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Food Photography for Instagram®


Food Photography for Instagram®


Class Description

Make sure every Instagram® upload looks incredible with shooting and retouching tips from Penny De Los Santos in Food Photography for Instagram®

Penny is an award-winning, globe-trotting food photographer and in this class she’ll discuss the essential elements of an Instagram® upload. You’ll learn about the challenges of getting a good shot, tips and tricks for overcoming them, and you’ll get to watch Penny shoot and process her images.

Find out exactly what it takes to whip up a successful food photograph in Food Photography for Instagram® with Penny De Los Santos.


a Creativelive Student

Not what I expected. Shouldn't food styling be an essential part of this? It's like being a photographer but not being good at composition...

Jesie Schilling

I love how she took a picture with her phone but I rather used my camera and it gives more better photos and lighting but with a phone you can post it on your own websites and that's way I signed up for this websites.