Interview with Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler


Fine Art vs Fashion


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Interview with Brooke Shaden and Lindsay Adler

So our next segment that we are going toe watch is topped by two of our wonderful instructors who we've had several times each brick shading and lindsay adler top fine art versus fashion so we are excited right now we have brooke shading on the line we're trying to get lindsay we'll see if we can right now we have brooke online and I'm very excited to be able to talk to her so brooke, how are you doing today? Wonderful how are you? I am fantastic so excited to be able to talk to you again it's always too long I think I've seen you however that works ok, so let's talk a little bit about photo weeks so you talk to different segments during photo week the first one creating impact in adults space this is not the one we're going to watch right now but tell us a little bit about that yeah, that one was so exciting for me because one of my things that I'm just so passionate about is being able to create an image it's meaningful to you and impactful well having nothing at your disposal essent...

ially and so that's what that class was about was about using compositing techniques to be able to take, you know, people wearing dresses that were five dollars or less compositing them into spaces that were free to photograph and then, you know, coming up with a picture that not what you saw in reality but that lives inside your imagination and that's what I love so much about it yeah, and that's a challenge that we hear from a lot of people is like, well, I don't have an amazing space I don't have all these resource is well, you don't need them always when you have those tools available to us that's awesome people definitely check that one out in the photo week bundle if you purchase that check out that course but the one that we are going to watch now is fine art versus fashion and this was one that you co taught with lindsay adler tell us a little bit about it. Yeah, so lindsay is one of my closest friends and against all odds ascend usually because we're complete opposites, but we take that his inspiration from one another and we like to sort of have these fake battles with each other, you know, like who's going to do it best and, you know, you know she's in the same concept location, et cetera and basically the difference between fine art and fashion is that with fine art you're creating for yourself first and foremost and with fashion you have to put the fashion first on dh that's you know, the basic difference and so we went through how we would shoot the same thing in two different styles and I think that's always so interesting to see anybody do is just, you know, how does your brain work? How are you finding inspiration? And how are you relating that to your specific craft? How did you guys meet it's? Funny because you two, like you said, are so different on dh yet, like when you think about it intellectually like, yeah, that that's not going to work, but then you get together, you're like, oh, my gosh, they're wonderful together, eh? So how'd you guys meet in? How'd you guys become kind of both, you know, friends and like artistic friends? Yeah, well, it started when I needed a studio in new york city, and lindsay was the first person to just send me a message out of the blue and say, you can have my studio for free if you want it for a day and and I couldn't believe how kind and generous she was, and then we actually met and I thought, whoa, this girl's intense, I don't know about this, and it turned out that she just ended up being such an amazing motivational friend, and I try to be the same to her, and so we just have this really good. S energy together of pushing each other but you know supporting each other and it's kind of nice toe have an artistic friend who doesn't do something so similar to what you do because you can constantly be inspired by one another and just push each other in different ways yeah it's easy I mean it's something that I think we all fight against where someone who does something similar to what we do you like a little bit your love their work but you could be a little jealous or you can you know just oh I wish I had done that but when it's someone who is different but whose work you respect and love then you khun like you said be inspired and be challenged and get new ideas and bounce them off each other so that's so cool what was do have ah favorite memory from that class or from working with lindsey yes I feel like I have a favorite memory every time I see her but yes it was kind of funny because right before we did this class she said to me ok so are you ready to see the prop that we're both going to photograph which I didn't know until like twenty minutes before we did the segment and jesus actually hold on one second looks like we have lindsay coming in right now it's popping up over your face oh my highlands we are live right now oh, my goodness. Well, hello there, people s so we were talking a little bit about the benefits of having someone that you can bounce things off of and how you guys met with her, basically offering your her studio to you for free. So go ahead and talk a little bit more about that. Okay, you know what? Now I can only see lindsay and not you. I'm just saying, okay, ok, that's good. I'm not important, you can look at each other, and I was just saying that right before we ended up going on, she showed me that she had antlers to use force for the specific segment we're going to do, but I don't I use antlers, she told me right before that we were going to use these antlers and I was simply saying, but I would never use antlers what am I going to do? And so she ended up promising that when we went on to teach the class, you would let everybody know on my behalf that I don't use antlers, and it was all okay, uh, I've had the pleasure of working with both lindsey and brooke and as they've been saying, like it's amazing, because they're both so imaginative and soak. Creative in different ways but when they then come together it just it's great watching them challenge each other and I think that's something that's fun tow have in our personal lives as well like I am always looking for people who uh I can work with them who I can challenge and who can challenge me because that's something that we actually need, I think as creative is the ability to to be challenging to constantly find new inspiration from people around the world so let's talk briefly about your other courses that you've had here on creative life you've had master your craft and fine art portrait's let's talk briefly about master aircraft first yeah master, your craft was sort of like the opportunity for me to just share my heart and soul with everybody and go through my creative process in a way that I hope applies to everybody. So we talked a lot about storytelling, which was extremely important to me it's a huge part of my process, we did a lot more editing during that one and it was just sort of all around sort of touching on every little point that you might need to master your craft from business to editing to shooting the awesome can you enable your video is what I've been asked to ask you to dio where does she do that it is on but ok go then we'll keep talking um and so so master craft was with storytelling was about really just understanding what you're doing and having that purpose. How about fine art? Portrait's now that I was able to host and was amazing, so cool, tell us a little bit about it fine art portrait was very much about taking the most basic tools that you could use in creating personal photography for yourself and expanding that into all sorts of genres. So we did a wedding shoot in the senior portrait shoot and just using simple, simple techniques in a studio and trying to transform that into something amazing you inspire so many people around the world, and I'm sure you get a lot of questions from people. What are the questions that you most commonly here? You know, I think that the most common question that I get is not necessarily about technique, but about like, where do you get this dress, or where do you get this prop? And where do you go shooting? And I always have trouble answering that question because for me, it's, not really about the specifics of where the stress came from or where this prop came from, but it's more just about realizing that you can use anything around you and transform that into something amazing, and so when I create, I'm always looking for the simplest, simplest thing that I confined in my personal everyday life to be inspired by and a good example of this is how yesterday I took one of my best friends out to the forest and I bought about ten dollars, worth of red yarn, and I wheatley covered her from head to toe and red yarn, and then I covered a tree and red yarn, and we did a picture like that, and it was so simple, but really inspiring for me. And so my advice is just, you know, find whatever's around you and become inspired that's again, it goes back to your photo week course about creating impact in adult space, it's not just the location that you're in, but the props you're using the outfit you're wearing, the look you're going for, it doesn't need to cost a lot, and it doesn't need to be extravagant to have that impact that your work has s o I love hearing that, and I think finally, final question we've been asking folks I would love to hear from you is what are you up to these days? What are folks are? What do you what do you passionate about right now that you're working on? Well, the first thing that I have to mention is that I'm working on a school in india, and we're raising money for that right now, it's a self sustaining photography school for survivors of human trafficking. So that's, what I'm really throwing a lot of my energy into right now in terms of preparing for the future, especially this fall, when I try to travel back there and get that started and I'm working on a novel which I'm really excited about, which is outside of the photography world, but still so incredibly connected. Um, and then from there, gosh, I'm working on another book this time, a little bit more of a self help book, teaching more classes and working on this siri's that I'm about to shoot in advance, that I am so excited about that all sounds awesome. I love that your your just general approach to storytelling and wanting tio create those experiences where people extends not just to photography, but two writing as well. That's really exciting. And as far as the school goes, folks, if you check out the very last segment of, was it master aircraft leaving unless your craft, if you check out the very last segment of that, brooke talked very passionately about it and really shared a lot of information about why this is important. So would I highly encourage you to check that out and consider donating to that cause I did personally because I really love what brooke is doing. I know that she is passionate and know that she knows how to do something like this so that it can impact people for the positive that's something that's very important to us here a creative live and teo to myself is a photographer is the ability to actually create positive impact in the world and brooke is doing that with with her school so they hadn't considered donating to that a swell and brooke where can people find out information if they do want to donate well I have ah few things going on right now on my block promoting passion dot com you can find a few different links there and on my youtube page I have a bit you know all about that school in india fantastic. So folks check those out brooke thank you so much for hanging out with us today. Taking the time out tio, talk to us and playing along with our little fun technical glitches there in the middle of that makes it awesome. So thank you it is always a pleasure to talk to you and see you s o we will talk to you again soon I hope good luck with everything that you are doing thank you so much all right, on day, everybody else out there go ahead and enjoy. Now, are the course from are the segment from photo week fine art versus fashion with brooke shading and lindsay adler, enjoy.

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Join two of photography’s brightest creative voices to how to unlock your unique vision — whether you want to focus on honing a fine art or fashion aesthetic. Using the same tools, props, and models, Lindsay and Brooke will walk you through their individual workflow and techniques. In this 90-minute workshop, you will learn how two photographers at the top of the game get inspired, plan a shoot, and achieve drastically different but equally dynamic results.