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Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

Matt Stevenson

Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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Class Description

You don’t need complex graphic design software to execute on every design. Learn how Canva can be used as a lightweight option for creating, managing, and sharing your work in Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

Canva is a free, online tool you can use to source assets and create beautiful designs. In this class, you’ll learn: 
  • How Canva works and which projects it is right for 
  • Options for customizing templates and making the work your own 
  • Best practices for collaborating with others 
You’ll also get an in-depth introduction to Canva for Work. With Canva for Work, you’ll be able to create a brand kit with colors, fonts, and logos you can share with team members and clients. 

Guy Kawasaki will be on hand to offer tips on how you can use Canva-created graphics in business and how designers can use it to scale their work. 

Canva takes care of tedious work of and empowers designers to get creative. Join Matt Stevenson and Guy Kawasaki for Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva and find out how you can streamline your workflow and get more done with Canva.

Software Used: Canva 2015

Ratings and Reviews


Pretty good course generally...especially part 2 & 3. Frankly, Canva's early adopters, like Sue Zimmerman (who I heard about it from) & the like...& therefore probably MOST of us entrepreneurs are probably NOT graphic designers by trade. That was the whole point of Canva being created in the first place!!!! That fact was hammered home in the way Matt presented how to use Canva by pro designers in part 4. Unfortunately, Part 4 was very hard to follow at times. When was he in the pro version of Canva & what could be done in the version we all know, love & work with everyday was NOT always clear. Part 4 was waaaaay too fast & very terminology heavy for most of even the in-studio audience. (It was funny.) I wanted to hug the gal that kept trying to reel it in & get on the same page with her questions. Thank goodness. Bought the course right away because I've been using Canva for over a year and need to go to the next level. I hoped to learn tricks for all that I waste so much time figuring out on my own. There were some. Alas, one main Canva glitch with regard to applying a logo over a background (uh...kind of crucial for business owners & a real time waster to work around literally every single time you use the program) that was raised as a question & re-asked by 2 other people AND several times remained completely untouched. Although the question was on topic & appropriate at many times during parts 2, 3 & 4 and a seemingly very popular question, the moderator chose to ignore it. Almost NO questions were taken from the online audience, in fact, despite there being surprisingly few questions online!! Incredibly, incredibly frustrating & disappointing but I don't blame Matt for that. Too bad there seems to be no course materials to go along with the awesome tips Matt went thru one by one. What a perfect workbook or guide that would have been to go with this, in some form. Really too bad. And really surprising. So all in all, a good course with an EXCELLENT instructor (hope he does Prezi too) but some some big disappointments for this non-professional-in-graphic-design-or-tech, which, it seems is a SIGNIFICANT chunk of your audience...right?


This was an absolutely great course for a beginner like me. Matt explained everything very clearly and in a pleasant way. I hope he, or someone, does a class on the new Adobe Spark soon. Thanks again; Lonney

Khaled Yasser

I like this course, becuase it is very simple to the users, and canva is the future for quick design I hope everyone can you it.

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