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Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Lesson 5 of 12

How to Build Engagement

Inna Semenyuk

Grow Your Business with Snapchat

Inna Semenyuk

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Lesson Info

5. How to Build Engagement

Lesson Info

How to Build Engagement

How to build awareness on Snapchat, so this is a quite a vague. Building awareness is always difficult for marketers. It's like how do you measure it, it's really hard. And on Snapchat, there are two things, how you get discovered on Snapchat. So like how you build awareness with the fact that you're there. And then the second thing is how do you build awareness of your product or service. And we'll cover both with the examples. So these are some of things you can use to build getting discovered on Snapchat. The items you see on the left, and then, building awareness of your products and services is what you see on the right. Search, traditionally, it has been really hard to get discovered on Snapchat because you already know that the platform is really confusing to use, so how would someone start following you? Previously, you had to have your snapcode, which is your individual code that someone can scan, or simply add you by username. Also, Snapchat is compatible with your contact bo...

ok, and this is again, why they want you to connect with your friends. And then, so you add someone to your contact book, address book, in your phone, Snapchat will be showing you those suggestions. With however they introduced search last year, and right now, you can actually start searching the topic you're interested in, and you'll be served a bunch of suggestions. Then, if you are going further, like scrolling down, so just to comment on what you have. Like I'm searching for make-up, and of course, the search can be more specific. So you're seeing my friends, who are covering the topic of make-up, and then official stories. You can easily subscribe to the person, so that's already good. So they are saying these are the three people you need to follow for the make-up topic. Then there are publisher stories, meaning that those are publications that we know of, like people and other media that I can watch those stories on Snapchat. And if you scroll down, there are related snapchatters, so that's the mechanism AI kinda kickin' in in there, saying, "Also, you might be interested in these guys." So that's adding to discovery, and then there are more stories in this topic. And you can scroll down, and then, you can even see your memories. So Snapchat is pulling what you've shot before and is showing me the stories that I might have involved make-up, which is funny considering that those are filters, not Snapchat, not actual make-up. Snap Map is a really fun feature, it's so understated. Actually today Snapchat launched Easter egg hunt, like Pokemon Go. If you open your app, 'cause actually I forgot to mention at the beginning that the only way for everyone to learn Snapchat is to do stuff. So if you ever during this talk feel like you want to actually see how it works, just go on Snapchat and open it, I won't be offended that you're looking at your phone. So with Snapchat, you actually just, with your two fingers, you access the map, and then there is an Easter egg hunt. That's a lot of fun because they basically combined the format that made people crazy all over the world with the Pokemon balls and collecting all those creatures. So now you can collect Easter eggs, but what you can also do on Snapchat, you can see your friends, you can see what they're up to. And if you're using Bitmoji, then you can even see are they driving a car, are they on the beach, like what are they up to? So it's really helping you to connect with your friends, and that's again, the point is back to the friends and how they are making sure that you're staying connecting with your friends, you know what they are up to, and if I tap on a friend, I can easily chat to them and organize a plan and make sure that we actually do stuff together, rather than just being online. And then, you can also see events that are taking place around me, around my map where I am at right now. And then if you zoom out, you can see events taking place around the world, so you can easily go to Glastender Festival in England without buying tickets or a lot of money or experiencing the mud. You can still do it through the eyes of other snapchatters who have created content, but what it also means, and you will be able to see it in the slides later, they actually have stories that have been handpicked by Snapchat team. So if you are doing a parade or a celebration as a part of your town or in the story if it's big enough and if it was picked up by Snapchat, you can be on the map. And whenever there is something interesting going on, Snapchat will show you this hits pod. So that's Pier 39 Turismo location, so you can easily tap on it and see what's going on there. So you as a brand can get discovered on Snapchat, and Snapchat is actually testing connected apps, something that Facebook kinda got in trouble for recently because they shared too much data with other apps and other developers. But Snapchat is thinking to connect, give other apps access to the platform so that, for example, if I go to the Snap Map, I could maybe call someone from here or book an Uber or whatever. Even though they are already doing similar through context cards, so as businesses, I think we need to watch what's happening to the Snap Maps because Snapchat has a lot in store for us in the future. And the other thing with Snap Map is that you can share the story and embed it on your website or share it as a normal link. So I use an Android phone so that's how it looks on my phone, but you can basically tap on the story. I can share a link, you can copy the link through. You can post it to Instagram messages, whatever, but it basically means that even if someone is not on Snapchat, if you post your story to your Twitter account, or Instagram, whatever works for you, or Facebook, people can watch them, so that's a good discovery mechanism that Snapchat is adding to the platform. And again, I think we have a lot more to look at in the future. Context cards is another awesome instrument, and this is something that really was different when Snapchat launched them last year. So currently, you can create location, like a geo-filter, and also, Snapchat through partners, they are adding particular places. So, for example, when I was taking a snap earlier today from here, I could swipe up and swipe left to right, and I could find Creative Live because Creative Live is on Google Maps, a lot of people are using Snapchat and Instagram here so you can find that location in the Snapchat filter. So what happens next, if you're an advertiser, if you work with Snapchat, if your brick and mortar store, restaurant, you could actually add a context card. It doesn't cost anything as of right now. I mean, you can only do it if you're working with Snapchat, so there's no trusted way to get on the context card right now, but basically what happens is that you can swipe up and get additional information about this place, and later, you can actually see it on the map, see what friends are there, and you can book a table. You can get an Uber, you can call the place straight from Snapchat, so this is important because basically, you don't need to leave the app. If you're a restaurant and if you are in context cards, then basically someone can use your geo-filter, and the person who's watching, they would be like, "Okay, what's that awesome place "where the food looks so good?" And they tap on it, and they can book a table, and they can come in, and we will talk about measuring your effort, and there are ways to even measure food traffic to brick and mortar businesses, but just think about it. How instant it can be, and also, how effortless. No one has to Google you, they can just swipe up, find information about your business, and form a connection. Running takeovers with influencers as pretty much anywhere is a good way to be discovered as a brand on Snapchat. I think overall influencer market is probably overheated, but if you pick the right people to collaborate with, it doesn't have to be an influencer in a traditional way. It could be another brand that compliments your brand, and you do a takeover, meaning that they have access to your account, and they run a story about people that work in this company or services a product. But basically, they contribute content to your account so there is one day when you can just like relax and watch the stories and don't have to create. But if that person is on the same page as your brand, you can get access to their audience because they will be promoting it to their followers, and you can add value to your audience, who's following you on Snapchat because they are creating new, fun content in your account. Going behind the scenes is one of the best kind of ways to raise awareness of your product on Snapchat. This is NASA, so if you think only make-up brands can do this, no. (audience chuckling) And not everyone can go to space. I certainly would like to, but it's a little scary so I'm just good with watching Snapchat stories of NASA. That's an awesome way 'cause how many people can go to a fashion week, New York Fashion Week, or something, or to Kylie Jenner's birthday or something, not a lot. So if you're a brand that wants to give access and show the product launch or an event you're organizing, but you can only have so many people at the event, this is how you can get more people to see what's happening. And by giving this access to your audience, they know that this is something cool, and they feel closer to your brand because they see what's happening behind the scenes. There are a lot of brands that show how stuff is done, like how a certain thing is made, and then that appeals to certain part of the audience. There are other brands that are taking you to talk, like they bring in a celebrity whom they are doing collaboration with. So basically, when you are showing what's happening behind the scenes, you're showing that you have nothing to hide. On the opposite, you have exciting stuff going on, so that will drive the audience and connect, but have a better connection with your audience. This is kinda obvious, you don't have to be Kylie Jenner to demonstrate your product and it's features in the Snapchat app. Whether you like her or not, she still uses Snapchat by the way, so she's... (audience laughs) She's really good, she's really good in using Snapchat and showing the product and doing product drops. She teases her audience, she uses all those shows, all those product colors, gives all the specific names of the product. She attaches links if it's a special promotion so that you could go and directly buy her product right from the Snapchat app. She posts information on restocking certain products or when something is sold out, she creates this sense of urgency that you have to buy it now, and then, she does a really good job with showcasing the product, but again, your brand does not have to be make-up. You can show if you're a digital marketeer, you can show what you are doing with your clients and maybe if your client allow you, you can show some numbers of how you've grown their audience over this month. So it doesn't have to be all the sexy, glamorous stuff that these slides are talking about. And this one I mentioned to you before, transparency, super important, especially in the current world where we do connect with brands that have been honest with us and transparent and when we can trust how certain products were developed or brought to us. We're trying to be more self-conscious and more self-aware in the way we consume plastic, where our clothes are coming from, what labor was used to produce them, so transparency on that topic is hugely important. And Everlane, and these are some of their snaps, they did a fantastic job with doing that. They talk about their supply chain. They answer questions about where their materials are coming from, so even if those are not easy topics to talk about, they do an amazing job doing that. So if you want to get some inspiration, I would recommend following Everlane account. And again, Kylie Jenner, and so bear with me on this one, the thing about her and the Snapchat shows is that you don't have to be on Netflix or Hulu or whatever other platforms that there is. Wouldn't it be nice if you're brand had a movie or a TV show? That would be really cool, but it costs a lot of money. You have to have a team, you have to get an agreement with the network. Well, you don't have to do it with Snapchat. You can have your camera get another person or another two people to help you produce it, just shoot it. You come together, brainstorm what kinda content you can show on your Snapchat show, and then you shoot it. You shoot it in four minute stories, or you shoot it as a video, and then you put that video on a landing page. And then, if you don't have a following on Snapchat, you promote it through ads. So basically, you have a landing page where you upload or even a YouTube video, a YouTube channel, or you upload the videos, and then, you attach the specific, direct link to a Snapchat ad and promote it to all the people you need to see that. So that's your way to have your easy, cheap way to have your own show and communicate what you want and bring certain people along and make sure that you have following if, of course, it's interesting.

Class Description

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on the big social media marketing players—Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter—along comes Snapchat. Do I really have to learn how to market on yet another social platform? you wonder. Can’t I just let this one slide and call it a day?

Our advice: Don’t skip Snapchat. With more than 200 million monthly active users who send 700 million photos and videos each day, the majority of whom are in the coveted millennial age group, Snapchat is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool for companies and entrepreneurs.

Inna Semenyuk, founder of InnavationLabs and editor of Snapchat Daily, will demystify Snapchat for marketers. She’ll show you how to use the app’s unique features and disappearing content to reach new audiences, promote your products and services in a more authentic way, and win loyal customers.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Target the right audiences for your business.
  • Use Snapchat’s unique features and fun editing tools to advance your marketing efforts.
  • Understand the newly redesigned Snapchat.
  • Tell your brand story with disappearing photos and videos.
  • Evaluate your Snapchat marketing efforts.

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