Lesson 12 - Interview Role-Play with Students


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Lesson 12 - Interview Role-Play with Students

All right we're going to bring up one of the studio audience here his name zane just to put things in a bit of context we're taking a bit of a bit we're taking zanes are real situation he isa past graduate in design but he is looking for not a designer role but a product management role so uh what we're going to do is just going to cover some christians very naturally um and I just want to see if they picked up any off the tips and things like that so it's simple our conversation uh and you've been waiting in the reception I've come out of my meeting on the crab director I've walked up and okay zane's wait for me perfect I'm like hey saying how are you hurry around good yes yes thanks so much for coming down did you get here okay yeah thanks for having me on really nice view here yeah waves this office about six months ago yeah has a bit of a price tag yeah yeah yeah but yes sometimes when the sun sets you know we've we've gotten some really amazing views so awesome yeah loving you yea...

h yeah we'll stick around and I'll corgis I'll definitely take you on a tour later on we're just going to this meeting room take a seat, my friend the suit this um yeah so uh thanks for taking the time to come over our uh you know a lot of what we do has to do with product management and it's a huge important part to our company especially when we're rolling out programs it is like that so we need all those intricacies really sorted out so uh we looked at your your linked in profile actually and and uh I noticed that you had graduated in design uh can you tell us a bit about yeah what you do uh what you're doing now yes oh for that I started off as a designer my backgrounds in an interactive multimedia my degree was actually an interactive multimedia which is a combination of both design and development and for the past five years I've been running my own design and branding agency and um when I started it was more focused on design branding and then slowly transitioned into more on the software development side of things perfect so my skill said it will office around both design and also development and uh the intersection of both both of those I think fit perfectly with the product management role that you guys are offering yeah unreal yeah there is there a lot of projects that we've done that actually uh where we brought on those exact tasks so uh yeah here were actually ah small agency yeah we only have about fifteen people awesome um so just out of curiosity you know can you tell me a bit about yourself in terms ofthe you know how you've worked in other agencies and what kind of environments are you comfortable with and things like that you're actually this that's exactly the size of agencies that I've been working with I've been using more working with smaller teams start ups mainly and building products within in the ios developments area and so it's mainly mainly teams of like fortified people feel and then companies your size yeah that's really important you said that because it was actually the role requires you to be quite independent into not have much supervision yeah so how are you comfortable with with taking on projects from from the briefing straight through to the deliverable you will be reporting to one of the directors but there will be many instances where you'll be a fly solo absolutely actually that's what I've been doing for the past five years it's just me has an independent developer designer on where I get have you got any examples of some project? Yeah, sure I even talk for sure recently I was working where the team about just three people uh we were working on an app that basically uses your phone sensors to give you feedback on your driving performance so my role in that team was to build a product uh yeah, I think I saw that on your portfolio yeah, yeah that was really cool and you made that video yeah, so you know, my job was mainly working with the developers and the designers also getting feedback directly from the customers like and implementing those things right in the op perfect. Okay, so usually this would go on for a little bit of uh you know however the direction guys and then uh it had big have you got any questions for us as a company you're every going questions for me personally as as one of the lead tech directors here yeah, absolutely. What do you think how I can contribute and take your your projects to the next level and would your organization and allowed me to grow as a person and my career oh, I like that see how that dynamic change their yeah uh so I would answer that accordingly of course uh if this was my company way on the spot now s o c you prepared that question in you yeah. You know, usually and why is that because you were you were you were it's important to you? Yeah isn't it? Well, I mean it's at the end of the day it's a partnership and we want to make sure that you know we're helping you it's a win win and uh yeah, we're getting results at the end of the day, right, right so of course I answer that being such amazing fashion have you got any other questions for me yeah sure so what type of mentors and you know what is your culture like within your your company perfect perfect it's a great way to word it um I wouldn't stop there I would keep going from one will all right three I don't even think that's a good minimum five you can go up to ten I'm telling a drill um drill them he hit the nail on the head it is a partnership not a one way street what do you want out of it? Yeah. Okay so that was so incredibly fantastic thank you for coming up his own we are going tio have on the next segment ted lionheart who's going expand on a lot of the negotiation side of things ok he's an expert negotiator for creatives and uh look again notice signs body landed like again I did not give him a huge pep talk before this by any means I just simply said uh I want you to pay attention to what we're talking about and to really prepare uh quite quickly because I'm going to get you on for a role play and so look he had his he had his material down part in terms of what he was going to share about he had his projects there he seemed very genuine he wasn't going to pass out on may he was comfortable he paced himself he was talking to me as if as if I was talking to him was I grilling him in a in a you know a strange way no, I was saying how yeah look I was even talking about the sunset what was that about? Yeah, because that's how it's going to be and we've bean through interviews you know I know most of us have if you haven't that's how it's going to be so don't paint a picture in your head to make it more complicated than it is okay thank you sign a lot of fun yeah with everybody questions thank you. Yeah, yeah you've got questions. Yes, I'll just bring zain down it's not that I am but it's just the time see, I'm not a mom but if you were like, say a mom working indian and time constraints were pertinent is that when you is this first interview when you would oh bring up something like that you're all that I want to show your cards then like like good question s o to pinpoint that you saying when should you say something like if you were a mom or you had other commitments might limit your availability? Very good question I think what it comes down to is, um tell him in that uh started tell him asked them during the before the interview ends when I saw you got any questions that's a question that you want to go uh, you know, you wrapped up for the first tango are actually going to leave that for every day. That's not fair on their mother. What if the company runs on the lower latest schedule? It's a partnership you will find the one if you are in that situation. It's a great question. Like let's say you have to leave at midday every friday. Tell them you know, to some degree, of course, if it's personal it's personal. But if you if you can, tell them that I have very important commitments that require me to leave, uh, early on a friday, uh, is there a way that we can manage that if he gets to that stage in terms of making up for that lost time, or how do you feel that that could work? Because I love this company and reaffirm. I love what you guys do. And I just don't want that to be a hindrance. But I thought I should tell you up front.

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