Lesson 11 - Be Ready for Any Interview Question


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Lesson 11 - Be Ready for Any Interview Question

Number five here getting to some good stuff right now had to be ready for any interview question essentially there are only three umbrella questions that I want you to focus on and that you should focus on and prepare for the majority of the interview questions will tie back to these three three he's easily manageable, isn't it right? So the umbrella questions remember that the three questions are do you have the experience, skills and expertise to undertake the role? They will ask you at least one question to find out about your competence in fact, they're probably gonna ask you between five to ten about that one, so start thinking about questions that you think would be answered that relate to that I'm really question there, but your answer should demonstrate your competence can you perform on the job that's all I wanna know we actually just had a question come in that tied back to something you said a moment ago but sure it goes on the confidence, but this comes from heidi in the ch...

at room who says ram, you said don't answer with hesitance what if we really are worried that we may not know something we may not be completely competent and something how do you go about answering it? We can never know everything in the world in every way that the interview may want us to know and so we're there to learn new things as well so it's natural not to have the answer to all of the questions how do you relay that in the interview process? Er so that was a long question essentially it boils down to when they hear that when you hear that question you may not be confident and how can you just say yes? I can do that even if you know in the back of your mind maybe you haven't done that before or how do you have that competence? Right? Right. Okay, I I understand so in a sense what you what you want to do is you don't want to lie ok? You need to being completely transparent of your abilities and that is going to allow you to answer things naturally there's a way it is a technique that I use whereby and and it's sometimes a question they actually asked outfront tell me about your weakness is good the dreaded question right? How do I answer that one? I simply say, uh, what I use what I want to learn as a weakness meaning I would say for instance, uh actually, I would say that ah, I'd love to learn more about leading a team and a project, so I would say that that would be my weakness because I haven't had as much experience as I'd like to I say what I want to learn as a weakness because I don't know it yet but I've turned it around to kind of go but I'm gonna let it can you guys help me out with that are you guys gonna give me that opportunity then they might be like well actually there's a great opportunity for you to learn more about that area yes it was for the airlines and they're like when was the last time you were angry and what did you d'oh was lost on me through a chink way this question I was what I wanted to say I don't get angry but that's just a dumb that is very real is when is the last time you had an anger attack yeah when you're angry and what did you do and I was like I'm never go that long yeah but maybe because it was for the airlines usually carry no that makes sense that's right that makes sense he was for it and not know how to I answer that yeah it's funny because like yeah that's yeah because yeah yeah I'm angry that you asked me that question about being angry yeah I mean you know that's a good example of something that will throw you off what was your natural reaction to that I was like I don't really get and I can't answer that question ok fine there is like it that should be your answer um uh for me as part of who I am my humor I would say something like I you know, I was really kicking myself when I missed the last episode of big fella on then they start laughing but that again that's my personality like not many people are going to think that so tio answer your question um you know that's one way bring fun in tow that's cool, you know don't take it so seriously, you know, in fact I might tio do you good because they like how you the complete opposite of angry you're you know you're actually trying to make people off and be happy and stuff but turn to the question about, you know, questions that might throw you off essentially just be as transparent as you can and, uh you're not going to uh it there's no point being some of that you're not essentially yeah, that magic coyote wanted to know when you're asked or something like that that you don't know you're not confident about they use the term? No, I don't know how to do that, but I'm an incredibly fast learner and they want to know what you think about that phrase is that a good way to answer something like that? Truthfully, is that something that an interviewer would would accept yet and that that is actually ah alludes to the same message because that's saying that no no no I don't know it yet but I can yeah no, I think I can I'm willing to great yeah how you word it I'm not going toe tell you how you worded it word for word but because there's so many things about timing and our personality and that was a perfect example you know you answered you here in the studio and uh the last time you got angry question as I actually can't remember there's nothing wrong with that I'm not I don't really you know I try to be angry ah and immediately when I realized I am I let go of it I don't want to hold on to that you know like you have to sort of assume also there in the interview they've seen your work they've seen your resume if they're asking about your skills and experience don't assume you don't have enough assume what you have is enough for you wouldn't be in the room right so have you have to have some confidence because you're in there yeah that interview and I think it also you need to be in a state of mind of reframing there's a reason why they're asking think to yourself what's the answer that they want to here do you think that is what I want what's the answer they would want to hear yeah I'm a raging, angry person they have rage blackouts is that what you want yeah it's cool I'm sorting it out, man and I got words of medication and let's do some after the interview what do they want to hear right off course you want you want to present itself in your best light and you know holly dot that you made it that far if you are a raging, angry person s o just tell them uh actually don't get angry often next question move on let's get this into your I've got questions for you, mister interview man that's what you want to be okay tens actually going to talk a lot about that we're going to bring ted line hot in the next segment let's move on the second question umbrella question that you should start thinking about because they're gonna ask you and taylor the questions around this do you have the enthusiasm and genuine interest in the role and the agency they're going to ask you other directly like that? Or they're just simply going to say, ah, they could say suddenly like s o do you know much about what we do? Yeah, I have actually I researched the whole town of stuff uh then you can go into whole thing one of the things that resonates with what you guys tio is the fact that you guys are contributing and helping the youth of the streets and I love the campaign that you did with that you could turn into a story because actually one of my cousins was homeless at one point out of whatever it is you get the point you have to show that you're interested in what they do and say why so that again the research comes in handy and they want to know your attitude here, you know, they might say they might weave it very, very much the beginning and say so tell me about yourself, that's when you can show your enthusiasm, your attitude, okay, they might reorder this whole thing but essentially have an answer that preferably has a story that demonstrates your attitude ah, and not only a story, but also a connection between performing on the job on balance between the two. Okay, and number three, the umbrella question there they're going to ask you is around about this area, are you going to fit into the agency's culture and tame that has to do with contribution? Ok, so they're gonna they're gonna want to know if you are if you're a man god uh, gothic poet that collects summarize which you might finally enough, I have met a guy that isn't that exact um, collector, they're gonna wanna see if that kind of fits within within the agency it's true, if they're having already found that on your instagram, ok, so they want to know what else you can contribute so if they are all why do you think it's so common for exchanges from different countries what's the benefit of cultural diversity anybody gets no whole other dimension innovation create innovation learning all of this comes down to culture diversity is completing a story that they cannot what we do in designing as creators we need to be informed as high as possible how do we do that in agencies that I've worked for I've worked with spanish japanese, french, german english brazilian american imagine all those people in one room in a brainstorming session that is that is amazing it's a filtering process that I can't get with just australians or just germans or or just americans whoever that's where the value is so if you are we'll have something whether it be culturally or whether it be something about your interests um and some of you can actually testify to this those of you that are working often times when you get a client let's say uh about baby products you'll get an internal email usually how we've got a pitch for this let me product brand can anyone that's had kids please email this account manager we're going to have a lunch time brainstorming session okay those of you that are watching I'm sure you know what I mean about this floozy here is well that's common so you're contributing tell me are you a mom are you a ah skateboarder ah you a uh photographer what other interest you have well we might be able to use that actually so there are three types of questions you should ask the employer this is hugely important do not leave the interview without asking questions ask as many questions as you need it is a partnership carried I think when I say so well that's really cool thanks for showing me through work for spending time with us have you got any questions for for us no I'm good do not do that do not fall into that trap because the interview needs to be balanced so the first question type almost commonly be this by joining this agency will I be making the most of my current skills and expertise and will they help me grow help me grow them further that matters to us right you don't want to be going from one job to the same one you want to be at a job where you can grow and where you can expand and use your skills and contribute so an example of that would be this one of my goals one of my goals is to improve the speed off my strategic thinking and problem solving would you have any mentors that's just one that I um that I thought of quite recently but would you if that's appealing to me you get the idea so that's just one example um three types of questions number two here second type is the agency excited about having me work for them and will they provide me with the necessary support yeah you want to know if you if they if it's gonna be a chain and burn company or if they're like we're actually looking for someone with you know this type of attitude this energy or or or that can bring this to the table an example of that could be can you tell me a bit about the structure and process off the company and where you potentially see this role in the mix you should know how the flow is going to be who are you answering towards? Are you managing any people under you who are you reporting to? Ah can I work remotely from home some days because I've got other commitments what's the time like the uae is it really strict to most people leave at five thirty or six o'clock or you know is it usually the culture of leaving at ten o'clock at night if we do have to stay back what's the process you know I live quite far. So um the previous place I've been to offer cabs and indiana yeah, we do that heater cool, there are a lot of things that you should ask about, you know you're going to do this, you're going to be there full time, especially five times a wage five days a week. It's a lot of your time and the third type of question you should ask the employer is the following sorry around about this? Ah, this territory here is the agency's culture, the right fit for me so that I can thrive and still be myself. It's an example of that would be simple. Is this and could be super casual? What are some of the interests that the other designers and creative's have in the company? Simple and that's. Nice you're being polite about that, you know, saying if everyone he eats organic food, I don't want the job, you know, you you just want to know what's everyone else into because you're gonna be hanging out with him, you're going to have a lunch with him, we're going to be going tio work events with them, we're going to be, you know, potentially going after hours with them, so I've lost that and there is there was a time early on in my career where I did not ask that he is what happened when I did not ask that I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. On the first day on the first day I rocked up, open the doors. There's a woman there ohio gone you know that you know that's me I sat down, I met another woman and then I met another woman and then I met another woman and then there were sixteen women there and no men good or bad? Yeah, right? And I'm sure a lot of the guys like what's wrong with that may look from a creative point of view and I'm being hope a totally one hundred percent serious it was it was not balanced yeah, you know, it was it was very feminine skewed naturally and um so it didn't work out for me like I didn't feel although the values that were important to me what we're being met there and that's fine. So another time that I when I did ask the question, what are some of the interests that the other designers and credits having the company the crab director simply goes, oh my god, everyone here's a health not and I'm like, do they do morning rituals? No, I didn't I the response is simply iran's here is either into yoga across fear or like lifting weights or like eating protein and eating paleo or whatever it was and I was like fulsome I like that I like that and it runs outdoorsy people kite surf, they go to the beach every day I'm like we're all up my alley where do I sign up? Okay, so it's important to us that when the interview wraps up exit the interview as you entered with gratitude and respect shake the hand and tell them thank you so much for your time simple lazar express how much you appreciate their time because it's a win win no matter what the results and at the very least have had interview experience expanded your network and learn something new a lot of the time it's like oh you know you call up your best friend or your partner or your family and so and this and you say I had just finished the interview and they say how did you go and you go oh I don't know I was a bit nervous get that out of your mind it's done we've done the best you can learn from that experience revisited if you have to and say well there was that one question when they asked me you know how angry do I get what it was that what can I learn from that? Ask your mental hey, I just had an interview email them what would you have said to that get get your answers being formed to learn from that experience because then you're not going to go out of there if they don't give you the job you're not going to walk out and go what a waste of time I even learnt something it's a win win remember the rule about three hundred, but I have three hundred rejections, three hundred values, three hundred attempts it still adding to that? Get those three hundred attempts and rejections out of the way you were going to be pros at interviews like, I'm just going to go for interviews, I'm not even applied for jobs, I just want to now every interview because I'm just so good now, you know, you want to get to that position where you're like, so you don't actually want the job night it's kind of just wanted to go through the motions, you know, you say when you accept the interview, some people say if you're genuinely interested to say, I'm really interested in the position, I just want to make sure you know that before I go great, okay, I love that you just brought that up. Ah, I love that you brought that how is that not in my slides? Um, so yeah, simple one reaffirming that you're interested he's the one of the biggest mistakes that I've found actually in interviews, people don't say that they want to the job like, literally say I am interested in this job, I think that what you guys do is amazing and I would love to contribute and be part of it imagine someone telling you that. Imagine if you're the owner and I'm looking at you, and I'm saying, I want to be part of your team, that's, huge rather than you just being, you know, you are going to answer when they have questions. But if they have an open ended questions such as, so is there anything else before we wrap? But we'll have. You got any questions? And then you say, now, that's, that's, all the questions I've got. But, you know, I just want to let you know that I really and looking forward to working for for this place, uh, you know, or a place like what you do. I just hold what you do in such high regard. You know, you can word it however you want, but that's, essentially that.

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