. I'm going to Right click. It gives me that option. I might not have motion on this machine. I don't remember where it waas. Here we go. So if I right click on any element, I can open a copy in motion, which is edible. And now I create my own custom titled I can also have a default Lower third and a default title so I don't have to keep going back over again. So if I click and said, you know what? This is the default title that I'll be using throughout the show and now his keyboard shortcuts to create a new title Command T creates a regular title. So if I need to create that right there is a pretty my title I'm gonna treat again. This is me fading. A lot of editing. Um, hi. T l e title by default. Yeah. Control T shift control Tick. Why didn't that work? Okay, so let's undo that. So we'll do this. I'll pick this up again. So once you make something a default, you can just use the keyboard shortcuts so you can do control t wherever you play, it is parked and that's going to give you your regular title. And then if I do shift control tea and let me actually put this on top of ana, I'm gonna delete that. Bring this over shift control T. It gives me my default lower third, which I hadn't changed. So it's just the letters over here. There is a lot more you can learn about creating titles. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what they're and how you can manipulate it. But you can actually go and create things from great detail. If you really want to start with the most vanilla title possible and start manipulating it, you could just go to a basic three D title, even though it doesn't have to be three day, and from this point on, you can go ahead. And it has lots of ways that you can bring it on animated don't animate it. So that's a good starting point. If you want something vanilla and as you can see, I'm gonna go ahead and drop it here. So we have our basic three D, which animates. But if I selected I can go over here. And as I indicated, I can say, You know what? Don't build it in, have it in already. Or if I build it in. I think the zoo miss silly. Look at all those options. I can actually slide it right in, so I'm gonna slide it in from the right. Now let's go ahead and there's lots of controlled as a matter fact. The basic three day is a great starting place, and you really can create nice titles with a lot of depth, So there's titles.

Class Description

Don’t get confused or overwhelmed by the world of video - start piecing together your story with ease. Join Abba Shapiro as he walks through how to work effectively in Final Cut Pro X. In this series, you'll walk through the interface of this easy to navigate the program and quickly learn the ins and outs of this software. 

Abba will cover essential topics such as building a rough cut, working with audio and incorporating motion and titles in your videos. He will show basic color correction techniques as well as how to incorporate filters and transitions to enhance the look of your final video. 

Lesson Plan: 
  • Exploring the Interface 
  • Editing Techniques 
  • Setting up a Project from Scratch 
  • Working with Audio 
  • Incorporating Photos and Graphics 
  • Applying Filters and Transitions 
  • Creating Titles 
  • Color Correction and Speed Changes 
  • Multi-Camera Editing 
  • Exporting and Sharing Your Project 
By the end of this class, you will feel proficient in creating video with this program and be excited to continue to expand your skills. You’ll be able to bring your images to life by creating stories to share with your family, friends, and clients. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your business to include video, this class will help you get the technical confusion out of the way so you can focus on being creative.

Final Cut Pro X (10.3)


a Creativelive Student

Wonderful. This is the first time I've seen any of Abba's classes, and he's a great teacher. I've been watching the live sessions for the past few days and have picked up a ton of great tips that will indeed speed up my workflow in FCPX. He's a great teacher, and does a wonderful job of setting people at ease, ie. where he says things like, 'there's no trick questions', and times where he will click on something wrong, then he'll go back and show his mistake (pointing out his minor mistakes are actually a beneficial lesson). In all, wonderful wonderful wonderful. Thank you!


Fantastic teacher. I enjoyed every video, super worth it. I've been reluctant to jump into FCP X since it got upgraded from FCP. Now I feel confident to work with it again. Seems pretty self explanatory, but I am glad I watched the course. Abba covers pretty much everything you need to know. I also loved his personality, made me want to learn more each day.


Abba's Final Cut Pro Bootcamp is effective for enabling users to have success in this complex software. An effective teacher, he breaks the complex subject down, he repeats bits of info, he's worked out a set of clips that illustrate what he's teaching, he acknowledges that he screws up, that we will screw up, he cares that the viewing audience learns this, and, as an aside, he tells corny jokes which break things up. These qualities are present in each CL course I've bought. Thank you all.