Bonus Video: Placing Texture in Your Photo with Lindsay Adler


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Bonus Video: Placing Texture in Your Photo with Lindsay Adler

Everybody in lindsay adler and this is editing my tribal princess shot so let's get started here in photo shop, I open up the raw image and the first thing that I want to do is I want to make it black and white because my idea was that's an old fashioned photograph and so obviously wouldn't have color, so I tweak the red and the other channels too late enough for skin a little bit, but I wouldn't want to go for like a warm look, so if I go to color look up, which is down there in the adjustments panel it's a new feature and c s six and cc I can try all these different quote unquote solutions or presets for how you want to color an image in the one I like is called crisp warm so it's giving me the kind of that cpi look old fashioned. The last thing that I really need to do to try to get this more looking like an old fashioned photo is to get rid of the black point and that's what I'm doing here in curves and one over there drag the bottom left hand side and got rid of the black points s...

o that's where it's gotten me it pulled out the color made it see pia got rid of a black point starting to look a lot more like an old fashioned photo so right now what I'm doing is I'm going over and I'm grabbing some textures toe overlay and so the next step for me to making this look like an old fashioned photo would be adding texture so I grabbed one grunge texture but I don't think I'm going to use that I think the one I'm going to use is kind of giving you kind of the old negative look maybe tin type feel or something like that so a drag and drop the texture just on top and I'm re sizing it you're never supposed to do that because your picks leading her image except for when you want a texture that makes it look more pixelated face it looks older so it's actually okay in this instance but normally you'd want something with similar resolution clamp here now and I'm changing the blend vote of the image and I changed it to softly and in this case when I changed the order of the layers that actually changes the way that that textual look keep in mind if you don't understand some of these things like textures on dh how to change blood moans I have two creative lives that talk about this one was a one day during photoshopped weak and other was retouching included photoshopped effects I didn't think that that effect was strong enough so I duplicated the layer and now you're looking and there's a lot of that old looking texture uh, right now I think it's been applied to the face a little bit too much like I don't want it to look like she's too much texture there, so what I've done is that applied a lair mask to that texture layer and I'm grabbing black and I'm basically a racing by using adjustment layers and layers masks if you don't know about this again, there are plenty of creative life courses that will walk you through this, but I'm paying black on the mask to give you that effect, and once they zoomed in, okay, that little pimple or blemish bothered me, so I had to get rid of it and doing some basic retouching with the patch tool just remove those, but it doesn't need to be too perfect, so I'm going to leave it there on that. I'm going to take a final look at this image and see, and I'm thinking it's a little bit too crisp, right? So what I'm doing here is I'm going tio filter blur and doing a little bit of lens blur basically that this image shouldn't be completely crisp, that wouldn't be the reality, so I'm adding just a tiny bit of lens blur and able to see that here everything got softer, but I wanted to be like out of focus is going to back off the a pass it e so everything I did, kind of walking through that made a black and white. I added, some, see pia, I got rid of a black point. I added texture, retouched just a little bit, and then softened damage and that's, where you end up with my final tribal princess image.

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Join two of photography’s brightest creative voices to how to unlock your unique vision — whether you want to focus on honing a fine art or fashion aesthetic. Using the same tools, props, and models, Lindsay and Brooke will walk you through their individual workflow and techniques. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn how two photographers at the top of the game get inspired, plan a shoot, and achieve drastically different but equally dynamic results.