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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: From Shoot Through Photo Editing: Fashion Retouch

Lindsay Adler

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I'm Kenna Klosterman, your host for Fashion Retouch with Lindsay Adler. So please help me welcome Lindsay Adler to the CreativeLive stage. Thank you. (audience applauds) So, I recognize several faces here in the audience and hi everybody out there. Can you hear my super sexy voice? So, I was sick last week so I'm just gonna preemptively say, sorry if I cough but hopefully it just makes my voice that much more entertaining okay. Anyway, I'm Lindsay Adler and I'm a fashion photographer based in New York City and I love CreativeLive and I am here relatively often. I'm happy to be back again and what I would like to talk about for this Photoshop week is something that is my life really. So my life is photography and Photoshop and lighting and how they all work together. So the thing that I think really made the biggest difference to me being a good photographer to a much better photographer is making everything come together. So when I was learning photography, I learned posing and then ...

I learned lighting and then over here was Photoshop and then over here, like, so I had all these disparate pieces right? And when I would look at an image it was often technically okay but nothing came together. It's when I put all the pieces together that my work really stepped up a notch and that's when, that really important element called impact happened. When all of the pieces come together and so that's what I'm going to be talking about. A little bit about impact and the fact that when I'm shooting I don't think about one piece of the pie, I think about all of the pieces of the pie which is why people that aren't photographers, they don't get how much we have to think about. There are so many pieces and if one piece falls flat, it's not gonna be a great shot. I mean everything has to come together. So specifically what I'll be talking about today is including post processing, Photoshop in your conceptualization. Before I do a shoot, I know what I'm going to do in Photoshop and it doesn't mean I know like, exactly what brush and exactly what, not like that but I know when I'm going to change a color or when I soak in an environment and I look at and I say, "Oh my gosh, I love this spiral staircase "but, you know, that wall behind it, "that yellow is not working for me. "But with that blue dress, "maybe if I do like a pale teal." I know that I can Photoshop. I can know that I can change it so for me, I always approach a situation knowing what I can do in Photoshop and it's not cheating at all. Photoshop is part of the process. So when I was in college, we were kind of taught that Photoshop, like, save it for last, fix things you have to and then it's the exact opposite. I almost, sometimes have it first. Thinking what I can do, what the possibilities are with Photoshop.

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Avril McPherson

Yet another fantastic course from Lindsay. She is by far my favourite photographer as well as a brilliant teacher. We are so lucky she is willing to share her brilliance )

Phyo wai Moe

Lindsay is awesome as always . I should have bought this course long ago . Its well worth of money and i recommend to people who like to start fashion shoot with cheaper option . Thank you Lindsay . As for Creative Live group , please fix the " Purple Skirt Picture " as crush or corrupted . Thanks .


I love Lindsay's tutorials. She speaks "our" language. She has very simple, but highly effective approach to studio set ups as well as post-processing. She is very (very) creative photographer. Highly recommend.

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