Fine Art vs Fashion


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Interview with Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler

Join two of photography’s brightest creative voices to how to unlock your unique vision — whether you want to focus on honing a fine art or fashion aesthetic. Using the same tools, props, and models, Lindsay and Brooke will walk you through their individual workflow and techniques. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn how two photographers at the top of the game get inspired, plan a shoot, and achieve drastically different but equally dynamic results.



  • <p>Let me begin by saying I absolutely love Lindsay Adler and Brooke Shaden. I&#39;ve purchased books authored by both of them, and I&#39;ve purchased several courses taught by Lindsay, including Creative Live work, vids from her Web site, and her mobile posing app, too. Brilliant stuff. I&#39;m a HUGE fan.</p> <p>Having said that, I kind of felt a little disappointed by this one. It felt as though critical information was missing - occasional references to material that wasn&#39;t presented made the vids feel disjointed and without context. I was disappointed that Brooke didn&#39;t show us how she would finish the image she started in the studio (actually, that was a huge disappointment for me). The presentation for how to get the creative juices flowing is duplicated elsewhere by both presenters, so even there, I was left feeling a little let down.</p> <p>On the positive side, I really loved seeing how Lindsay and Brooke approached the single model shoot presented in the vid. That was pretty incredible. It was also fun to see Lindsay and Brooke interacting with each other; they are both strong personalities who command attention on the stage. </p> <p>I bought this class at the sale price and I guess I&#39;m okay with that because it&#39;s just great to see these two in action. I&#39;m glad I didn&#39;t pay full price, though.</p> <p>Sorry, Lindsay and Brooke; I love you guys but this one just missed the mark a little. I&#39;m looking forward to future classes!</p>
  • I have to echo the sentiments of William West's review. (I wish I had read it before purchasing.) Although I have enjoyed the teachings of both Lindsay and Brooke on other sessions, this one was not as fulfilling. The 1:19 explaining their thought processes and shooting the model are of interest and provide some information of value, but it left me wanting more. The post-processing is weak to say the least. There is nothing included from Brooke and the segment by Lindsay seems like a bit of an after-thought with her narrating a pre-recorded editing session (with no Q&A) and is not up to the standards that I have come to expect from CreativeLive. Sorry gang, I have to give this one a 'thumbs down'.