Getting the Most from Paid Ads on LinkedIn

Lesson 1/6 - Class Introduction


Getting the Most from Paid Ads on LinkedIn


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Class Introduction

I wanna talk about a few things that we're gonna do and I'll get into kind of why, and the why behind this is (stammering) kind of. Let me say this. This class is now for people who have optimized their profile, they see value in LinkedIn, and they want to be able to kind of go, okay, well what are the paid opportunities on LinkedIn? And there's a lot of them. There are so many that you can, and some people might not be ready for them or you might need to start doing them, but I'll tell you right now, today, my hope is that you walk out of this class and go, okay, now do I only see value, but I'm going to spend a little bit of additional money here and, or I just, I've completely eliminated it because it doesn't make sense to me. Those are my two hopes. Like, I'm not selling LinkedIn, so I just want to make sure you know that. Also, just a little bit about me before I jump in. I do think that, I fell in love with the platform because it allows you to connect with people and I think tha...

t that is something that is phenomenal. And also the mission of it is to create a platform that continues to create a space for education, how we share knowledge, right? And I think that's what I loved. I loved that it gave me the opportunity to connect with people and I love that it allowed me to have a platform to share and to be able to educate and share knowledge. Things that I've learned, things that have failed, things that have been really great in my life. And so it's giving me those opportunities to do that. And so, today, I wanted to have the time to be able to help everyone who has at least seen that kind of value in the platform get the most out of it on paid. So, here's some of the things you're gonna learn. First thing I'm gonna talk to you about is a little bit about why LinkedIn should be important. So if you're on here and you're here for the first time and you're thinking like, I'm not really sure that LinkedIn's the place I wanna be. So I wanna give you some stats that you need to know. I also wanna talk to you about optimizing your profile. So now, you are optimized at this point, okay? So you are optimized, you have a profile, wanna make sure that there is a, kind of a roadmap to make sure that your profile is measuring the bar. So it's really at the, it's optimized and it's great so that you can start paying. 'Cause when you start paying on LinkedIn for stuff, people are gonna see your profile. They're gonna see your business page. So if you start putting ads out there in the world to something where your like, your profile photo's not great, then everybody's gonna see that, a lot of strangers will see that, okay? The next on is we're gonna get into the marketing aspects of this. We're gonna talk about the self-serve, specifically self-serve avenue of paid ads and what people can do that are looking to spend a little bit more money. We're also gonna be talking about sales. We're gonna talk about the prospecting side, the connecting side. We're also gonna talk about Sales Navigator, which is a tool that LinkedIn specifically created for that, for sales people. We're gonna talk about convergence, which is not the next terrible action movie (laughter) that you're going to see this summer. It is a convergence of sales and marketing. How's that work, you know? Anybody ever heard that there's a war going on between sales and marketing? No one talks about it, but it's like, hey, we need more leads 'cause these leads suck. And they're like, hey you suck at sales 'cause you can't close those leads. That is the war between sales and marketing in a nutshell. And basically how LinkedIn has created a platform and products now that are working more together on the LinkedIn sales and marketing side. And so it's really been helping in that war between sales and marketing. And then the future. I'm gonna give you some of my predictions about the site. So I can't, I'm gonna, first I'm gonna give you a disclaimer that even though I'm on the advisory board no one told me any of these things. It's just observations that I have. And so I will give you some ideas of where I think the platform is going, and then you can bank on those, and fully invest in them, and that they're going to be true, okay? (laughter)

Class Description

As the biggest social site for businesses and professionals, LinkedIn offers tons of opportunities for users who don’t want to spend a dime on their marketing efforts. But those looking to take their LinkedIn game to the next level should consider utilizing some of the platform’s paid solutions.

Marcus Murphy, executive sales leader at and a member of the LinkedIn customer advisory board, will outline both the paid and organic options for generating leads, increasing traffic and building brand awareness, and then help you decide which ones are right for you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Master LinkedIn’s marketing tools, including the Sales Navigator.
  • Perform outreach that is personalized, targeted and engaging.
  • Identify high-quality leads.
  • Stay in touch with key accounts.
  • Build trust between you and your connections.
  • Create and launch an ad campaign.
  • Integrate sales and marketing on LinkedIn.