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Flawless Vocals: Recording, Editing & Mixing


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11 Wrap-Up

All right, I think we are at a good stopping point. How do you feel? Cool. Feeling good love it. All right, well, thank you very much for today. Thanks you guys, for being here for today and thank you everyone out there for joining us as well. I really appreciate all of your eyes on this and your thoughts and your questions in the chat room and we would love to talk. So this is the end of this flawless vocals one day course, but chris is not gone forever. He will be back tomorrow morning. Let's, talk a little bit about what we're doing tomorrow with the tracking and mixing with outboard gear, you give us a little preview that, yes, definitely. So tomorrow is more about this stuff you've seen in here all day. I obviously was only using very small amount of it today to show you about tracking vocals, but tomorrow I'm going toe basically go through a knish use song maybe a couple depending and break down how I'm using this stuff in the mix because every mix I'm using almost everything her...

e and it's all really important to my sound, and I'm going to show you it's going to be a little bit of a combination on how it acts howto actually integrate outboard gear like how to do it and make it make sense in a mix without having all kinds of problems in your d a w and then also about why I'm using it and what things do for certain instruments and I'm going to go through the entire mix and show you everything, but I'm also going to show you a lot of settings and, like different things I do in mixes that that you could also do with plug ins it's not like you have to own all this stuff to do it too. Teo teo, be engaged tomorrow. This is just how I do what I do, you can take my ideas and techniques and apply them with whatever tools you want. And so I think even if you're not interested in outboard gear particularly, but you're interested in mixing, it'll be a really good class, and if you're interested in outboard particularly and you really want to hear what different boxes sound like, some of this stuff is like, I've had to buy a couple of these things without actually being able to hear it because they're hard to find so tomorrow is going to be a cool time to hear all these things soloed, how they sound on and off and what they're really doing in the mix it's really cool that just sounds fun it's gonna be fun it's gonna be a good day so good. All right, guys. So that is the end of today. Is this this flawless vocals editing, recording and mixer and mixing and I hope that you enjoyed it. I know that I did it's something where we all you know, if you're working in this field, you're gonna have to record and you're gonna have to work with vocals. At some point, some singers were going to be better than others, and I love that we've been able to see so many different techniques and different ways to both improve people who need a little bit of help and make sure that you are accurately representing people who have that powerful voice. That's kind of what he brings to the table here, chris. And so I'm glad that that he was able to be here so again, folks, thank you for joining us today. We will hopefully see a lot of you back tomorrow as well. For for the second day. Long course with chris crumb. It called trekking and mixing with outboard gear. So, folks for this course, I will say that that is a wrap and we'll see you all tomorrow. Have a great night.

Class Description

Not every vocalist you encounter is going to be great, but when you do get a strong one in front of your microphone, you better know how to record them. Kris Crummett will show you how.

Kris has worked with some of the biggest post-hardcore/rock bands of the last few years; Issues, Sleeping With Sirens, Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig, Alesana, and more. Throughout this course, Kris will use the actual Pro Tools sessions from Issues' self-titled album to teach you his unique approach for tracking, editing, and mixing vocals.

If you are looking for a fresh take on recording and mixing vocals, this course is for you.


Tyler Little

I'm recording with a simple solo usb mic pre into ableton, and mixing entirely ITB - but I still found this course very helpful. I was skeptical when I saw how young Kris was but the dude obviously lives and breathes music and he answered a lot of my questions. Audience participation was helpful sometimes, sometimes not. Overall, a lot of content for pretty cheap. Would watch more from him. Thanks

Elise Nicholes