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The low internet good morning and welcome to happier light with chuck ireland here on creative live we this is day five of the lighting tool kit siri's which has been a five day workshop on all aspects of light and we are excited to end it with mr island's going to be an amazing day my name is russ andes this is jim contention and we're going to be your host for today jim how you doing? I'm doing great raskin morning good to see it likewise I'm super stoked for chuckie absolutely just in our pre program yesterday like going over the stuff we're talking about I can't wait for everyone to see yeah I like to do it yourself stuff because I'm on a budget so it's going to be some great stuff today guys definitely so we are going to do about five minutes of pre show here we're going to check our audio and video levels so make sure and jump in the chat room let us know if you can see us and hear us and also let us know you're joining us from seeking so we can give you a shout out and you know ...

knowledge we have you guys here what today we also haven't in studio audience so I'm going to have them introduced yourselves tell us who you are, where you're coming from your favorite light modifier and all that good stuff lee and also with you about what the biggest takeaway from the week has been. I'm lee ten abo local real estate photographer you can find me on the web at all ten photography dot com that's lt in and the same on facebook. The whole week has been phenomenal. I think the most fun I think I had was learning about all that the gels and the modifiers, and especially regarding speed lights from rick freedman, that was really helpful for two to me to just to see how to how to modify the light, basically, and they all did that, but I really liked using the speed lights, I'm sarah anderson, I'm actually here from the big gun and if a white in beautiful seattle and you can find me on the web at sarah anderson, hawaii dot com and the same on facebook. Um, yeah, it's been amazing. It's been an amazing week, astonishing, and my head's really still spinning from all the stuff that I've taken in and all the amazing techniques, um, that I've seen, um, but I guess for me, roberto roberto really sort of is the the crux of it because he talked, he really talked about the physics of light, and of course, everyone did, and then we saw the application of all that so I guess for me I have to say it's a kind of back to the basics even though you know, we've done all these incredible things but it's all based on how light behaves physics, what that's doing? I'm actually I'm from southern oregon my website is j chase photography and you can find me on facebook at jay chase photography I have say physics what what I've taken away is that there's no need to panic and bad light situations there's a solution and it's not as complicated is I made it think without physics bobby bonds e and im I've lived here for a while by live in new orleans now and came here just for this almost but I did I did stay overnight ah toe hang out here getting like I mean, I was I was assisting the other day so I wanted to come back really bad and what I take away mostly was probably from yesterday when tommy, when tony was saying that ah, everything pretty much everything tony said about divinci was was so awesome I remember looking at some dive inches and starting to think about these things beforehand and then he just blew me away with his perspective on things he learned about defense human the forty five degree angles with the with the window lights or even with rembrandt like blocking the shoulder because it's closer to the light so that its balanced with a face like that's that was was unbelievable it was great hello everyone I'm brit tolson I'm a senior forensic photographer for the seattle police department uh primarily my responsibilities are crime scene and evidence photography which does not really lend itself well to creativity it's a very structured program but on the other side we do a lot of publications at spd for external use and that's why I wanted to come here because that lets me open up my creative side which I haven't really done in the past even though I've been a photographer for twenty years I don't really use the creative side of it and believe it or not twenty years this is my first lighting class you know I was trained in the forensic stuff by the fbi and that's a whole nother story but actually attending a lighting class this is the first real one have actually set in and then watch the instructors go through it and to actually have a chance to be here with five master instructors internationally known and to sit here and listen to their knowledge and their experience you know starting off with lindsay adler and I'm learning studio photography and lighting in this studio and how to bring out the skin tones and the look second and this the beauty of that form of photography which is something I've never done followed by rick friedman, which is a run and gun pj photographer that's kind of my style in the military when I was a military photographer so I loved his work that was phenomenal then followed by roberto valenzuela he hit big time on the actual um what would you call it? The forensic are there uh, physics side of it the beginning side of it that I absolutely love because that's kind of what I do on a daily basis and then yesterday I was just blown away by tony in his natural life photography today I'm really looking forward to chuck I think this is going to be a heck of a ride and I'm looking forward to it and I just I can't tell you how much I appreciate being here thank you. You should definitely be looking forward to today because it's going to be exciting let's do some very quick shout outs from the internet and then we'll get started. Sounds great. We got dwayne from california city we got z gator from fort lauderdale daniel from brussels, belgium welcome you guys mike from massachusetts and a new book, a new dubai from dubai always always with us quite often now chuck ireland he's a photographer he's a rock guitarist he's a father he loves his family he loves enchiladas, white corn enchiladas with no cheese because she, because abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, would like to introduce the man himself. Mr chuck, ireland, shot. Come on in. We are really happy to have you here. How are you doing? I'm good, good, excited, yeah, ok, is gonna be a great looking let's book way are going to turn it right over to you, because this is your day. Cool. Get away, all right.

Class Description

Hack Your Light is part of our special week-long event Lighting Toolkit.

Join award-winning photographer Chuck Arlund for an introduction to innovative lighting methods that result in breathtaking, dynamic images.

Chuck’s methods will enrich the work of a wide variety of photographers, whether you’re a natural light photographer trying to incorporate off camera lighting into your work, a studio photographer wanting to work on location, or a beginner looking to take your work to the next level.

As Chuck guides you through ways to make a photograph you’ve mentally envisioned into a reality, he’ll give you the confidence you need to fearlessly approach approach lighting not as an exact science, but as an art.



I just watched the rebroadcast of Hack Your Light with Chuck Arlund and at first wondered if I would get anything out of the class as he seemed ADD (he warns you he's scattered and a "blond"...LOL) but I stuck with class and by the end was sad it was over. I have a few years experience in photography so I could perhaps understand what he was teaching better than a true beginner. He gave some fabulous points and even demonstrated how you could overpower the sun with one speedlight something I've only seen others do with a strobe or multiple speedlights. He took some awesome pictures without thousands of dollars in camera and lighting equipment. He explained the difference between the portrait and the fashion look. He showed you could potentially go above your camera sync and still get a decently exposed pictured without high speed sync. Best of all he reminded me of the principles that it's the photographer not the camera/equipment that makes the difference, it's all about the light and most of all photography should be FUN! This was one of the most awesome demonstrations of lighting. I would love take a workshop from Mr. Arlund as he is obviously very talented and passionate about photography and knows his subject even is his explanations aren't practiced. Some found him frustrating; I found him refreshing. If you like experimental you will probably appreciate Chuck Arlund.


I have been a pro photographer for 30 years, and I loved watching Chuck and even learned quite a few things. He is creative and enthusiastic, and reminds you to think outside the box and get back to the enthusiasm you had when you first picked up your camera. He certainly knows what he is doing, and he has fun doing it...