Get The Film Look with Your DSLR


The classic, timeless look of film is making a comeback. Its popularity among commercial photographers is soaring, and it’s in particularly high demand in the world of wedding photography. But if you shoot digital or hybrid, how can you make your photos look like they were shot on film? Caroline Tran, a wedding photographer whose work has appeared in countless books and magazines, will teach you how to create the look of film through light, exposure and editing. Come along on a live shoot where she’ll show you how to find the light you need, expose to get 90 percent of the photo in camera, and use Lightroom® to achieve her signature look.



  • I really enjoyed this class and watching the process Caroline goes through from shooting, to cull, to editing to create her signature look. She shares the unique characteristics of film and how she aims to emulate that using DSLR as well as how to go about matching the film scans to digital images from the same session. This class is a good fit if you have basic knowledge on shooting in manual and want to emulate the film look in your work. I learned a lot and am able to apply some clear techniques to my approach and work flow to take it to the next level.
  • Caroline was charming, and she's a great photographer. However, this class did not teach how to get a film look (outside of presets). The first part was a photo shoot, which does have lots of good information for beginners. But it wasn't really about getting a film look beyond blur/bokeh. During the editing session, it became clear that she doesn't do her own editing and couldn't even recreate a preset. Many photographers use presets and/or outsource for editing. That is not a problem. But we were expecting to learn how to create a film look without just clicking a purchased preset.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Caroline's energy and and enthusiasm. It was interesting to watch the process from shooting, to cull and edit as she created her signature look. But was disappointed that she didn't really explain how to get the film look other than using her presets. I did learn a few things as she demonstrated her edits and would still recommend to others.