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Lesson 26 from: Go-To Lighting Setups

Mark Wallace

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26. Closing

We review the photographs that we created during this class. Mark gives his final thoughts and shares some additional learning resources.

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Well, thank you so much for watching this class right here on Creative Live. I think we did some amazing stuff. In fact, I wanna take a look back at some of the photos that we created during this class. So we're just gonna dive in here and look at some of the winners. I just selected some of my favorites. Here's that high contrast, black and white of Theresa also the old timely shot that we did. It's just wonderful what you can do with a little creativity. We have this. I converted this to black and white after we got done, we shot it in color during the session. But I love, even though we were showing a demo of how to control the shadows we got this really nice portrait of Theresa. And this, this was supposed to be the fan blowing but in our setup we got this wonderful shot. And then we did show that full length shot of the fan blowing that dress. What a fun shot! Wow! Sheila looks wonderful with this screen. Remember, we did some of that post-production to blur out her hand and give ...

it some false boa. We then followed. A little bit later on I wanted to group these two together. I really love this fine art photo. It's one of the funnest things I think we did during this class. It's really technical, but highly rewarding if you do this in your own studio we have super hero Theresa, the blue on the blue. we had the sparks flying with the grinder girl. Sheila had too much fun doing that. And then here is our nice, very soft, beautiful portraits. And then again, the light rays coming out what you can do with just a piece of foam board and a drill and a smoke machine then we have this beautiful, soft light portrait. I really love this. It's something you can shoot with just about anybody. And then this, what a beautiful glow to Theresa's skin that we were able to get with that clamshell light and the two soft light kickers. We shot this glamor shot. Holy moly abs. That is something that I really, I love how this looks. We have the catalog. Look, this is something that a lot of people ask me how to do. How can you create something that you can then cut out easily in Photoshop? This is it, one light, and you're gonna get an amazing shot. Again, we have this beautiful soft light that is giving this light from below wonderful, wonderful light. We have our front boa that we created just using a 1.2 lens and some little lights from a hobby store. We were able to use a Fresnel lens to create this. Look, I love how the light is just shaped on Sheila. We have that shadow back there that is wonderful. This texture. I could see this as something that we would put on a wall, and an art gallery, or a collection of I would submit this to a photo contest. I really, really love this because it's so wacky and it just grabs your attention. We have this beautiful pose. I just love how the light is hitting her to this side. And we have this curve that comes around. We've got this fake club scene that we created with just some color temperature shifts and again our little smoke machine. And then we were finding the light with Sheila and we had this shot. I really, really love how that session turned out. Now we did some really amazing things, but I didn't do it. I did it with a group of people, a team that helped me out. So they are going to come out here and I want to thank them before we leave you. So all of the stuff that happened on the cameras. Lexi, thank you so much. We had her scrambling and focusing and sline and I threw all kinds of curve balls at you. She didn't know. I'd be like turn the lights off. And she would do stuff. Not only did she do that but she also ran and helped us get lunch and helped us pick up stuff that I forgot about and scrunch screens and all kinds of stuff. Krista also, who's not here, did a ton of work. Seth, who's also not here, did a ton of work. We could not have done it without you. And so I'm very, very thankful that we just met last week. So I'm very thankful that that happened. And so we have Theresa. Theresa also was fantastic as always in this class but beyond that Theresa and I are pretty good friends. She actually found Sheila. So without Theresa we wouldn't have Sheila. Sheila, what a fantastic job you did in this class. I love those black and white images that we did during find the light, I think. Those are some of my favorites that I've ever done with that final light exercise. Fantastic. And then of course the person that kept us on track made sure everything was working and looked at the global view. Matt Madrid, he is the man that's making all this happen. So everything that you see first went through his eyes and brain and hands, and then was recorded live. We did the all of this live and he switched all that. So thank you so much for a fantastic team. Thank you guys. I want to remind you if you're watching this that this is the culmination of a bunch of classes that I've done here on Creative Live understanding light and light modifiers, the Lightroom stuff, Lightroom classic, and Photoshop and studio lighting essentials, and working with Speed lights in the studio and just there's a bunch of things. So if you want more depth to the things that we did in this class, you wanna understand a little bit more about the metering and how that worked. You wanna understand a little bit more about the light shaping tools and why I chose an umbrella or a soft box or a round thing or a square thing, check out understanding light and light modifiers or check out my Photoshop class, check out the Lightroom class. All of those things if you wanna really know what we were doing in this class, check them out. This class was to show you what you can do once you understand all of those different principles of photography and post-production. Thank you so much for joining me. And I hope to see you again here on Creative Live.

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The class is comprehensive without being too complex! An all around 'how-to' guide with examples in real time with real people doing it for real. Showing 'What If' structured classes and showing 'Here is Why' Does not drag along but quick and concise. AND brought the support staff for deserved bow at the end. Nice Guy & Nice class 4 Stars at least!

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