Lesson 13 - What Happens After the Interview?


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Lesson 13 - What Happens After the Interview?

What happens after the interview? So, there's a couple things with this, the first area we're going to talk about, and in a key lesson in this segment, is why rejection is a good thing, of course, if the outcome is that forever, for whatever reason, that we didn't get the job, or maybe we didn't really want the job in the first place, so that might have done us a favor. However it works out, sometimes it's not meant to be for us, and you're not meant to be for them, so rejection is naturally going to happen there. What to do when you do receive one though, we're gonna talk a little bit about a lot, and there is, ah, a bit too dio within between these, these two is really the negotiation portion, so that can happen in a second interview that might happen at the very end of the first interview that might happen over a phone call. Ah, however, that happens, there are a couple questions with regards to negotiating on answers that we can arm and prepare ourselves with, tio, get the best out...

come from those common questions. In fact, some of the questions I asked zane so ted's going to shed some light on negotiating, and also three common questions around areas outside of negotiating to then we're going toe tackle some key points to remember when you're on the job and when you're working it's really important and ongoing process so then we're going to move on to why you need a career mental and how to get one a lot of you guys have asked that, and I know that many students that I've spoken to all across the united states have asked very, very consistently how do I get a mental? In fact, a lot of people have e mailed me and said be my mental and you know, I'm hugely thrilled and humbled by that, and it is simple as that, you know, so we're going to get to that getting in touch with kareem rentals. Ah, what a cream mental is what it can do for you point six here lesson that we're going toe end with is reveal the most underestimated value above all your skill and above all your achievements what is that? So I touched on it slightly throughout this, but I'm going to really close the workshop on that very important point. Why rejection is a good thing why is it a good thing you say? What are you talking about? It's such a horrible feeling to be rejected, but I think it's all about reframing your mind and some of you know about where rejection can take it but I'm just going to shed a couple of different points of fought on rejection that will reaffirm its benefits firstly rejection filters the good from the great doesn't it if you look at any successful person for may no doesn't mean no it just means no not yet and those two words not yet is important because you might not be ready for that task and it might need youto hustle a little more and grind a bit more on on the uh the areas that are lacking or that are slightly not up to where they should be for that particular goal but it's also not yet because it means that it's ongoing it's not a great wall that you can't overcome so remember that because a lot of times it's so easy to go and receive the coal and be told sorry you didn't get the job but all your hearing is I'm not good enough that's not what they're saying they're saying no no yet so that's important it demands us to work a little harder and sacrifice a little more give more do more you know it's exhausting but do you want to wake up on your death bed when you're one hundred eighty seven and think to yourself uh we should really gave that a bit more of a crack in time is now because obstacles are what makes life interesting and obstacles on dh overcoming them is what makes life meaningful that rather is what have realized on my journey if I was the pinpoint a frame of mind, this certainly has allowed media till actually love challenges it's a strange thing when that shift it's like I've actually never written a book before, and I've actually never done eighteen speaking events before, and I've never been on creative live I've never done public speaking like this how did I do it? How well I found a way and I worked as hard as I could. I researched as much as I could. I sacrificed as much as I could that's what it comes down to. So remember that quote rejection is a question that actually screams how badly do you want it? Tell me, how badly do you want it? Do you want it kind of bad? Or do you really want it? There's a difference? Do you want it more than sleeping a procrastinating? Or, you know, watching television or partying or boozing? How badly do on it. Like when he's that realize that you're gonna come when it's too late because this course is about getting the designs of that you want. But ultimately design is just simply a vehicle to meet a need that you feel is going to add happiness to you a lot for my mom. Everything that we do is linked to an emotion we feel that this outlet we call being a designer is part of that well being a photographer being a creative person so how badly do you want that maybe you're realizing now just by me saying this that man I actually don't want to do what I'm doing now one of us you another path fine but it's never too late to go for what you want think about this greatness in your career and your life happens when you persist and we brought this up a little earlier and if you think about it quitting does not work in harmony with greatness you will never see quitting and greatness together in any situation except right now when I put the words together and say that these aren't going to be linked it's easy to quit it's easy to give up and I feel you guys you know I got an email recently off a gentlemen that I that I had consultations with he's graduated his bachelor's degree he hey also has had some internships but he just can't nail a full time job and has been out of university for two and a half years his and he's almost pouring his heart out to me on email saying for him what do I do I feel like I've done it all we haven't done it all there's more for you to do do not even for one second think that that is your limit expand that limit I don't want you guys to give up because I don't want it to seem as if it's easy if it was easy, everyone would be doing it that's the bottom line if if whatever you wanted to pursue is easy would you be fulfilled? Absolutely not so embrace those traits of challenges and obstacles and don't quit because rejection is necessary for growth at a rapid right as many of us know experience is the best teacher so let's not embracing that I want to talk to you about a couple of stories that really when things get tough for may, I sort of do my breathing techniques and I and I envision these stories of these people one of which is walt disney he was actually fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination and for not having any original ideas are they crazy? I mean the lion king aladdin greatest movies ever that happened to him don't even get me involved with the stories of steve jobs and getting fired from his own company and all this which I'm sure we're all aware of this one I absolutely love sylvester stallone he was rejected by many production companies and hey was selling the script as we know it the movie rocky now I don't know if you know this fact, but he uh was selling this script and was going around to different production companies and he got one offer starting at one hundred twenty five k this was in nineteen seventy five ah around about or nineteen, seventy four when he was searching and uh they said we're going to offer one hundred twenty five k for the script on one condition that you don't star in it, but that was his prerequisite I have to start and I rode a envisioned me doing you listening and I want to be an actor they said I can't. How about two hundred, two hundred and something thousand? So they offered him that he didn't budge he did not budge. He then was offered again three hundred twenty five thousand dollars and he said no, mind you he was bankrupt at this time he even sold his dog he sold his dog for two thousand dollars you later find out that he he brought it back for some one year for I think are for fifteen thousand yeah, it was fifteen thousand won back his dog uh, I'm skipping ahead of the story here, but basically he was offered three hundred and twenty five k. He still said no and they said, fine, you can star in it, but we're gonna give you thirty five k three hundred eighty five thousand to thirty five k it's true, so he said cool accepted it he needed to star in it fifteen of that came into it to his dog. He went back to the guy that he sold it to. Yeah, and amazing. So, uh, the twist of this is that in nineteen seventy six, the movie was released and it's the budget was one million dollars to make the film. The film made two hundred twenty four million dollars and it was the highest grossing film in nineteen seventy six, and it went on to win three academy awards, one of which was best film. Amazing. How about albert einstein? The guy that we refer to as the genius? He did not speak until he was four years old, and he didn't actually raid until he was seven, causing his teachers and parents to think that he was mentally handicapped, slow and antisocial. He was just a little slow to get going. He surpassed ever on him at that point after that. And how about this? Colonel sanders? He started kfc at the age of sixty five years old. I don't know if you guys know that when he was bankrupt as well, he was working at a petrol station, a gas station near his neighborhood, and he was told by the real estate in the area that they that that whole area was bought. That to bulldoze that whole thing that the shops including the gas station so he was out of a job so he reverted back to what he loved which was cooking some bad ass chicken the incredible at what is it eleven herbs and spices or something like eleven secret rescue that he has he started selling that because people he found that after work uh they didn't have time to cook so he's like I'm just gonna make their dinner so he goes on and start making the chickens that expanding expanding at age sixty five he started his first kentucky for a chicken ten years late at seventy five he had established already six hundred outlets and now they there I think ninety million plus or like countries or cities around the world that have um casey down the road I recently wrote a blood post on why it's important to live uncomfortably and you can read that on giant things that come but essentially it was a post that I wrote that talks about this we experience two peaks of emotion in order for us in its simple terms to feel happy we have to feel sadness but I want you to use that idea to remember that when it gets hot and tough and you're like I can't like I'm seriously gonna give up that is a new level of discomfort in order for you to experience a new level of comfort because the wheel is going to turn the wheel is going to turn your going to be up and down that's the cycle of life, isn't it so I don't want you to think that oh yeah this is this's really, really good but you know it's going to stay that way you know that there's going to be times was going to be a struggle accept it but anticipation is key there's power in that isn't there anticipate that is going to some child in times and when there is I want to face it head on and I am referring to you know, specifically getting a job but in anything of course because it's not easy it's not easy getting a job you know it's your livelihood you want to do something that you love but sometimes it's like so many challenges, so remember that the two peaks of emotion there in order for you to feel comfort, whether it's by a fireplace you have to feel the phrasing code rejection opens the door for you to seek immediate feedback the moment that you get that call ask the question thank you for the opportunity to thank you for letting me know is there anything that you feel that I could have improved on use that moment right there? Yes, the reject did you but you're not going to leave empty handed you're gonna awesome quality questions. Rather they're going to tell you showed up, actually when we asked you about why you, you know, you know how many winners? Last time you got angry? He blanked out. Ask him. What did you want me to say? Even if they didn't bring it up there was actually questioned. I threw me off. These are the times where they're so good like you've got rejected already so you can ask anything you want, so use that. Oh, have you got any questions? Yeah, I've actually got another question. Oh, and another christian ask ask. Ask what he thinks. My strongest pace in my portfolio. All of these things. Have you seen my regime? My what did you think about it all? Stella wants ten. Get get, get what else do you look for? What you're actually after? How good are gonna be on your next interview just after one rejection. But you have to ask and seek immediate feedback. It's a door that opens for you so on your job search have you got a rejection story that has led you to learn one big lesson? Just when you think about that, um, think about that I'll show you on while you think about that. Uh on the online space I know you could be quite lengthy potentially topping a story but if you have ah lesson that you've learned please feel free to share one I'll share here with everyone as you think about it is uh I think of touching this on one of my other workshops but I applied for a job that I thought was out of my league and it was the whole thing about they had a long list of ah mandatories one of them was twelve years experience it was a design director role at the time I don't have seven years experience and he was in another city and it was there was a ll these things the hurdles and uh I just thought ah, what the health let's just send my regime my an introduction a male applied they said hi, we just like to inform you that you've made it through to the top twenty of our selection process and ah, there are a couple things that we need you to do in order to proceed in progress one of them was the redesigned their website landing page one of them was to create a new product line another was tio with a written answer, so I did that and I spent so much time doing and and I really thought about that submitted it and on comes some more tasks they're really testing these people but I made it to the top ten they said over five hundred people had applied from all around the world so I said ok top ten's not bad pretty cool let's see how far I can take this eventually made it to the top four but I didn't get it of course but um my point is that I did get rejected that's one story I got rejected many times but that's one story where I feel that uh I learnt war hey more than what anyone could have ever told me or that I could have ever may be watched on a youtube video are you know something I would have read in the book this is important of course but going through the motions is crucial you can think and read and know and have all the knowledge in the world but if you're not you utilizing that into the world then to seoul theory is not so just remember is there any stories that anyone would like to share about a rejection that they learned leaps and bounds from or something some real life experience that they'd like to share yes with it it actually wasn't a rejection but was the first good advice I got maybe itt's swisher creative director think um I started modeling during high school because I wanted to travel so the first agency I went tio we went with my sister and they didn't take they took my little sister but they weren't going to take me and I was kind of like but you know, this story is the younger sister but they were going to take me because they said I looked like a sex pot and and margaret oh yeah, that was it I said I put on a baseball I had my baseball shirt on and had my hair in a ponytail and then finally they said all right, we'll give you a shot because it was an open air view so well, right? Maybe we'll take your faction so I got the first interview a car first up and I'd never been on interviews. My mom came with me we've been into the the place early were there twenty minutes early quickly that with the director and he's talking where you from hello because well, you know, you go in, you do the best you can if you get the job great and if you don't it's not your fault because I have a a thing they have to fill out and neither you fit the bill you don't so good that I was like, ok, so I went in it was a room full of japanese men and normally I would have you do you have to slight your name and do it in front of a camera but because they were from japan they just talk to you I had a conversation with them they're like oh is the space between your teeth for good but because that's what lauren hutton had told them like all right but I had a great time I just talked it so and I left and because I grew up in hawaii maybe they felt like home cause I was like no it's good and I left out we asked if we could wait in the hallway like well, if you're gonna be hanging out here they'll see you one more time and I went in and I got the job they but the best part was it was cause for a really young innocent looks like days of heaven so it was kind of to the agency but but the his advice was just do what you can d'oh and then let it go yeah and I love that story is quite similar to the one I just showed in that just go for it as well you know, sometimes we already dismiss an opportunity we don't even apply and you went out there you know, you walk through the motions and you did and you know that's all we can do guys you are going to get better you are and, you know, amazing look it worked out yeah yeah flew long I was on a plane to youngstown, ohio have a dressing room and it was the best job could ever do is like to design that yeah I think that it's cool I love that that's so awesome anything in the chat rooms chris a couple of stories that people are telling here this one comes from j love in the chat room he says I was laid off over ten years ago for my first job it was my biggest rejection I wasn't even the lowest man on the totem pole but after that I couldn't get a job no matter how many I applied do because I had lack of experience so I went back to school for my ba I freelanced I intern and I worked part time to get over that hurdle eventually I triumphed and I'm blessed that it worked out amazing assistance yeah thanks for sharing that story yes, one more um I basically have ah, small story I actually had a recommendation from one of my recommendation from a classmate yeah at a company and also have my adviser my careers adviser as a recommendation and you know what? Do the same motions arrived there twenty minutes early studied the person and really tried to make sure that I could and get really impressive and then you know he had me to our test you know everything's is looking all good in fancy you know? They are looking at the works and I'll just look good throw animation on their through animation on there and I just and I was working and did it and then I waited it took about two weeks for me to get a response and when I got a response they were like what we're moving in a different direction with our art needs okay, so I was you know, I was what did you like from night ibragim well, what I learned was, um one I should have axed in the email that they didn't call me they sent to email they said I should have acts ok, well what you know, I don't got so far with the recommendation running our test what was perfect example and I should have done that I should have been more persistent and making sure to get that yeah, I love that think thanks to show I mean that's that's so mean, two weeks is a long time to wait I mean, I would I would follow up actually three three days after like max of course they're busy people but you want to still be on their radar um and did you got the feedback that you wanted, right? I didn't get if you didn't even get any feeling ok, well, they get I'm sure you are now. Yeah, well, I'm sure now that you're going to ask for feedback of you know if in the instance that you you get rejected from an offer or a job that you have applied for, I'm sure that's ah that's suddenly let ingrained in you now around. Yeah, so it's only because of these experiences that we we do know uh what and how to improve on so let's move on to number two what to do when you receive a job offer it's very easy to accept the first offer that comes along, especially when the industry has become so incredibly competitive and it's incredibly tough, you know that story out from the online audience where he got laid off and he couldn't get a job, so you have to actually go back to studying s o it's natural to leap onto the offer right away. But before you do that, there's a couple questions that I want you to ask yourself is the salary being offered industry standard for your role and expert and experience and expertise is it is a fair because sometimes they're coming up with a figure that's just so very low, but you have the value and ted's going to talk to us a bit more about that, but basically what we ah, as creative people, we've got to see that value, and you ultimately want to work for a company where you rewarded financially to otherwise you're not going to do a good job if they're paying you nothing almost next to nothing are you going to perform as best as you can you'll be looking for another job some of that's going to pay you for what you're worth exactly so ask yourself in research ask you know, your craved directors or your mentors and we're gonna get to mental is but people that have been through the thick of it so you can get a good gauge of what it is and also, um some of the resources that I've shared with the online also have salary guides things like that okay on one of things that I believe in and ted and I are in the same boat with this, whatever that bracket is ask for higher so if the bracket is thirty five to forty k then asked for, you know, forty three k whatever he's all right now do you have any other offers on the table that you can leverage against the other in terms of salary a lot he's going to get you some real traction if you think about it, you're a player on a team if you look at someone like realmadrid forward christiano ronaldo who is currently the highest paid soccer player in the world, he has a total earning of seventy three million dollars if you look at the mechanics of players being traded for different teams the same they want the best people on their tame if you believe that you're one of them then you better you better believe that you should get what you're worth okay, so if you have any other offers on the table that's a great bargaining tool that's why I encourage you almost you know not to accept the offer right away you know I did oftentimes are natural reaction is to say yes don where do I sign hold off? There might be some other um offers or interviews that you have which leads to this do you have any other interviews coming up huge if you're serious about job hunting, you might have three interviews in two weeks let's say ok let's say you do the first one they love you they already offer you a job are you going to say yes? Wait I'm not even gonna bother about the other two hold off and say to them look, I I'm actually ah, but actually going tio take some time to think about your offer uh oh and also I have two other interviews coming up and in order for me to make a very committed decision, I need to go to those interviews for my peace of mind and for the benefit ofthe the employer to whoever I decided to work for I want to be in it one hundred percent I don't want to be in a half heartedly they'll respect you for that but then, when you come back and go, you had actually offered me, ah, sixty cat. You guys only offered me for forty five. We'll match it. Cool. Call the other one. They're going to match it. Come on, guys, who's going to fight for your worth, but you.

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