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Grow Your Business with YouTube

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How to Develop Content that Sells

Tara Swiger

Grow Your Business with YouTube

Tara Swiger

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13. How to Develop Content that Sells

Lesson Info

How to Develop Content that Sells

So, there's one big key that I'm gonna talk about all day and I want you just to keep embedded in your mind, and that's that if your content that sells speaks directly to the buyer of your product. You wanna build and audience full of your best buyers. The good news is if you've ever had a sale of anything then you know who your best buyers are. They're the people who love your work, who keep coming back week after week, month after month and buying from you. You wanna create a show for that person. You need to think about who that ideal buyer is. This question is going to be the center of everything you do on your channel. If you're gonna use YouTube to grow your business then everything is gonna come back to who your ideal buyer is because she's your ideal viewer. So, in your workbook I ask you on page three who your ideal buyer is and to write a paragraph about her. You guys make some notes now because this is gonna come up again and again about who your ideal buyer is. Okay, so hav...

e you all written a little bit about your ideal buyer? Do you have somebody in mind? Does anybody wanna share anything about her? You're all writing furiously, so I'm gonna let you write. (laughs) Some other things to think about with this buyer is what does she need to know to buy your work? So, what does she need to know to trust you, to see the value in what you do, to actually hit the button and buy? And how you can come up with that answer is what do people ask you before they buy? If you've ever done a craft show, if you've ever done a trunk show, if you've ever done an event where you're talking to customers, what is that question they ask before they purchase? That's what they need to know. If you do a video that answers that question before they've asked it, it's gonna be that much easier to just click and buy. Cause they'll be like, "Oh, she gets me! She knows me. She's looking at my soul." So, then also, why does she buy your work? And when does she buy your work? What season of life is she in? So, does she have four young kids running around driving her crazy? Has she just left her day job? Has she retired? I keep saying she. (laughs) Are they just going off to college or their kids are just going off to college? What is going on in their life when they buy this thing? Now sometimes it's really obvious like you notice that all of your customers are new home buyers and so they're buying their first piece of serious art to hang in their new home. You might notice that they're people who go at a certain part of their life decide to hire a personal trainer. Whatever you've seen come up again and again. And sometimes this question isn't as applicable depending on what you're doing. Like maybe for your hats, if they're fancy hats, maybe it's people getting ready for their daughter's wedding or their granddaughter's wedding or christening. Something where you where a fancy hat. (laughs) So, how about you guys share with me who's your ideal buyer and what do you know about her. Well, my ideal buyer is a woman who wants to see amazing transformation in her physique. She does go to the gym. She doesn't know what she's doing. She doesn't really have a program. She just does what other people tell her to do or what she sees online. Yeah. Yeah, good. So you kind of know what frame of mind she's in? <v Woman #1>Yes. Excellent. So, another question to answer about this person is what does she care about right now? What is this person in a process of caring about when she chooses to buy your work? Cause often something will change. Like when we talked about the seasons of their life, often our priorities will change. Especially, if you're buying something that's more upscale or more expensive or really personalized service, something happened. Again, like maybe she's getting ready for her 15th high school reunion. (laughs) Maybe it's gonna be her daughter's wedding, and so she wants to look great. What is the thing that's happening that she cares about your thing? And what is she caring about right now? So, it might be that she cares about her health, her home, her appearance, her kids, her finances. What is the thing that is pressing her? Cause here's the cool thing about your videos, your product or your service meets that need in one way. Your ongoing videos can support her as she's going through this. So, they can answer the questions that she has. They can recommend resources for her. They can just entertain her or inform her on making a good decision, a good decision that often leads to buying your product or service. So, when you really have in mind what she cares about, you can do a whole bunch of videos about what she cares about without giving away your special sauce. How about your buyer? <v Woman #2>I wrote women who are passionate about design, love personal style, find joy in beauty. Could be travelers or journalers. Could be new home owners, new moms. Awesome. So, that's the age range? That new mom, new homeowner. That's where you picture her? <v Woman #2>But also older. Someone who likes to journal as well. Notebooks, that kind of thing. Who wants to record memories. Yeah, so that's big. Somebody who wants to record memories. Cause then you can talk about a whole bunch of seasons of your life where you wanna record memories, whether it's your new baby or your new home or your new marriage or your first grandbaby, right? Or your big travel that you're doing if you're going all through Europe. Those are all different seasons but you could talk about all of them in order to have ongoing ideas. Right? Anybody else wanna share their ... Yeah. Yeah, I work with Purpose-Driven brands. So, it usually centers around a company that has a really good story about trying to solve a problem that prompted them to start their business. So, your videos will be them sharing that? Right. Awesome. In a testimonial setting. I love that. That's good. So, do these people who hire you, there are individual people who hire you within the brand. Is it like the CEO or the guy who started it up? Yeah. Or is it somebody in marketing? Well, it can be both. I mean, depending on the size of the company. If it's a midsize company usually the chief branding officer or somebody in marketing. Awesome. So, you wanna think about when you're making these videos that are testimonials, who are these videos reaching. Are they reaching the person who's the decision-maker too? So, asking them question, like, even about their own position and what they do in the company will tell the person who's watching it, "Oh, yeah. That's me. I could hire this guy to do the same thing." I like that. So, another way to think about this is what questions do you get asked the most often? What is the thing that people always ask you before they buy? Or you just get asked after they buy? How do I take care of this? How do I wash it? What do I do with this? How do I get the most out of your service? How do I get the most out of this class? What are the questions that people are asking all the time? And your job is to answer those questions before they ask. And you can make videos, and this goes to being findable, you can make videos with a title that is the exact question. If I was very cleaver I can make a video like "How Do I Make My Handmade Business Profitable?" That's the thing that everybody I work with wants to know, right? Or, "How Do I Make YouTube Videos that Sell?" That question is what people are gonna type into Google or YouTube, and so your video is gonna pop right up to the top. So, when you think about the exact questions people ask you, you can make videos around that. And I also recommend that you write it down. When you're talking to somebody and they're asking you questions about what you do, and they're a real interested buyer not just like your great-aunt asking you a question, write down the questions that they ask. And then make videos directly from that list. So, if you want ongoing content, and you never run out of video ideas, always be keeping a notebook of the questions people are asking you. And then also, I want you to think about what is most interesting about what you do. Do you do it in a different way? Do you do it in a different method? Do you work with your clients in a way that's different than how other people work with their clients? And how can you demonstrate that or show that in your videos? Now, another thing to keep in mind when you're thinking about what you're gonna talk about is what are the qualities and feelings that your work brings into people's life. This is a little more esoteric of a question. What I'm going for is does your work bring joy into somebody's life? If so, your videos and your video topics need to reflect that. Does your work bring a sense of purpose into people's life and meaning, or into their companies? If so, your videos and the tone of your videos and the name of your channel needs to reflect that. So, there are a lot of different personal trainers and some bring like a hardcore bootcamp sense of discipline. Where others bring a "Hey, you got this" encouraging sense of discipline. That's gonna come from who you are and also what you see you work best with people when they do. So, when I work with people in their businesses it's very encouraging and lighthearted and goofy. I'm goofy. So, if my videos are like all buttoned up with me in a blazer and I'm super-professional, I'm not gonna attract the right kind of buyers that I do the best work with. And it's gonna be really hard to maintain. I can't be that buttoned up all the time. So, the qualities and feelings that your customers have when they buy your work, maybe they feel beautiful or elegant or maybe they feel like your art expresses what they wanna express. Whatever that they wanna express so they buy your art, bring that into your videos. That can be everything from what you verbally say, to the background behind you, to how you title your videos. And this really goes back to branding. You wanna keep it all in alignment with your brand. And so, if you think about the qualities of your brand you then bring that into your videos. So, if you have answered the questions about why she buys your work, and what questions she asks, and what are the qualities? You're gonna have a lot of things you could talk about. So, in your workbook you've answered those questions. You have different questions you could answer for your best buyers that are gonna get her to totally understand what you do and why she needs to buy it. Those are your content ideas. Those are the things that you can then shape your videos around. So, one question I get asked all the time is do I have to stick with the same topic all the time? Do I have to cover, if I'm a personal trainer do I have to cover just transformation stories all the time? Or just what to eat questions all the time? The answer is obviously no. Cause you're gonna do this again and again and again and again. But I will tell you the more consistent you get with what you cover, the kind of thing you cover and the way you cover it, the more often you deliver on the promise of your videos, the more trust you're gonna build. So, what I'm saying is, if you jump around from talking about here's a DIY to here's an awesome ab workout to here's how you do your hair and here's how you do embroidery, you're not promising anything and you're not delivering on anything. So, if you want to sell your product or your service you need to a promise of what your channel's gonna give them and then give it to them consistently. And in doing that you can talk about so many things. There are so many things you can do to deliver on that promise. But you don't wanna jump around so much that, A, you just don't do anything, and B, that you're not talking to the same person. You really wanna make sure, like we just were talking about, it's always your best buyer that you're giving her what she needs or him. (laughs) So, you just wanna, as much as possible, focus on that person. That's what's gonna keep you consistent and that's what's gonna keep you in alignment is serving the person. And this is gonna come up over and over. Cause as long as you're serving them, you're gonna have a really, really happy content audience. And then that will give you there permission to talk about a bunch of other things that they care about. Are there questions in the chatroom or do you guys have questions about this whole coming up with content based on your ideal buyer? You all look very serious. And interesting idea from Debbie said that she's like to create how-to eBooks of products and then incorporate her YouTube tutorial videos embedded into eBooks. So, it's kind of like taking it a step beyond what we're looking at today anyway into a different direction. An eBook could be accessible for customers online. And she's asking have you heard of that or have seen that before? So, that's like creating a class almost, right? I do this in some of my classes. There's a lot of software out there that will create a class kind of platform. But you can also make the video unlisted like we talked about earlier. No one will see it except for the people you've given the link to. So, that absolutely. So, when it comes to your content, if you're gonna answer her questions, and then you're gonna share resources and insights about what she most cares about, and you're gonna show her the interesting parts of your process, all of these things are gonna build trust and loyalty, and they're gonna come up when she's makes a search query. This is gonna be how she finds you. This is gonna be how you build trust. Answering these questions I asked you in the workbook about what needs it fills in her life and the questions she asks, you wanna be the person who's answering that. Whoever the buyer is for your company or for your product you wanna make sure that you're answering her questions, sharing the resources. Always, always focused on her. And then I've given you even more content ideas in the workbook on page five. I've given you a bunch. You can circle the ones you like best. And they're ones we haven't even talked about cause there's just so many different ways of doing it. That question we got earlier about how do you take inspiration but not copycat? This is the way you do it. Write down what kind of video that most inspired you that you liked the most. Write it down on this list. But write down a bunch, and then combine them in weird ways and new ways. So, maybe you do an unboxing video that is also a how to take care of your product video. I don't know. But you can combine them in ways that make them uniquely yours. So, whenever you see something on YouTube that you're inspired by write down what was the format, what was the content idea. And then you can combine them together. This is gonna make sure that you have a never-ending supply of things to talk about. Cause you can take different formats, you can take different content ideas, you can answer your questions in new ways. And just keep re-combining them into new formats and new ways of delivering the information. And you keep coming up with ideas.

Class Description

In Grow Your Business with YouTube you'll learn how video can take your business to a new level! You’ll learn how to find time to make videos that are fun, easy, and effective at selling your products. We will focus on generating content ideas, and you'll learn how to use those videos to find brand-new customers (and keep your current customers coming back). You'll walk away from this class with a customized plan for making videos that will grow your business and increase sales.

Use YouTube to:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Regularly talk about your business and products in a friendly "behind the scenes way"
  • Demonstrate your subject matter knowledge

We Will cover:

  • How to replicate your customer experience online (mood, brand, attitude)
  • Building community by being yourself
  • How video fits in your brand and business
  • Planning content (lots of idea generation) Including short samples!
  • How to be yourself and comfortable on camera

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