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Retouching Basics & Working with Text

Simple retouching tools we got spots spots is a big one. Little censored us little sensor spots, the place that I go to if I have that and that's going to be if you're photographing a sky or if you're shooting somebody on like a white or gray back trump this is where we have to worry about those spots. Best place to go to that would be in camera. So if you go to the filter menu, go down even if it's not a raw file. If you if you forgot about this, I want to go back camera filter and then inside a camera raw there's a retouching brush it's actually called spot removal okay, turn on your retouching brush and when you do that, you're going to see an incredibly handy little check box down here called visualize spots. Watch what it does to see it shows you your spots. Now you can just click and get rid of him and then turn it off. So easiest way to find spots. So and you guys know, if you heard were printed a photo it's like I've I've gotten big landscapes and you miss him. You don't see hi...

m on your screen and you print it and you just want to kill yourself because you to spend however money printing the photo and now every time you walk by it you have to look at these little spots she knew were just a click away so that's a big one um another tool and I heard a content where big buzzword for photo shop content where healing content where phil content aware works great the way that I use content aware a lot is with the lasso tool and then what I'll do is I'll just make a very quick selection hit the delete key change that the content aware hit ok sometimes it works good sometimes it does what this thiss just did what I rehearsed this that actually works really good so we're going to zoom in um let's try it one more time and I'm just going to make a little bit more of a contoured selection much better ok, that doesn't work the first time I tried again that's the rule of thumb for content, order and then when you see things like this, the place that you clean up with is another healing tool it's called the clone stamp tool all right and so when I see that rock I know like I'm gonna go clone maybe right here and clone that away I'm gonna make it worse there we go okay I got to find an edge like it's gotta end somewhere stop but undo let's go find another edge there we go oh ok now we're on it okay and at some point you're gonna have to give up but content where content or by itself works great just remember you're a lot of times you're gonna have to go in with your clone stamp tool and maybe just clean up an edge or something like that but when it comes to retouching just for simple things your spots your content aware and your clone stand tool to clean up because content where really works perfect each time my last one here is more just to show you that photo shops got the ability to do it um text okay we got our type tool and I'll go and type in some texts um katie and joe always and for never how's that oh um click with your type tool types and text you got all your fun options over here at the top I'm going to go with the script fun I know beautiful there we go text shows up on a layer just like everything else turn it on turn it off move it around it's live editable so if I ever want to change it I just grabbed my type tool I click on it and I can go in there and I can change my text it's never permanent or anything like that on then the big one here would be the character pallet. Because that's, where you make your text look good. Very rarely do our funds just type perfectly. Right? So we come over here, you can go and select our text. You could see I can control the space. I can control the size. I can control the space between each letter. I can control the height of the text if I want to offset any letters inside the texas character palace where attack. This is where you're going to go toe to do all that stuff. One last thing is its own number one it's, hard to see. So this is just this is a tip that affects nothing other than it makes. The text is your city. I'm just gonna add a layer and fill it with white and reduced capacity. Okay. And, uh, let's. Grab our text here. Let's converted to black one quick little trick with text. Iss when misses a lot of people. If you take your type tool and click and drag make a text box and now katie and what was his name? Joe, katy and john. She found somebody else always and forever, but there's, no way this will last, I give it six months, tops. Did you see how it's going down to the next line? So I made a text box and I can keep typing and then the last last little trick for you here is if you make that textbooks and you go appear to the type menu you can paste your laura ipsum text inside of there is that where you can feel it you don't actually have to have anything and just pacing text in there yeah, I get the microphone stand with you so when you were in the characters palate and you were sort of like dragging the different sliders and stuff in orderto change the spatial stuff yeah, what were you holding down on your keyboard or were you just like taking a mouse and clicking and dragging on those little boxes or yeah, yeah if you're when you have those pallets open um if you hover so each pallet each pallet has a little drop down menu you know, perfect examples like the opacity palate I could click on the drop down menu and I can move the opacity or I can hover over the word opacity and you guys see that we call it a scrubby slider c well hand scrubber if I just click and drag it back and forth it does the same thing so it's a way to not have to go deep into the setting that to change it

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Adobe® Photoshop® is a sophisticated program, but even the most inexperienced beginner can quickly learn the basic features and start retouching images.

In Adobe® Photoshop® Starter Kit, Matt Kloskowski cuts through the technical jargon and overwhelming choices to show you the features that will get you started. Matt will teach you the skills you need to make your photos look great in no time.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2.2