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The Graphic Designers Tools: Typography

Lesson 6 from: Graphic Design Fundamentals

Timothy Samara

The Graphic Designers Tools: Typography

Lesson 6 from: Graphic Design Fundamentals

Timothy Samara

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Lesson Info

6. The Graphic Designers Tools: Typography

Lesson Info

The Graphic Designers Tools: Typography

Typography is about words and letters and text, and designers need to know how letter forms are constructed, what their parts are, and what kinds of variations there are, and you know, when some are lighter or bolder, how their weight changes. Or some are wider, more extended, or more condensed, that there are different styles and how you might choose combinations. You know, we have to be able to look at combinations for their visual qualities, as well as what kinds of readings or interpretations we get just from the style, the quality of the drawing of the type form. And we also have to be concerned not just with the visual, but with the verbal aspect of it, because type is there to read. And there are aspects of it, how the letters are spaced within words, the space between words, the space between lines of text, how many characters fit on a line within a column of text, that either contribute to a more comfortable and engaging reading experience, or a very tiring and confusing readi...

ng experience. We have to look at type from a compositional standpoint and kind of merge the decision-making that we're doing between the visual, how we affect the optical display of the text, and its result on what we understand among the different parts of that text, how that text is arranged, what parts of it are important, that is, the hierarchy.

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This is more about all of your courses - It would be really nice for instructors to answer questions during break times or even after the class. There a lot a fabulous questions that I see that never get answered. I would like to go back even the next day and see a short note for at least some of those questions. Just an idea to help out this wonderful format that you have going. I am sure to make use of the promote question when I see an interesting one.


I LOVED this class! I learned so much and since I had the foresight to purchase it, I can go back for a refresher anytime I want. Plus, the downloads are spectacular! Almost a book's worth and so helpful! Thank you Timothy, you are great teacher!

a Creativelive Student

This was an outstanding course, would love to see a more in depth typography course from this guy. I'm a proffesional photographer with a formal education in design, I hardly ever use it, so I forget things, this was great both as a review, and to pinpoint things I didn't know or thought I knew. thanks once again! well done!!

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