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How to Nurture Your New Skills

Lesson 29 from: From Structure to Style: Master Your Copywriting

Shani Raja

How to Nurture Your New Skills

Lesson 29 from: From Structure to Style: Master Your Copywriting

Shani Raja

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29. How to Nurture Your New Skills

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Chapter 1: Copywriting Fundamentals


Class Introduction - Overview of the Course Content


The Five Aspirations of a Superior Copywriter


The Importance of Defining Your Intention & Audience


The “Secret Sauce” of Good Copywriting


Quiz - Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Simplicity


Introduction - The Power of Simplicity


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How to Nurture Your New Skills

So I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this journey with me. I hope you've gained a lot of new insights from this course that will help to empower your copy writing and editing going forward. I just wanted to quickly summarize the perspectives that I've shared with you through this course one last time to help lock in the learning. Now, first we looked at the mindset of an exceptional writer and I mentioned the key, the five key aspirations that you should seek to cultivate as a superior copywriter. Specifically, I said, you should always aim to make your writing comprehensible, beautiful, effective, engaging and authentic, which is the basic foundation for wowing readers with your pros. Next, I taught you why it's important to be absolutely clear on your intention and your audience, which I said paves the way for you to shape your content, tone and pace in an ideal way after that, I gave you the magic formula, simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocative nous, the fundamental de...

sign principles of good writing and I explained that you had to balance those ingredients for the best results. And finally, I showed you how to edit your writing gorgeously with a step by step. Editing process that pretty much leaves no stone unturned in the quest for quality. Now that we've come to the end of our journey, I wanted to just take a step back and recognize the value of what you've learned here. Hopefully with these perspectives in your copyrighting toolbox, I'm hopeful that your writing will quickly begin to surpass the quality of much other writing out there, either in the workplace or on the internet. I urge you to keep practicing these writing and editing techniques over and over. You may want to practice these skills by editing your own previous writing. For instance, you could even surf the internet or the various other seller content here on fiber, looking for feeble copy to edit and then have a go at improving it using the tactics and strategies shown here. In fact you could go practice these skills and put them to use right away by updating your driver profile. After you've passed the final exam, you can enhance your fiver palette with new gigs, services or entire service packages to reflect your new skills in writing, editing, copyrighting, copy editing, blogging, content, marketing. And more truly the sky is the limit for where you can apply your new learning. But let me just say that it's been an absolute pleasure and a privilege sharing what I know with you so far. I really do hope I continue. Can continue to be your guide in developing your riding skills to higher and higher levels. Thank you once again for sharing this journey with me. Mm hmm.