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Canva Workflow

Lesson 15 from: Graphic Design Made Easy with Canva

Matt Stevenson

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Lesson Info

15. Canva Workflow

Lesson Info

Canva Workflow

So we talked earlier about the fact that Canada doesn't have a native file type than you can download. There's no like dot C N V A or something like that that you can share physically on her Dr that you could then upload into canvas again. Which means that we need to think about our workflow a little bit differently. As designers, we want to make sure that we understand on our clients understand that the things we are creating are going to live inside of Can, Va. It's not like something where you can download a full set of files, and it remains in Canada as creditable. Everything that you're downloading is because it's a final file you're paying for with the premium graphics, it's re site. It's it's it's creating high resolution versus little resolution. It's doing the compression for you and other than the pdf, so they're not gonna be edible. Let me show you what that exception looks like, though. Let's say, um, let's say I'm in here and, uh, let's go. Let's create a new day is actual...

ly going to hear I love this. So let's say I have a design where let's see here or there is that there's a entitled folders that I mean, we're having spg in the design, and I want to use that spg somewhere else. But I'm not all night computer. I'm on someone else's computer, which means that I don't have the native file. All I have is this Canada, Um, this canvas design, Um so my eyes twitching. So I need to actually design this before I do anything with it. So will make some micro decisions like that. So I want that f I need that for something else that I'm doing in a completely other program. The work around is to go up here and do download as a PdF for print. This means it's not gonna compress anything. It's gonna keep it as clean as possible and hold tight preparing your design. Thank you kind interface. So it's gonna think for a minute it's gonna gather up all my stuff and it's gonna throw into a pdf. Now, as designers, we have these fun little hacks where, um, we can take that, pdf and just bring it into illustrator. And we know that all this stuff is gonna be kept. Of course there's things like weird clipping masks that happened. It's just kind of the nature of of bringing something of this particular hack. So here I'm just releasing all the clipping mass. And when I get down to the core level, I have the vector F. So if you actually need something from from your canvas account and you don't have access to with the Native Files anymore, that's how you can get it. That's pretty much how you can get anything like there are times when I need a logo from something, and the only thing I have to go on is a Google search, where I found a PdF from the company where I can take the pdf and hope and pray that if I throw it into illustrator, they included a vector file on that. I could take it from there. You do not get the funds. That's important to note, So don't think that the text is going to be edible because it will not be. You can see as I'm like massing over it. It's released on these clipping mask. The clipping mask are kind of weird to well, it breaks it into individual letters. It's not a tool that you want to use to try toe take copy from. It's just pretty much for S P G's. Oh, and I can see these funds when I break it, because I already have them on my computer. All right, Any questions so far? Yeah. When she said she wanted to make her email header, you bought the picture. Whatever. She made the email header, but she wants to use it all the time. And so would you download it and save it on your You just save it on your desktop and then you use it from your desktop all the time. Is that, uh, sort of Yeah, close? So let's let's do that. Let's go back here. I'll show you how that works. So where the question is about the premium items just made something and you want to leave it all the time? And do you have to go back into camp every time D, So that the definition of canvases one time use license agreement is when you when you click this button here, either of these either share or download any of these buttons underneath. Here you are saying to Canada I'm going to use this graphic. Now what you do with that graphic after you downloaded it, that's up to you for the image. If you dollars image, it's flat. If you have taxed on that thing, you you're not able to use it. But if you pay a dollar for for a premium image, that's the only thing on there. You dollar, it's up to you. What you do with it afterwards, Best practice is just be honest about it. If you're using it for multiple things, uh, you know, pay the value of what it's worth of what they, um, they curated this for you. There's rights associated with it that they're passing on to you from the designer. Um, if you need to download it again, you have to pay again if you want to download it in a different format. If at first you did an image and you're like, Oh, man, Well, what if I don't want in his image you want as a pdf, you have to pay for it again because each time you downloaded Canada counts that as one use. So if it's a one time use license, you're gonna pay per use that answer your question. China. Even that putting it like if I designed something, I wanted to be my email header. Can I only use it for 18? One time? It's kind of it's kind of a gray area. It's Ah, it's difficult. Eso, for instance. Let's say they're designing my station. My online stationery? Yeah, yeah, I would assume, I assume. Yeah, you could probably send out multiple emails with that graphic on it without having to pay again because you downloaded it once you've paid the one time usage fee, Um, and then it's It's part of your brand. That's part of your email. There are some gray areas with license usage. I'm going to say, um, read about it on the canvas. I go to the licensing page there. Maybe you used your own images, but you just designed it in Canada, and you wanted to. Well, if you use your own images that you're going to pay for it anyway because you're not purchasing, it's not. There's not a premium graphic in your design, so you can use it for as much as you want. Could you maybe just show how you get something out of canvas and use it somewhere. Sure, yeah. Yes, certainly So. So let's do this, I think which is asking is that once you created to use multiple times, you're downloading it and it's going to your It's going to your computer hard drive. So then you just attach it every time. So I think that's what she exactly you have five you have years ago. And then how do you use it every time? Because you don't have to go back into Can Va Teoh sort of attach it to an email or do that right? Exactly. So you have. It'll download the file. You can do whatever you want that file you could you could put it wherever you need to keep upload and get you know, it's a it's up to you. You can go on your desktop or in a folder, right? So when I download this, pdf it came here. So this guy, I could, you know, email too 500 people. Or I could put it on a USB drive or make it downloadable from my website. I can do whatever I want with this file. It counts. Is one use Yes, can you to clickable links on all different kinds of things in Canada. Great question. Um, let's let's do an example. So let's take this newsletter and let's make a ah fun button that is a clickable link. So what? I'll dio is there going to my search and I'll throw in a cool kind of square shape. It's got some rounded corners and I'll just size. It's poured into their take a nice, long like that and then I'll hit, uh, my going to it. Oh, yeah, So put some type on top of it and I can't see, So I'm gonna add it. This type I'm gonna make it nice and big. I'm gonna change the Fahd's and make it a big cool slab fund that I'm gonna change the color toe white. There's my brand colors I wanted to use those on. We'll put that here. So I'm gonna click on the background and let's say Link and I would like it to my side. Let's do d c mgs dot com Make sure to add the http or https colon. Backslash is. And now that button. If I were to go back to it, let's see Okay, there that works. So see that little guy that's telling me it's been hyperlinked. Now let's save this out. We're gonna download it as a PdF for print. It's gonna tell me that I need to pay I for this particular use. I'm just gonna I'm fine with the, uh, the overlays with watermark. So I'm gonna download a water mark draft. It's still gonna be a higher SPF. Uh, it's gonna think for a little bit that it's gonna put it down there. All right, so let's take a look. So it's pdf Let's open it up in Adobe Acrobat. Sweet. So here's my newsletter up and the button actually works. So, um, it's telling me where it's gonna go, which is really nice on, and and it does. So that's how the buttons works. Um, you guys would know this, but I'll reiterate there are no links in images. Uh, unless it's the whole image, which which can but doesn't do so when you go to t to share it, uh, it's not gonna be linked. That button is gonna break. And when you go to download it as thes green buttons, it's also not gonna link because it flattens everything. It makes it one image. Ryan only for the pdf just for the PDFs. Right? There are some features that are present in some design programs that aren't in Canada, that we can work around, but just in case anyone is wondering. So, for instance, um, there's no there's no tab control in the typography. There is no there are no spreads, so there's no facing page concept. There are no master style assignments to objects or typography, aside from what's in your master brand. So if I goto layout tactically in text, these are the only three preset styles that I get. So I can't designate, let's say, a master style for footers or a master style for you, RL's or links. It comes with three, and that's about it. You can always copy and paste those assets from other other Canada documents if you really need them, but there's no sort of master guide. Also, um, there's no from what I know, there's no so, uh, CSS encoding. So we can't take can va and find out what the CSS properties of this bunion are. It's just not something that that we're into right now with Canada It's more of layout of flat graphics and printable graphics rather than creating interactive or or website design. I've had that question a couple times. People say, Can I get some of the CSS properties or the size of this? And it's just not not there right now. You could probably poke around in the back, and if you want to do inspect element to find it, but there's no easy way for it.

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Pretty good course generally...especially part 2 & 3. Frankly, Canva's early adopters, like Sue Zimmerman (who I heard about it from) & the like...& therefore probably MOST of us entrepreneurs are probably NOT graphic designers by trade. That was the whole point of Canva being created in the first place!!!! That fact was hammered home in the way Matt presented how to use Canva by pro designers in part 4. Unfortunately, Part 4 was very hard to follow at times. When was he in the pro version of Canva & what could be done in the version we all know, love & work with everyday was NOT always clear. Part 4 was waaaaay too fast & very terminology heavy for most of even the in-studio audience. (It was funny.) I wanted to hug the gal that kept trying to reel it in & get on the same page with her questions. Thank goodness. Bought the course right away because I've been using Canva for over a year and need to go to the next level. I hoped to learn tricks for all that I waste so much time figuring out on my own. There were some. Alas, one main Canva glitch with regard to applying a logo over a background (uh...kind of crucial for business owners & a real time waster to work around literally every single time you use the program) that was raised as a question & re-asked by 2 other people AND several times remained completely untouched. Although the question was on topic & appropriate at many times during parts 2, 3 & 4 and a seemingly very popular question, the moderator chose to ignore it. Almost NO questions were taken from the online audience, in fact, despite there being surprisingly few questions online!! Incredibly, incredibly frustrating & disappointing but I don't blame Matt for that. Too bad there seems to be no course materials to go along with the awesome tips Matt went thru one by one. What a perfect workbook or guide that would have been to go with this, in some form. Really too bad. And really surprising. So all in all, a good course with an EXCELLENT instructor (hope he does Prezi too) but some some big disappointments for this non-professional-in-graphic-design-or-tech, which, it seems is a SIGNIFICANT chunk of your audience...right?


This was an absolutely great course for a beginner like me. Matt explained everything very clearly and in a pleasant way. I hope he, or someone, does a class on the new Adobe Spark soon. Thanks again; Lonney

Khaled Yasser

I like this course, becuase it is very simple to the users, and canva is the future for quick design I hope everyone can you it.

Student Work